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"My ideal client is someone who is ready to find the solutions to their unique problems. New to therapy or your previous therapist didn't quite relate to your situation? You can expect me to be attentive, proactive, respectful and objective. My process is elegantly simple and my approach is cultivated from my combined expertise, education, and 20+ years of experience. Clients consistently tell me they appreciate my straight answers to their questions and our sessions together did not feel like they were being judged, but instead, supported and respected."
"My focus is on helping people understand their patterns, where they get stuck and how to move forward. I use a gestalt, mindfulness, and transpersonal approach. My experience as a Life Coach, massage therapist, and energy worker has broadened my practice to include all aspects of healing to bring you through past trauma, life stress and transitions. I work with adolescents, young adults, and adults to enrich life not just get through it."
Psychiatric Nurse, RN, MA, PMHNP, CACIII, LPC
"I offer a full range of mental health services, prescribing medications and providing psychotherapy. Also certified in addiction treatment and licensed as a professional counselor. I work with people having problems with anxiety, depression, addiction, parenting, and women's health. I see adults for individual treatment and encourage a collaborative approach. I'm experienced in helping professionals who have work problems (legal or other), due to mental health and or substance use disorders. Now training a dog for animal assisted therapy. Please email me at or click on the link listed under additional insurance companies."
"Are you or a loved one in need of someone to talk to? I offer psychiatric medication evaluations and treatment, as well as therapy. It is my goal to establish a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment where you feel listened to and can heal."
"People House offers affordable, accessible counseling for all who are empowered to better their lives, with services offered on an income-based sliding scale. This program is intended for clients who have a need for counseling services but lack the resources for full-priced psychotherapy. Unique financial and life circumstances are considered for each individual and fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Fees typically start at $20/session. Lead by volunteer directorship and supervision from expert mental health professionals, the ACP is staffed by graduate and post-graduate interns who are gaining clinical hours for the completion of master's degrees or state licensing. Interns working in the program are carefully selected to ensure superior care for our clients. We hope all of you who want to improve your personal development will consider taking advantage of this program --- it will empower your life! Don't let ability to pay come in the way of receiving skilled, heart-centered counseling. Contact one of our interns (listed in our photo gallery) to schedule an appointment directly. Or call our admin office and speak with one of our intake volunteers: (303) 480-5130"
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Why not get to the heart of the matter? As a family therapist I am especially trained to help improve the quality of your relationships (and not just family relationships!). When we have problems in relationships we tend to get stuck in a fixed pattern of withdrawing, pursuing, or getting defensive. To help people break out of these patterns, I draw on years of experience working with the tricky problems and situations that life's first relationships can lead to later on. In addition to working with adults, I also work with children--toddlers through teen years."
"I am a counselor trained in individual therapy and couples and family therapy. I have been in the human helping fields for over 16 years . These experiences have given me an expertise in child development, sexual orientation and gender identity, When building a therapeutic relationship it is important for me to have mutual respect and understanding and to feel comfortable. I love learning about all the wonderful human experiences and thrive on working together about topics that are new to us."
"I have been in private practice since 1976. Most of the people I see want to alter repetitive patterns in life and love they cannot seem to change. Some have been in therapy before. I find change to be a challenge because we tend to see what we already know. The therapeutic process should offer a partnership during which new ways of seeing and experiencing develop because of the different perspectives that the relationship offers. Recently I have found Skype to be useful for those with unusual schedules or locations as well as face to face visits."
"I truly enjoy creating a safe and powerful space that meets each persons unique emotional and developmental needs. I understand that the counseling process, done well, happens in a creative and collaborative space. In this I enjoy making use of many different perspectives to enrich your experience. I seek to offer dynamic and intentional care to the people I work with and hope that each client will experience growth and healing and that in therapy you will be both challenged and encouraged, experiencing support and gaining deeper insight."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, MSW, LCSW
"I have a keen interest and passion for working with 'tweens', teens, and twenty-somethings. I always work from a strength based and family centered perspective. I work with 'tweens', teens, and twenty-somethings who seek treatment for life experiences such as: anxiety, depression, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, social isolation, teen friendships/bullying/dating, teen parenting, teen pregnancy counseling and support, low energy, stress, panic attacks, a traumatic event or other stressors, self sufficiency development, divorce, low self esteem, ADD/ADHD, mood dysregulation, oppositional or angry behaviors, and relational and attachment issues."
