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"Stress, life changes, health, parenting and educational & career challenges are all a part of everyday life. However, sometimes these factors can pile up and tip the balance of our mental health and wellbeing. If you recognize these sentiments, I may be able to help you navigate through these difficult times and come out a stronger, more resilient individual. My counseling is structured in a compassionate, collaborative and safe way so clients will achieve deeper understanding and control in their lives."
$90 - $130
Office is near:
Crownsville, Maryland 21032
(410) 205-4317
"We all hold beliefs: beliefs about ourselves, about the world, about our relationships. But what if your beliefs are not in service to your well-being? I practice a unique style of psychotherapy called "depth psychology." I work with the premise that often the most powerful and enduring change comes from a deeper understanding of our core beliefs and how they fuel our symptoms (such as anxiety, chronic pain, or depression). I have helped many individuals break free from constricting old patterns and belief structures and into more creative and fulfilling lives."
Office is near:
Crownsville, Maryland 21032
(425) 321-2825
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C
"I will work with you to help you cope with anxiety, depressed mood or other problems that are causing you pain and interfering with your enjoyment of life. Through my professional training and diverse experience, I am skilled in providing you practical techniques for better managing your present-day fears, worries and stressors. We also can work together to gain insight for gaining mastery over self-limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns formed in your past."
$120 - $130
Office is near:
Crownsville, Maryland 21032
(410) 417-6823
"Dr. Don Hudson has practiced Clinical Psychology since 1986 as a Licensed Psychologist with a Private Practice in Annapolis, MD and Columbia, MD. He has been practicing solo for over 28 years. Don helps people improve the relationship they overlook; the one they are having with themselves. Dr. Hudson specializes in treating a wide range of psychological issues to include : depression, other mood disorders, anxiety, vulnerabilities of personality organization, career redirection, and relationship recovery. Adults, couples, and high-schoolers are served. Do what you love, love who you're with, and love where you live. Choose to do it now."
Office is near:
Crownsville, Maryland 21032
(410) 983-3866
"My goal is to help people understand and change long-standing patterns of behavior and/or thoughts that interfere with their ability to achieve happiness and fulfillment. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, eating and weight problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I also help people with work-related issues, academic difficulties, infertility, parenting or caregiver concerns, life-transitions, sexual troubles, and grief/loss. I offer insight-oriented therapy in 45- or 60-minute sessions at a frequency designed to promote optimal change for each client, with more frequent sessions typically resulting in faster progress."
$170 - $210
Crownsville, Maryland 21032
(443) 763-4874
"Few things compare with the aliveness we feel when we are genuinely in sync with another person. Connections and positive interactions are as integral to our survival as oxygen and nutrition. Supporting clients eager to experience satisfying relationships is my passion. I provide a powerful blend of compassion and keen intuition, while helping you enhance your communication skills, one conversation at a time. I'm a certified coach and coaching is a client-oriented, generative partnership. It's an empowering and enriching opportunity for individuals, teams or organizations to move toward their desired (and full) potential."
Crownsville, Maryland 21032
(410) 205-1433