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ADHD Therapists in Denver
Attention Deficit, ADD

Sam Kohlenberg, Counselor  in Denver
“I've been a good fit for people who have a hard time fitting in. I am privileged to work with a variety of people and issues including anxiety, depression, crisis, trauma, and relationships. I specialize in working with gifted teens and adults, as well as teen and adult ADHD, and the 2E (High IQ + another diagnosis) community.
(720) 608-4066
Denver, Colorado 80203
Roslyn R Steeler, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Denver
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MSW
“Hello! I have helped many people and I promise to do my utmost to help you. My specialty is in diagnosing and treating combinations of problems and offering treatment based on current research.
(303) 835-9664
Denver, Colorado 80209
Kimberly Donars, Counselor  in Denver
“I seek to empower my clients by offering them tools for expression and the release of unwanted thoughts, patterns, emotions and behaviors. Would you like to let go of whatever holds you back from living joyfully? Relationship issues, grief, loss, sexual and gender identity issues, chronic pain, and overuse of substances can be confusing, overwhelming, and hold you back from being who YOU want to be, living the way YOU want to live. Do you have Attentional and Focusing Challenges (AD/HD)? Or perhaps too much anxiety? I have experience and tools to ease you into a more peaceful life.
(720) 466-2785
Denver, Colorado 80218
Warren R Knepper,   in Denver
“I am a Doctoral level School Psychologist with 35 years of extensive experience working in Colorado schools. I specialize in Psychological and Educational evaluations and consultations. My diagnostic testing comprehensively covers intelligence, academic achievement, fine motor coordination, language, social/emotional issues, AD/HD and work habit issues. I have been in private practice for 30 years and my evaluations are helpful to identify learning disabilities, giftedness, AD/HD conditions, twice exceptional and retention questions, and social/emotional/motivational or work habit issues. My evaluations are done on weekends, completed promptly and at a reasonable fee.
(720) 580-6592
Denver, Colorado 80231
Jeff J Nelson, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Denver
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“I use the Family Systems theory approach while identifying family of origin roles and patterns. Using a cognitive behavioral approach in helping clients identify thinking patterns that impact self-esteem and the choices one makes, I can guide you to new thought patterns that will raise the quality level of your life in many ways. Mood disorder therapy, including Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression, is a vital instrument for those affected. Medication assessment and management referral resources are available to compliment psychotherapy. Think in new ways, feel new emotions, live with a new view of you and your world.
(303) 653-9600
Denver, Colorado 80222
Bridget Abare, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Denver
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BCN
“Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Bridget Abare and I am a board certified Neurotherapist. My private practice is centered on providing Neurofeedback, also known as EEG Biofeedback or Neurotherapy to children and adults. Wave Neurofeedback, LLC, provides Neurofeedback therapy, qEEG brain mapping, Neurocognitive Testing and Academic testing to children and adults with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, behavioral issues and Learning Disabilities. If you are looking for something, with quantifiable results, that will help you and or someone you love, this is it.
(303) 963-9734
Office is near:
Denver, Colorado 80211
Laurie Selleck, Counselor  in Denver
“Seeking comfort in your own skin? Do you know you could do better but something gets in the way? Tired of struggling with feeling overwhelmed, bored, anxious, exhausted or depressed? My approach is real and pragmatic, interactive and collaborative. With warmth, humor and acceptance I endeavor to be supportive and challenging in helping you explore and express who you are and what you want from the inside out. Awareness, acceptance, and action are key in the process of growth and moving you toward what is most important and meaningful to you.
(303) 408-7127
Office is near:
Denver, Colorado 80210
“I specialize in the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) in adults and adolescents over 16 years old. As a Yale-trained Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), I am Board Certified and licensed to diagnose, prescribe medication, and provide treatment for ADD/ADHD and the problems that sometimes accompany it (for example, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc). I recently moved from Connecticut, where I treated > 1000 people with ADHD in the past 11 years in my private practice.
(203) 318-4446
Office is near:
Denver, Colorado 80204
Denver Integrative Assessment, Psychologist  in Denver
“Denver Integrative Assessment is a practice focused on gaining insight through psychological and educational assessment. Dr. Katherine Bellon started Denver Integrative Assessment to provide a holistic approach to educational and psychological testing, where the client is viewed as a whole person rather than a series of discrete symptoms.
(303) 951-4075
Denver, Colorado 80210
Rebecca Richey, Psychologist  in Denver
“I currently do not do therapy, only psychological assessment. My ideal client is an adolescent, adult, family or couple looking for answers to questions about their mental health, cognitive ability, or relationship. I offer testing that addresses questions such as "My child struggles in school--does s/he have AD/HD or a learning disorder?" "Why am I having extreme mood swings?" "How can I interact with my spouse effectively?" or "Why can't I focus or concentrate?" With answers to these questions, clients are provided a pathway of next steps to alleviate symptoms and address the presenting problem actively.
(317) 708-0231
Denver, Colorado 80220
“Psychotherapy is much more than the removal of symptoms, it's learning to fall back in love with your life! I work with adults, aging adults, and adolescents who are worried or depressed about their current life circumstances, who may have symptoms of anxiety, depression, learning disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, brain traumas, Autism spectrum disorders, which includes Asperger's disorder, and all emotional concerns. I also specialize with SENIORS who are concerned about changes in their cognitive capacities. Learn the difference between a normal aging processes and dementia, and learn to embrace each day.
(720) 608-5937
Denver, Colorado 80203
Asa Marokus, Psychiatrist  in Denver
“I am a psychiatrist who works with children, teenagers, adults and their families to help them with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges. I employ both psychotherapy and psychiatric medication, when appropriate, to improve the functioning and happiness and alleviate the suffering of my patients. I enjoy, and have experience, working with many different types of people on a wide range of issues.
(303) 647-4363
Denver, Colorado 80211
Sarah Patz, Psychologist  in Denver
“I work with children, adolescents, and adults, from a foundation of respect, collaboration, and genuineness. I offer individual and family psychotherapy and psychological assessments (including educational evaluations). Therapy is tailored specifically to each individual or family. I bring a strong clinical background and range of experiences that have allowed me to hone my skills to meet the needs of each of my patients. I work with a range of patients that may seek a deeper understanding of oneself or improved self-esteem, as well as changes in mood, behaviors, or relationships.
(720) 515-4502
Denver, Colorado 80210
Youth and Family Healing LLC, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Denver
“I strive to serve the social needs of youth, special needs populations and families. I have devoted much of my clinical experience to working in a school setting with children and parents.
(773) 432-7015
Denver, Colorado 80220
Tiffany Van Deren, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Denver
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LPC
“"I enjoy working with teens, individuals, couples, and families. I also have a particular interest in working with clients with Attention Deficit Disorder and Executive Function."
(303) 816-8183
Denver, Colorado 80222
Kimberly J Lubuguin  in Denver
“I focus on the strengths of the individual children, adolescents, and the families and use this as a basis for developing treatments that are individualized for the child, adolescent, and family and takes into account family routines and rituals. I set goals that are attainable. Families with children or adolescents with ADHD, disruptive behavior disorders,family issues, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, school phobia, consultation and managing pediatric and adolescent chronic illness (e.g., Asthma, diabetes)at home and school. Helping manage transitions and adjustment for children, adolescents, and families (starting a new school, moving, coping with parent's separation/divorce).
(720) 213-5706
Office is near:
Denver, Colorado 80207
Shayna Brody Whitehouse, Psychologist  in Denver
“As a School Psychologist, my goal is to empower children, adolescents, and their families by helping to build skills necessary for academic and social-emotional success. Through assessment, I help identify strengths and needs related to social-emotional development, executive functioning, motivation and learning. In addition, I address specific questions related to issues such as ADHD, learning disabilities, giftedness identification, anxiety, depression, and behavioral skills support. I collaborate with families to fully understand their children at home, in the community, and in school to develop and complete a comprehensive, individualized assessment.
(720) 924-4130
Office is near:
Denver, Colorado 80208
C. Jasmine Godwin, Psychologist  in Denver
“I am a therapist and psychologist speaking both English and Mandarin Chinese. I strive to help children, adolescents, and adults achieve their goals and be happy with who they are. I have helped many families with IEP-related evaluations and issues, including learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I have also helped couples overcome relationship issues including cultural and linguistic barriers. In therapy, I explore the discrepancy between what you want and what you need. You identify what you need, I will help you get there.
(720) 358-0817
Office is near:
Denver, Colorado 80222
Synapse Counseling LLC, Treatment Facility  in Denver
“Are you ready to uncover your gifts and uncover your authentic self? Do you want to embrace your life and finally let go of maladaptive behaviors and beliefs? Do you want to bide goodbye to your eating disorder? Perhaps you want to feel less overwhelmed and more in control, organized and able to follow through? Maybe you want to take your performance in sports, at school or work to the next level? If you are looking for warm, experienced, active, strengths-based, and down to earth therapists, you are in the right place. At Synapse Counseling you will be met with warmth and real caring about you, your struggles and pursuits. We are a small practice whose primary goal is to provide integrative, individualized, comprehensive and collaborative care for you and your loved ones. We make a special effort to collaborate with other practitioners so that you can feel you have a team who works together to serve your needs. We truly listen to your concerns and jointly formulate a caring plan with you or your family to get you where you want to go. A richer, more engaged and fulfilling life.
(970) 237-3929
We serve:
Denver, Colorado 80033
Riley Spuhler Rhodes, Psychologist  in Denver
“I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Colorado with over fifteen years of experience in the field of child psychology - including research, evaluation, and therapy with children, adolescents, and families. Currently in my private practice, I provide assessments for learning differences, cognitive abilities including giftedness, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions. I also offer consulting services to parents, schools, and other professionals.
(720) 636-9190
Denver, Colorado 80246
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Not enough ADHD Therapists (Attention Deficit, ADD) to choose from?
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ADHD (Attention Deficit, ADD) Therapists
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) is a neurobehavioral disorder characterized by a combination of inattentiveness, distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior.