"If you are seeking support and practical skills to make changes in your life, build more connected and healthier relationships, or gain relief from anxiety, depression, or body image struggles, it would be a privilege to support you. I work with adolescent and adult individuals, couples, and families. If being outside restores a sense of wholeness within you, you may want to consider a wilderness expedition. I have spent the last several years creating, implementing, and leading programs that bring families into the wild."
"Llicensed psychotherapist facilitating psychotherapy and mind/body alternative treatment. I conduct EMDR, Energy Psychology, & meditation. Once you are confident and balanced I will help you style your image in your home with fashion consultation. I will teach you how to dress to enhance your bodily structure and maximize your style presentation to optimize your business and relationship success. I've treated tens of thousands of patients and often hear from patients, "I've been to ten therapists for multiple years and I received more out one session with Kimberly than I got from my last therapist in a year!""
"I understand that reaching out for help is difficult, and I am here to assist you with the process. I believe everyone has areas in their life for personal growth. I am here to support you with finding the road that leads to your full potential. I provide a safe place for you to explore your issues with someone who is willing to go deep and help you handle whatever is blocking you from happiness. Sometimes just having the opportunity to speak your truth can be emotionally and mentally freeing; and I am here to help you navigate your world!"
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"I work with adolescents and their families to increase healthy communication and reduce conflict. I work with all family types; traditional, blended, single parent, adoption, and same sex parents. I also work with trauma clients and utilize EMDR to reduce symptoms."
"HEAL, STRENGTHEN, and TRANSFORM you and your relationships! Notice a pattern in your relationships that causes confusion, anxiety, or frustration? Recovering from a separation or break-up? On the path of life, there are often points in which you need to stop, look within, and determine what is preventing you from being your best self. This may involve developing insight and awareness of your life-long patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating to others. A great relationship is not something that happens by accident, it happens through active creation."
"Can you relate? "I just found out my partner is having an affair" "I want to get a divorce but I'm worried about my children" "My partner and I fight too much." "I'm so stressed out and can't handle it anymore." "I got dumped by my partner and can't stop thinking about it." "I feel like I'm loosing it." Is something like ADHD/ADD, depression or some type of loss is creating the stress in your life? Don't think there is nothing you can do! Your Denver Counseling offers psychotherapy, counseling and couples therapy."
"I am an active therapist who is interested in doing what works for each client. I am flexible, client-centered, and friendly. I work equally well with women, men, children, families and seniors and I enjoy the diversity of that kind of practice. My special interest is in helping women become assertive, empowered and able to live fuller lives. I can be very helpful with clients who are living or working with toxic individuals such as narcissists, borderline personality disorder or addicts. I am expert in individual IQ assessment and am committed to helping gifted and highly sensitive individuals cope with their sensitivities and gifts."
"With 30 years of experience, I've had the privilege of working with a wide variety of people and issues. I believe that life is difficult for most people at one time or another, and that at some times we can all benefit from help to negotiate life's challenges. I believe that therapy provides one way to get the help that you may need to get to where you want to go in your life."
""Wherever you go, there you are". We can't undo our past or know what the future holds, but we can come to a better place in accepting where we are right now. Everyone experiences challenges in their lives and sometimes we just need someone that we can trust to listen, be present, and help guide us in overcoming these challenges. I strive to provide a safe place for you to work through different issues and difficult situations while cultivating awareness through mindfulness and education."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I believe it is important to approach the difficulties we experience as part of the on going cycle of our lives. Indeed, life is a journey. Our situations, both joyous and painful, are about of the way we travel in life. In difficult situations people usually have good intentions and attempt to solve problems with good faith and want healthy outcomes. No one purposely tries to mess up their life. However, in our own situations we cannot always see the “forest for the trees”. It is difficult to be objective in one’s own life,especially during stressful events."