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Therapists in Dayton

"UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON (UD) Master level graduate. We have three different treatment CLINICS - an ADHD CLINIC treating children (ages 5-17) suffering from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity, an DEPRESSION & ANXIETY CLINIC for adults and children with depression/Anxiety issues and a DRUGS & ALCOHOL treatment center. We also provide therapy to children, teenagers or adults who have experienced TRAUMA or have ANGER/IMPULSE CONTROL problems. We deal with children/teens with BEHAVIORAL and/or ACADEMIC issues. We work with Parents, Schools, CSB, Probation to enhance behavioral and academic outcomes."
Dayton, Ohio 45402
(937) 688-4756
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LISW
"Adults, teens and children all face struggles that can interfere with leading happy and productive lives. I work jointly with individuals and families to identify and understand their stresses and then formulate solutions. Addressing difficulties helps clients become equipped to meet future opportunities and challenges. My practice offers a comfortable and confidential environment in which to examine feelings and focus on making positive change."
Dayton, Ohio 45417
(937) 410-4238 x128
"I own & operate a wellness center that offers both physical & mental health interventions. I appreciate & respect clients from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, sexuality, socioeconomic background, ethnicity, & religion. I welcome children, adolescents, adults, traditional & modern families/couples. I have a passion for uplifting & empowering women through enhancing life skills, coping skills, and positive self image to truly maximize full potential. Building trust/rapport is the first step in establishing a sound foundation to foster positive growth. Because therapy is not a "one size fits all" deal, I utilize more of an eclectic approach to the process."
Dayton, Ohio 45402
(937) 410-0519
"As a professional counselor, I strive to provide a compassionate and supportive environment that is conducive to healing and self-discovery. We all find ourselves coping with challenges and life stressors that cause us to feel overwhelmed or stuck. As your counselor, I will collaborate with you to find healthy solutions to life's struggles, while empowering you to make positive change."
Dayton, Ohio 45439
(937) 601-4087
"Our life challenges can at times be emotionally stressful. If you are feeling angry, sad, depressed, scared, or indecisive about what you want individually or in a relationship, having someone to talk to can be healing, validating and encouraging. I can help you identify what is causing your distress. In therapy, I can help couples understand different stages of their relationship, how to deal with one issue at a time, develop the ability to understand and be empathetic with ones spouse and still maintain ones own boundaries and then negotiate with each other toward resolution that includes both their desires."
Dayton, Ohio 45432
(937) 569-4256 x1
""I believe that life should be lived with passion and meaning. Anything that is getting in the way of this can be changed or accepted. Through counseling, I will help you alter the course you and your loved ones are traveling in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way. Together, we will find more passion and meaning in your life." My academic training began at the University of Notre Dame where I earned a BA in Psychology and continued at the University of Dayton, with a MS.Ed. in Community and School Counseling. I am currently finishing my doctorate at Kent State University."
Dayton, Ohio 45419
(937) 453-0960
"I'm trained in psychology through all of my college degrees: B.A. in General Psychology, M.A. in Clinical/School Psychology, and Ed.D. in Clinical/School Psychology. I consider my Ed.D. degree a point of distinction (as it is relatively rare among psychologists), reflecting my eclectic, interdisciplinary orientation. It is my firm belief that all clinical psychologists should be educators who teach people to recognize options for better managing their lives. My educator/school psychologist orientation uniquely equips me to deal with issues specific to learning/teaching in a traditional sense, with a developmental perpective applicable to all ages."
Dayton, Ohio 45432
(937) 347-3039
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSSW, LISW
"I feel it is important to offer expert quality care that is compassionate, and tailored to each person's uniqueness as an individual. I have 26 years of clinical experience working with children, teens, families, and adults facing various life challenges.Time passes quickly. We often spend our days unhappy, and stressed. Sometimes it can be difficult to see beyond the hardships, and realize what matters most to us. If you can't change a situation, change your perspective."
Dayton, Ohio 45406
(937) 210-4625
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW
"I have 15 years of clinical experience helping clients with a broad range of issues. I am accepting and empathetic, and it is my goal to help my clients feel safe and supported during our sessions. Self-esteem is built on the notion that we deserve to be treated with kindness and respect; that is one of the key tenets of my clinical work."
Dayton, Ohio 45406
(937) 453-0133
""My job as a therapist is to help you find your path, discover what is blocking you from taking that first step and supporting you in the journey. It can be hard work, but together we can make positive changes that will impact you and your loved ones for many years to come." Dr. Caprice Lambert enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and currently specializes in mood and anxiety disorders, trauma related issues, LGBT concerns, family dynamics, couples therapy and the psychological impact of physical illness. She has experience with adults, adolescents, and children (age 3+)."
