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Therapists in East York

Aryne Sheppard, Counselor  in East York
“Given the fast-paced world we live in, it's easy to lose balance in our lives and veer off course. And when we get off-track, there are always signs. We can feel stressed out, scattered and brittle. Sometimes we become disillusioned about the world and struggle with feelings of emptiness. It becomes difficult to keep the promises we make to ourselves. Often, our physical well-being suffers and we pick up unhealthy behaviours that only serve to complicate life further. Although painful, these signs show us where we need to pay attention.
(416) 767-7711
East York, Ontario M4K 1X1
Bonnie Miller, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in East York
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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
“Most kids struggle with worry, or temper, or feeling insecure. But for some kids these problems take over- spoiling their friendships or family fun, or stopping them from enjoying the things that most kids do with ease. If you are worrying that your child's prospects are affected by the troubles they are having, then I would like to help.
(416) 878-7114
East York, Ontario M4G 3A6
Hazel S Zemel, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in East York
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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
“I'm a therapist with 30+ years experience in working with people like you and problems like yours.My passion is work with families, couples and individuals looking for more satisfying and rewarding relationships. I see you as a unique individual, and excite in developing new solutions that suit your needs. I believe that your children teach you how to be their 'best' parent and your parents hand over a legacy that you can continue or you can create a new one to pass on. I have worked in 3 countries and specialize in loss, trauma, parenting and transitions.
(416) 932-2605
East York, Ontario M4G 3A6
Linda M Burdett  in East York
“I offer counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples and families. I am committed to establishing an encouraging environment where clients feel safe to discuss their issues and rediscover a sense of courage. I work with clients to help them develop increased insight into their issues. I empower clients with effective life skills and problems solving strategies. I help couples develop a deeper understanding of each other and I promote the use of effective communication skills. I promote a positive approach to parenting that addresses the root causes of misbehaviour and strengthens the relationship between parent and child.
(647) 933-9739
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4B 1B3
Morgan Llewellyn,   in East York
“You may be at some point on your life's journey where you want to envision the next steps, or examine recurring issues that are getting in the way of you most want. Whether you are sorting out a complex life event or situation, or are wondering why you are feeling a certain way, I want to understand your experience and what is important it you. It is key that you feel supported to bring forward what you want to talk about so that together we can begin to make sense of what is going on for you.
(647) 787-5842
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4K 1X2
Dimitra Lee, Counselor  in East York
“There are many reasons why you might want to talk to a counsellor. You may be feeling 'stuck' about a problem or feeling unhappy about a situation and aren't sure what to do about it. Whether you've been struggling with an issue for a long time or facing a new challenge, counselling can help you gain insight and develop better coping strategies. Working from a respectful, client-centred approach, I guide you through a process of investigation to understand the source of the issue, identify what's working and not working and find solutions to move forward.
(416) 993-6205
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4B 1B4
Mia Sheard, Psychotherapist,   in East York
“Change can happen. Something in your life is preventing you from enjoying the fullness of it. You may be suffering from anxiety, depression, or in a difficult relationship. I will help you find your voice, and discover where you get stuck. Here's how I can help: I see each person as an individual with a unique story. I listen without judgment, offer support by allowing you to be where you are now, and challenge you with compassion so that you can risk trying something new. Change is here if you want it.
(647) 401-4887
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4K 1X1
Sue Cooperstock, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in East York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
“We all flourish when we feel valued, accepted, deeply known and understood. With a warm, relaxed and conversational style, I provide a safe and nurturing space through which you can explore the issues that have led you to seek professional help. For over twenty five years I have been privileged to work with individuals and families facing relationship and interpersonal issues, health challenges, who are depressed, feeling alone, grieving a loss, experiencing workplace stress, family dysfunction, and many other issues. In successful therapy.....
(647) 222-2299
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4G 3A6
Pauline Coogan, Counselor  in East York
“When we feel safe, we can begin to heal and grow. I know this from my own experience and from my years of helping people reduce their suffering and find their way through difficult or confusing times. The therapy I provide begins with creating a space for you to feel safe and supported. This includes valuing who you are, how you came to be and what you presently seek for yourself--whether it's reducing unwanted emotions, thoughts or behaviours, improving relationships, or simply feeling better about yourself.
(416) 721-5928
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4G 2K3
Dino Paoletti, Counselor  in East York
“I most often describe my work as supporting people through life transitions. By that I mean facilitating change from a current state of being to a new way of seeing, thinking, feeling, believing and functioning in life. The people I serve often deal with relationship issues, workplace stress and burn-out, health and mental health challenges, family issues, life losses and the impact of exclusion and oppression. I work collaboratively with people, assessing and working with current strengths and capacities, identifying blocks to success, helping to identify hidden potential and developing new capacities. I am committed to an anti-oppression practice.
