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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, MSSA, LISW-S
"I am a licensed independent social worker with a PhD in psychology (academic degree). My humanistic approach engages clients in active collaboration on the content/direction of therapy. I strive to make the therapeutic space & time warm, welcoming, & safe, to provide clients the ability to focus on problems. I have extensive experience working within healthcare & hospice environments, & have a strong understanding of medical issues. I utilize strengths-based approaches in counseling individuals, couples, & families. Techniques are based on therapies including; mindfulness, acceptance, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, narrative, motivational interviewing, psychodynamic, & client-centered therapy. My dissertation focused on existential suffering at end of life."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
(440) 210-0430
"My specialties include childhood problems with toileting, sleep, emotional and behavioral adjustment and divorce. I work individually with adults and couples, particularly with relationship issues and divorce. I conduct child custody evaluations and provide mediation/parenting coordination for high conflict parents. The impact of divorce and death on the family is particularly painful for children and for parents who are trying to navigate their own survival."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 365-8658
"I enjoy working with intelligent clients who are stuck in relationship or career issues and want to gain a broader view of themselves in life to help them move into new territory that previously seemed scarey. Learning to take risks in your personal or work life requires contemplation before putting it into action. Let's collaborate and reflect on your present situation to help you toward more fulfillment in life."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(440) 520-1036
"Does is feel like life is a treadmill and you're going over and over the same territory but never getting anywhere? Whether it's an intimate relationship that is stuck on the same issues, an addictive behavior that you can't seem to break out of, or a neurotic pattern of depression or anxiety that robes life of its joy, sometimes life can be discouraging, and trying harder in the same way brings only more frustration."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(440) 549-0998
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW-S, LICDC-C, SAP
"Serving children, teens, adults, couples and family. Specializing in substance abuse; ADHD; anger management; DOT violations and anyone who has difficulty identifying and sharing their issues and emotions appropriately. Issues and emotions which has caused concern for one's relationships in the home, community, and/or the workplace."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
(216) 672-5462
"I specialize in seeing Individuals and Couples in my private, home office for Personal and Relationship issues. I focus on your specific needs and what you want to accomplish. We work in the present on what concerns you most. Where relevant, we together deal with your unfinished business from the past and your expectations for the future. I see myself as a facilitator for your personal process. I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a three year, post graduate, training certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
(216) 321-9355
"I am known as a bright, authentic, sensitive clinician who brings over 30 years of experience(the last 15 in private practice)to my work with individuals, couples, and groups. Often people seek therapy expecting the therapist to provide "The Answer." From my perspective it is the client who has the answers within. My task is to use a variety of techniques, skills, and insights to assist them in building their own awareness, developing more productive behaviors, and achieving their goals. I have extensive expertise in work with lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals and their families."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 772-0257 x2
"There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping my clients foster a better understanding of themselves and their relationships in order to achieve a happier, more successful and productive life. Whether you enter therapy in crisis or for personal growth, our journey together will have identifiable goals and we will regularly assess your progress."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 245-3846
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LISW
"I am philosophically committed to the belief that people function at their highest level in the context of their relationships and their communities. I work with each client as an individual but also as part of his or her social environment. Therefore in addition to working with anxiety, phobias, depression and marriage and family issues, I offer some special services. These include: in-school observation, in-home work with children and families, relaxation training and social skill training."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 365-8675
"* Is your marriage spiraling out of control? * * Have your finances driven you to the point of giving up or suicidal thoughts? * Have you ever experienced any type of abuse? I believe everyone is born with everything they will ever need in life to make him or her happy and successful. I can help you to access those qualities that may have eluded you or prevented you from achieving your goals. I can help overcome the obstacles and issues that hindered you from happiness and success, and being the best you can be."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
(216) 365-8797
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, PCC-S, MFT, CST