Dayton, Ohio 45432
(937) 569-4763
"Hello. Choosing the right therapist is important, you deserve to work alongside someone you feel comfortable with. My approach is down to earth and helps clients make meaningful changes that last. My style of therapy is practical in and outside of sessions. I believe in empowering clients and honoring their diverse backgrounds and perspectives. I'm a licensed psychologist with over 13 years of experience in the mental health field. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on reaching your goals. Getting started can be a hard step, but you are worth the effort!"
Dayton, Ohio 45402
(740) 200-4644
"Ideal clients are those who have clear goals that they want to achieve and who are willing to work on their issues both in and out of sessions. Many clients enter therapy focused on what is wrong with them; we like to balance this by calling attention to the clients' strengths and resources. By doing so, we can help clients to mobilize these resources to help improve clients' self-worth and better their lives and their relationships. Our goal is to widen the number of choices available to clients and help them garner the motivation to make changes they desire."
Dayton, Ohio 45420
(937) 256-0500 x1
"There is hope. You are not alone. If you need or desire a change in your life today, you will find the answers to the puzzle at New Insights Communication. Together, we will work to ensure you receive the tools and support you have been seeking to help you change the confusing and overwhelming life circumstances you are currently facing. I appreciate the courage it takes for each and every one of us to implement positive changes, and through 30+ years of experience, I am well-versed in the necessary emotional mastery and coping skills many overlook."
Dayton, Ohio 45459
(937) 451-3613
"People strive to create meaningful relationships. Many enter psychotherapy because that need isn't being met, wasn't met, or because they fear it won't be met. * People feel/behave for reasons often outside awareness. * Attempts to master psychological pain determine why people behave consistently, predictably, and sometimes self-destructively. * The therapeutic relationship is determined by my ability to provide a safe forum for examining thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by maintaining a nonjudgmental, empathic rapport. Successful treatment integrates cognitive and emotional components of patients developing increasing self-awareness. It includes supportive and interpretive interventions, while also leveraging strengths."
Dayton, Ohio 45419
(937) 310-2378
Counselor, PhD, LPCC-S, NCC
"Are you in a life transition? Is your relationship with others not ideal? Does anxiety or depression seem to hold you back? If any of these are true or you simply want to live a more authentic life and practice your "best self" then I may be of help. My basic philosophy is that we sometimes become "stuck" on our journey to fully develop our self, our relationships, and our lifestyle. I have over 18 years successful counseling experience and strive to respect the unique stories and struggles of each client while encouraging responsibility and authentic living. This is my role in helping you."
Dayton, Ohio 45429
(937) 287-0945
"Christian Counseling: I provide insight-oriented talk therapy to help you gain self-understanding in relationship to the truth of the Bible. This approach includes visiting past emotional wounds and false beliefs that steal present day vitality. We will work together to apply truth to these false beliefs resulting in more peace in the present and more hope for the future. I am both compassionate when you are hurting, and challenging when you are wanting direction and change in your life. I also provide specialized therapy via EFT, EMDR, and Formational Counseling."
Dayton, Ohio 45459
(937) 353-1171
"I would characterize my approach to working with clients as both holistic and strength-based. I feel that achieving mental and emotional well-being and healthy relationships requires paying attention to all areas of self: the mind, body and spirit. In addition, I try to help my clients achieve mental, emotional and relational health by building on the strengths already present in their lives. I firmly believe that people have the ability to make positive changes in their lives, and I see it as my job to help clients identify and traverse the steps necessary to achieving these changes."
Dayton, Ohio 45429
(937) 540-2146
"My office is moving to The Greene in July. I would love the opportunity to provide a supportive counseling environment for you and your family as we collaborate together to process challenges and develop solutions. I have experience working with a variety of mental health and emotional problems including; mood disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, anger management, behavior issues, and parenting. I provide child, adolescent, adult, and family therapy."
Dayton, Ohio 45440
(937) 969-4415
"Let me help you through the challenging times in your life. Wether you are dealing with emotional or behavioral problems, relationship problems, or normal life transitions; I would be honored to partner with you. We will form a safe, supportive therapeutic relationship. Together we will define the issue, identify the strengths you already possess, and build on those strengths. We will identify the ways your thinking, behaviors, or communication patterns may be keeping you stuck. I will teach you techniques and coping skills you can use to move yourself forward toward the life you want to be living."
Dayton, Ohio 45440
(937) 412-2130
"My approach to therapy is both focused on finding solutions and gaining understanding. First, I believe it is important to incorporate effective coping skills to mitigate the effects of anxiety or depression. It is then often necessary to build insight as to the causes of these concerns in order to change problematic patterns in how we relate to ourselves and others. Anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship matters - I attempt to foster self-compassion and understanding in order to lighten the burden of difficult life situations."
Dayton, Ohio 45469
(937) 401-0669