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Psychological Testing and Evaluation Therapists in Edmonton

Ken Harrison, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“As a seasoned psychologist of some 18 years I have enjoyed working with those who variously seek a simple and contented life, satisfying relationships, greater life meaning, the accomplishment of significant goals, recovery or strengthening of physical and mental health, and/or removal of barriers to those and other objectives. Guided by an enthusiasm for applying a broad knowledge of psychosocial matters to presenting problems, an abiding curiosity about the minds, emotions, and experiences of the people I work with, and an ability to collaborate with them in a relational exchange to promote change or achieve goals has proven to be effective for many.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 483-8522
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2J1
“I have expertise working with children, adolescents, couples and families. This includes work with high risk youth, work with children who have been abused or neglected, and work with families in crisis. I have extensive Court experience, and have been appointed as a expert in the areas of counseling and clinical psychology. I have been appointed as a Parenting Expert in clinical interventions and custody evaluations. I have supported couples in developing skills to strengthen their relationships. I have experience assisting children, adolescents, and adults in dealing with anxiety, depression, Post traumatic stress disorder, Bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric diagnoses.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 424-0123 x4
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3W6
Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“Dr Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta, a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist with The American Dance Therapy Association, a Registered Art Therapist in Canada and USA, a Certified Quantum Success Coaching Academy Life Coach and Law of Attraction Coach. She is has a Master Practitioner Certification in NLP. She is certified as a Master Business Coach and a Master Holistic Marketing Coach. She has a Graduate Diploma in Distance Education and Technology with Canada's Open University, Athabasca University. For over 20 years she has co-owned and managed a psychological firm.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 433-2269
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2J9
David B Sinclair, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“At all times, in every situation, we do the best we can with the skills, experience and information we possess in the moment; we always do the best we can with what we have. However, we often judge our "past" selves and others from where we are at "today". This can lead to problems. With guidance we can learn how our own and other's past decisions, actions and experiences are creating problems for us today. Once understood, we can act differently to make a life more fulfilling and worth living. I invite you to join me for this journey.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 988-7756
Edmonton, Alberta T6K 4C1
Jean Kwiatkowski, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“I help clients to achieve the ability to feel healthy, function well, and live confidently, by guiding them to the knowledge, insights and strategies that work for them. Thorough, yet expedient, CBT methods of treatment form the basis of my practice. Initial focus is on traits and behaviors that limit a client's success, and typically include information and 'coaching'. Gradually, my role turns more to guidance, drawing on various research-based methods, to support clients' achivement of deeper personal insights. I provide the encouragement and tools clients need to act on the core values they see as success.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 850-2585
Edmonton, Alberta T6R 3N8
Meredith Evans, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist and I provide treatment for individuals with a wide-range of mental health struggles. I primarily use a cognitive-behavioral approach to address such issues as trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, return-to-work issues, eating disorders, and substance use difficulties. I put an emphasis on using evidence-based practice to address symptoms while also honouring individual characteristics, contexts and strivings.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 800-9658
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 2X7
Brandi Louise Smith, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“I am a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta and a member of the Psychologist Association of Alberta. I am experienced in providing psychotherapy and psychological treatment for children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. My nuturing style works well with individuals and their families dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, attachment disruption, emotional trauma, grief and loss, relationship distress, abuse, and stress. My work history also includes supporting families and youth within the Child and Family Services System and I am a recognized Child Specialist in post-divorce and collaborative divorce processes.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 414-0609 x224
Edmonton, Alberta T5P 4J5
Neelam Chadha, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“I provide a range of central psychological services, including therapy, crisis intervention, and assessment for adults and children. I am am personally compassionate, empathic, and attentive, and use evidence-based assessments and treatments.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 913-0702
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2J1
Dynamic Psychology Inc, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: I am fully certified in risk assessments and report preparation for the Courts. This includes testifying in Courts and speaking to the determined risk, as well as protective factors. This includes Mental Health Assessments & Capacity Assessments.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 760-7792
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6G4
“I have been helping men and women make changes in their lives for the past twenty years. The people I work with are often dealing with anger, aggression, depression, anxiety, trauma and different forms of acting out (e.g., gambling, addictions, etc.). I provide a safe space to explore what the problem might be and different strategies for resolving problems. Many of my clients are survivors of childhood trauma and are dealing with abuse in their adult lives. I have significant experience working in a cross-cultural context, particularly with First Nations people, Lesbian women and gay men.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 485-5119