""And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." If you are looking to make changes in your life that are keeping you or someone you love from blossoming, I would be happy to guide you on your personal journey to a greater sense of self-awareness and personal understanding. I welcome new clients at my practice, which is located in Cleveland, Ohio. In general, I use an integrative family systems informed approach in my work with individuals (15 and up), couples, and families."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 916-2035
""Worrying is carrying tomorrow's load with today's strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength." -Corrie ten Boom. If you are facing a life stressor, I am happy to help you begin to let go. If there's a change you are looking to make or you need support navigating a new experience, I will take those steps with you. I enjoy helping children, teens, adults, families & couples and work from a client-centered, strengths-based approach."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LISW, LLC
"Over the last 20 years I have worked with individuals who have struggled with issues ranging from difficulty with their mood,(depression/anxiety etc.) to having a history of trauma, as well as relational troubles."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 303-6548
"Parents want to understand the unique issues their teens are facing today. Parents want to ensure their children live healthy productive lives by being proactive instead of reactive in preparation for unforeseen events and life's transitions. FEC provides flexible holistic preventive familial educational services. Services cost less than a child's funeral, because every family matters. Only FEC's Purposeful Parenting program utilizes the Consistently Emotional Life Interconnected Analogy (C.E.L.I.A.) and the IC Model. I recognize and respect the uniqueness of your family. My goal is to help parents create the family they envision."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(440) 499-7543
"I offer comprehensive assessment services for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Giftedness/IQ, and for accommodations in the classroom or on high stakes examinations (ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, professional licensing/board examinations, etc.). I also provide biofeedback training as an effective non-medication treatment for ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain, IBS, and chronic illnesses. Biofeedback can also be effective for enhancing cognitive and physical performance, increasing resilience, and maximizing creativity."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 503-0559
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"The purpose of the program is to decrease parental stress and enhance parent-child relationships in adoptive families. The program targets adopted children who are at-risk of health, developmental and socio-emotional difficulties as a result of pre-adoptive experiences. It is designed to strengthen and preserve adoptive families, improving family functioning and successes in adoption. Adoption PARTners (AP) refers to the major activities implemented through this project: Parent-Centered, Assessment, Referral and Transition. It is an evidence-based model of service and will continue to collect information and monitor the effectiveness of the services offered."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121
(216) 342-9065
Marriage & Family Therapist, MSMFT, IMFT, ST, LCDCIII
"Many people struggle to address sexual functioning difficulties. If you are a person that values sexual response and pleasure, and have been experiencing sexual discomfort. Here's how I can help. As a research informed clinical expert in couples and family relationships.My clinical interest is providing sex therapy with individuals and couples to treat male and female sexual matters, sexual dysfunctions, sexual disorders, sexual orientation, sexual expression and gender identity issues. I'm committed to serving the spectrum of variations in human sexuality across the lifespan."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 539-0346
Marriage & Family Therapist, LISW-S, IMFT
"My approach is a seamless integration of coaching and psychotherapy techniques. Although I have two independent professional licenses, my clients prefer to call me their life coach - a resource that does not think of client issue as a reflection of "mental illness." Rather, you and I work together to find creative solutions to your problems. I believe that a challenge in one part of our lives impacts other parts. Because I have business as well as clinical training and experience, I am uniquely positioned to help you address issues in your personal and professional life."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(216) 609-0826
"I am committed to helping you use your inner strengths to transform your life and reach for your goals. Whether you are struggling with the stresses of your everyday life, or looking for help for a long-standing issue, I am here to support you in a warm and non-judgmental environment. I help adults, children, teens, and couples cope with anxiety, depression, relationships, parenthood, identity, and more. You can feel heard and appreciated in your relationship. You can help your child deal with the underlying issues causing him or her to act out. Call to learn more."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
(330) 306-9362
"Interested in living a more grounded and joyful life? Do you find yourself stuck or dissatisfied? I believe these feelings are a signal for exploration and growth.We will delve into the simple, but not easy ways of identifying one's behaviors, negative thought patterns and current blocks.We will collaboratively establish a clear and concise path to achieving your goals. I use a combination of techniques that are specifically tailored for your presenting issues. I draw from a mindfulness-based practice,Gestalt therapy, existential psychology and 10 years as a yoga instructor."
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
(440) 941-5906