AD/HD appears early in life. Boys are diagnosed more often than girls. Untreated AD/HD has been shown to have long-term adverse affects on academic performance, vocational success, and social-emotional development. AD/HD children have difficulty sitting still and paying attention in class and do not do well at school, even when they have normal or above-normal intelligence. They engage in a broad array of disruptive behaviors and experience peer rejection.

If you're looking for help with ADHD in Denver or for a Denver ADHD Therapist these professionals provide adhd help, and help for adhd Therapist in Denver, adhd counseling, adhd treatment and therapy for attention deficit hyper-activity disorder. They include ADHD Therapists, ADHD psychologists, ADHD psychotherapists and ADHD counselors. Therapists can help with adhd in children, Denver adult adhd, add adhd, and adha both for adhd and with adhd.

This term is frequently referred to as ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADD/ADHD. So if you're looking for help with ADD in Denver or for a Denver ADD Therapist these professionals provide add help and help for add Therapist in Denver, add counseling, add treatment and therapy for attention deficit disorder. They include ADD Therapists, ADD psychologists, ADD psychotherapists and ADD counselors. Therapists can help with add in children, adult add.

Note: 'Hyper-activity' is sometimes spelled as 'hyperactivity' or 'hyper activity'.

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in Denver have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in Denver you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in Denver and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in Denver or family therapy in Denver.