(416) 406-6227
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4J 4M1
Suzie Kisimba  in East York
“My approach and style of therapy is non judgemental and involves the provision of a safe, nurturing, warm and professional environment. I work to help people explore and gain insight into their life challenges, behaviours and problems.I bring my personal and professional knowledge and experiences to all I do in an open and caring manner. I have been practing for 8 years and worked in a variety of mental health settings. Call me, together we are going to gently approach the most difficult or painful subjects that you are going through and work out strategies and techniques to overcome them.
(647) 829-5206
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4K 1Z9
Mary Fulford-Winsor, Counselor  in East York
“Sometimes we have a profound sense that the way we have been moving through our lives doesn't fit anymore. This realization can be coupled with anxiety, depression, aggression, sleeplessness, repetitive actions or thoughts, and feelings of isolation or fragmentation. It is hard to find yourself in this place, and even harder to know where to turn. Realizing something isn't quite right is the first step----talking to someone is the next. I offer a 'no fee' 1 hour Introductory Session so that you can see if I am the right therapist for you. I work with Individuals and Couples age 18 and up.
(416) 528-8657
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4J 2W6
Susan Monteith, Counselor  in East York
“Are you struggling with an emotional problem? Or are you looking for help in your relationship? I have been working for 22 years with people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, loss, abuse, self-esteem, divorce, and other issues that are negatively affecting their lives and relationships. Often we don't know why we stay in unhealthy relationships, behave inappropriately, say something we don't intend to say, or act in a shameful way. In the safe, non-judgmental therapy setting that I offer, you will be able to explore, come to understand, and change these ways of being that are causing you distress
(647) 933-9741
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4G 3N2
Susan Patten, Counselor  in East York
“My practice is focused on building empowerment, balance, self-esteem and self awareness. I assist my clients in working through the emotional challenges involved in various life changes, loss, anxiety, depression, grief and relationship issues. Cultivating awareness and empowerment by learning to understand feelings, patterns, needs and choices as they arise, allows my clients to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the bigger picture of life - ultimately learning to rely on their own unique sources of inner strength and wisdom.
(647) 977-5895
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4C 5B7
Valery Belyanin,   in East York
“I am a psychotherapist with more than 10 years of experience in Russia and Canada. I provide help for people with low self-esteem, low mood and those who worry about life events and struggle with accepting themselves and the challenges they face.
(416) 423-2484
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4C 2M5
Sandy Kiaizadeh, Counselor  in East York
“Hello! My name is Sandy and I am the Clinical Director of Toronto's Mindful Solutions Clinic and founder of Find Your Bliss Coaching. I work with clients facing a number of difficulties, such as self-worth/self-esteem, anxiety, depression, disordered eating behaviour, interpersonal difficulties (personal and/or professional), life transitions, and stress management. My primary offices are located on the subway line downtown, with a satellite office in Leaside. I accept most Canadian insurance plans at my Edward Street location.
(416) 930-1593
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4G 3A6
Kathy Vance, Counselor  in East York
“A series of sessions is often unnecessary. 1-3 right on meetings can do wonders to get back on the right track or for the first time. I've been a psychotherapist for individuals and families for over 25 years and have seen people from many cultural backgrounds. For the first ten years of my practice I partnered with a family doctor as co-therapist. Stress and anxiety from family, work or romance issues are common underlying problems, very individually expressed. I welcome inquiry calls.
(416) 465-4121
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4G 4H5
Yvonne Rose, Art Therapist  in East York
“My ideal client desires change. I help people replace negative emotions - anger, fear, jealousy, regret, or sadness - with empowering, transformative perspectives that create joy and purpose. I assist people suffering from a wide variety of challenges. For example, I help individuals work through problems related to abuse, bad habits, children in care or in trouble with the law, disease, family, grief, lack of direction, phobias, physical challenges, relationships, and work.
(647) 977-5969
Office is near:
East York, Ontario M4K 2S4
Sara Aharon, Psychologist  in Toronto
“To effectively treat debilitating symptoms and conditions such as dissociation, nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, chronic sleep problems and high anxiety, a wide array of tools is necessary. Building resilience, safety and learning to down-regulate anxiety are essential before approaching traumatic memories. Fortunately, there are effective and non-painful treatments (non-exposure based). In recent years I have been practising innovative modalities (Energy Psychology, Somatic Processing) with excellent results. Other types of clients finding these approaches helpful are those dealing with chronic pain, illness and addictions.
(416) 690-5227
Toronto, Ontario M4X 1W4
Therapists: 1 to 19

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