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 3P4
Windermere Psychology Centre, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“Hello ~ welcome to Windermere Psychology Centre. We are located in the new amazing Windermere area and can be found inside Windermere Medical Clinic. Our Clinic is brand new and beautiful, and we welcome patients from all walks of life. We have a wonderful team of psychologists, physicians and front desk staff that will do everything to make your journey through counselling easier. Our practice is built mainly on word of mouth referrals and personal references. If you need confidential and highly professional services ~ please call 780 - 784 - 3333. Also visit our website for more info re our therapists at the Centre.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 784-3333
Edmonton, Alberta T6W 0L7
Deb Johansson, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“My specialty is in treating individuals, couples, and families, and have extensive experience working with children and adolescents. Much of my experience is related to coping with physical and emotional stress reactions resulting from separation, divorce, workplace and home conflict, trauma, infidelity, serious medical issues, mental health problems, violence, and other related problems. My ideal client is open and willing to engage in a collaborative, client-centred, action-oriented healing process, and doesn't mind being challenged to think in new ways about old problems.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 984-2519
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 1V1
Luma Psychology and Education Centre, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“At Luma, our psychologists provide psychoeducational assessment and counselling support to school-aged children and youth. We recognize that the challenges facing children and families are significant. It is our vision to work with children and adolescents in areas related to success in school, education, assessment, social skills, and emotional wellbeing, to promote coping skills they will use for the rest of their lives
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 464-6911
Edmonton, Alberta T6P 1L3
“Welcome to my profile! My name is Cory Donald and I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist. My clientele is diverse and consists of adults, children and families. I work with my clients to create opportunities for them to experience positive change and live their life to its potential. My clients set and achieve goals, learn and utilize coping skills and grow in self-awareness.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 705-6463
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1R7
Gary Hotson, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“I am a registered Clinical Psychologist in Edmonton, Alberta. I have worked in both hospital and private practice settings. I work primarily with adults contending with: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma, abuse, grieving, substance abuse, and personality disorders. I do both individual therapy and CBT group therapy. I also conduct formal cognitive and personality assessments.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 454-0162
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2L9
Krista Pierce, Psychologist  in Edmonton
Verified by Psychology Today
Psychologist, MEd, PhD, RPsych
“All of us have felt stressed out, anxious, or down at one point or another. Sometimes we can handle it quite well, get back on track, and keep going without much difficulty. Other times we are much more affected. If you find that the situation you are currently dealing with is interfering with your sleep, eating patterns, mood, coping ability, concentration, focus, relationships, or any part of your daily functioning, it would be helpful to talk with a psychologist.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 964-2360
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3W6
Paul JL Preston, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“Psychotherapy creates a safe place where issues and difficulties can be put on the table and looked at - with no judgement, with patience and courage. My job is to help you face and accept yourself, to take responsibility for your self in a way that safeguards your integrity. Psychotherapy is private. Psychotherapy should help you look closely at the tough stuff. It is not always easy but it should honor both your humanness and your dignity. I am not the Paul Preston that advocates spanking.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 448-0860
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4R8
Christopher Marusiak, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“Encouraging growth for adults, adolescents, couples and families. Individuals have powerful strengths and resources. I help people tap into those resources to help them heal, overcome life obstacles, and find the personal growth they are looking for.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 975-0444
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2L9
Amanda Baird, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“I am excited to provide services in the areas of clinical and forensic psychology with adults, adolescents and families with special emphasis on psycho-legal evaluations in both English and French. Regardless of the forum, my ultimate goal is always to provide my clients with the utmost quality help and services. My goal is to help individuals and their families navigate through troubling times in their life (including those of a legal nature), in a comfortable and supportive environment.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 428-9223
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1C5
Julie Curley, Psychologist  in Edmonton
Verified by Psychology Today
Psychologist, BEd, MA, R, Psych
“Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Julie Curley and I am a Registered Psychologist. I work with a diverse clientele of individuals, couples and families to facilitate the positive change that enables my clients to live a life full of all the possibilities that they imagine. Through positive change, clients set and achieve their goals, build coping skills, become more attuned to their own needs and the needs of others. They are empowered to accept and choose to live their best life.
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
(780) 705-6463
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1R7

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