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Marriage Counseling Therapists in Greenwood

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA
"I aim to serve those who are hurting and struggling in their lives. I believe that counseling is a way that God can speak his truth into our lives in a safe and secure environment. I have a heart to help people of all ages who want counseling for their marriages, families, individuals, or children."
Marriage Counseling
Greenwood, Mississippi 38930
(662) 451-9943
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"Life is a journey. It is full of ups and downs. You need balance to promote your mental, physical, and spiritual health to become the whole person that God intended you to be. Sometimes there are obstacles in your lives that keep you from reaching your full potential.Life can throw curve balls such as divorce, family issues, behavioral problems with your children. Whatever the problem, you need help in redefining your situation and getting better insight and resources into solutions for those problems. You have strengths and abilities within that can be utilized to help regain your hope and healing."
Office is near:
Greenwood, Mississippi 38930
(662) 985-6884
Counselor, EdD, LPC-S, RPT-S
"Life is never easy. Sometimes we all have things that we need help facing, figuring out, and overcoming. It might be a normal life event, a crippling trauma, a life transition, or life changes that may be difficult to understand, move past, or learn to live with. Whatever you may be facing, it is important. It is important to you, and it is important to me."
Office is near:
Greenwood, Mississippi 38930
(662) 655-2428