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Counselor, MA, LPC, CADC, NCC, BCCC
"Hi! I provide individual counseling and couples/marriage therapy. I am a licensed professional counselor in the State of Georgia, with certifications in alcohol and drug counseling and marriage works. I carry a Board certification in Christian counseling. My husband and I have been married for 23 years. The initial counseling session focuses on our exchange of information and the establishment of your goals. My office is one of Hope and Help. I look forward to meeting with you all. God Bless!"
Counselor, MS, MDIV, LPC, NCC
"Angry teens, struggling adults, and distant couples are my passion. I love helping teens become more assertive, turn from destructive ways, and find their purpose in life. I understand adults who feel stuck in their current situation but believe there is a greater purpose and that change is possible. I enjoy working with couples who have lost the spark in their marriages. I work with premarital, newly married, or seasoned couples who need to strengthen the marriage bond by making connections that last a lifetime. Allow me to actively listen and build on your strengths to address your unique challenge."
"Dr. Kannegenti is devoted to providing quality comprehensive psychiatric services and delivering excellent high quality health care. Our doctor prides himself in his expertise with both the diagnosis and treatment of the occurrence of mental illness and believes that the relationship between health care provider and patient is of the utmost importance. He takes a balanced approach to go beyond symptom relief and help you find ways to revitalize your life so that you can thrive in all of your endeavors."
Office is near:
Lagrange, Georgia 30240
(706) 653-2889
""There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." Animus Center for Therapeutic Services offers therapeutic services and resources to individuals in the Franklin, Heard County, Georgia and surrounding area who are seeking to improve their psychological health and well-being through a depth-analytical psychotherapeutic perspective. Our mission is to empower, renew, and reestablish our client's connection to their deeper Self with the ultimate goal of engaging a journey toward meaning and awareness."
Office is near:
Lagrange, Georgia 30240
(706) 675-6076
Counselor, MS, LPC, LMFT, CCMHC, NCC
"Therapy works! Begin the healing process to transform yourself and your relationships. Help your children thrive. Find new purpose together. Working together we can help you on your road to healing, recovery, and happiness. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with couples seeking counseling, parents wanting help with their children and adolescents, and individuals seeking healing from grief, depression, anxiety, addiction, or abuse. In therapy, we work together with your family members to heal, grow, and progress. Therapy works as you open yourself to changes in thought, feeling, and behavior."
Office is near:
Lagrange, Georgia 30240
(706) 417-9357
"Suicidal Ideation, or suicidal thoughts, is a term applied to individuals who are having active thoughts about killing themselves. These suicidal ideations can range from fleeting thoughts to laid out, detailed plans. There are a number of different reasons why an individual may believe that suicide is the only way out and have become consumed with suicidal thoughts. For some individuals, the death of a loved one or close friend may be too much for them to handle. The depression associated with their loss may be so overwhelming that they believe suicide is the only way to end their emotional pain. Other men and women may be struggling with an undiagnosed or undertreated mental disorder, such as borderline personality disorder that has rendered them unable to function on a daily basis leaving them feeling worthless. Or some may be trying to live with a past traumatic experience becomes too much to handle, due to their inability to move past the emotional pain."
We serve:
Lagrange, Georgia 30240
(855) 317-5740