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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CADCIII
"I see counseling as a person-centered process that focuses on a person's strengths to turn struggle into wisdom, to find solutions that allow you to write a new life story. I consider myself a solution-focus therapist, which means that I help my clients put energy into finding solutions that work for them, rather than vacillating on the problem. Counseling can help you become the expert in your own life, so that you can more clearly see: who you are, what you want, and where you are going. Counseling is a process that leads you towards finding yourself!"
"I specialize in diagnosing and treating children and adults with ADHD. I am also a Certified EFT therapist and work with many couples in which one of the partners has ADHD. Once I help the client manage their ADHD we address any co-occurring anxiety or depression. I have found that often individuals with ADHD suffer from chronic low feelings of self-worth. Together, and with great compassion, we unlock hidden self-beliefs that ADHD individuals develop over time, and help them discover theif gifts thereby freeing them to start fresh with a new outlook on life and themselves."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CHt
"I am a mental health therapist, in private practice, in Hood River, Oregon. I work with children and adults. I was previously the mental health specialist for Head Start. I have a B.A. '87 in psychology from Reed College, and a Master's in Social Work '92 from Portland State University. I have been an LCSW since 1997. I am a certified Hypnotist. Formerly: Jane Arnell, LCSW"
"I strongly believe in the benefits of therapy for those who seek out change and fulfillment in their lives. Finding a place where you can safely discuss any and all issues in your life is a crucial piece to facilitating this change. I concentrate on each person who is sitting with me and come from an empowerment model in which I believe you have the expertise and answers and I am honored to be joining in this stage of your journey. In sessions I seek out strengths and attempt to assist you in building on those strengths."
"It is my intention to enter into a therapeutic relationship that initiates a process of respectful conversation regarding what specific changes you wish to make in your life. In clarifying your challenges, we will work together centering on your present circumstance as well as your hopes and expectations for the future. My therapeutic work integrates exploring the attachment style you have experienced throughout your life which is often expressed through emotions and behaviors. Our core focus will include your relational patterns, your responses to life, what you value, and the meaning you attribute to your attitudes and behaviors."
"I specialize in a newer, overarching model of human behavior called the Psychological Flexibility Model. This newer form of cognitive-behavioral therapy is also called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I consider the philosophy and theory behind ACT to represent not just a highly effective, cutting edge therapy, but also a way of life. Since I have incorporated this worldview into my professional and personal life, I have found greater meaning and reward in all areas of my life. I feel honored by my clients who allow me into their lives in such a deeply personal way, and I am greatly enriched by the experience."
"Working in the field of human services since 1988, I bring an understanding and experience around the issues of relationships, sexuality, depression, anxiety, teen life issues and transitions. I work with these issues because our culture does not address them in helpful ways. I help and encourage you to develop tools and skills for success in your life. Using tools from a mindful, humanistic & cognitive/behavioral orientation, we work together to help you focus on your situation and what will work to create change/healing in your life. I work with individuals and couples."
Office is near:
Hood River, Oregon 97031
(503) 444-9681
"Are you feeling stressed-out, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed? Is there a lot of conflict in your home? Do your kids need help negotiating the difficulties of family life, school and social activities? Therapy provides people with an opportunity to learn about their feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and to develop healthier skills for living, and coping with life's difficulties and painful experiences."
Office is near:
Hood River, Oregon 97031
(541) 516-6005
"I have a deep respect for the courage it takes to reach out, share your unique story, and seek guidance in pursuing meaningful life changes and hope for the challenges you may be facing in life. My desire in therapy is to empower growth and enable you to make healthy, lasting changes by providing a safe, collaborative, and supportive environment, not only to explore your challenges and develop new skills, but also to help you recognize and enhance your strengths to create a more genuine, fulfilling relationship with yourself and those most important to you."
Office is near:
Hood River, Oregon 97031
(541) 716-5589
"Thank you for viewing my profile. My approach is called "integrative" counseling which is a blend of several different counseling methods and theories. I can do brief solution-oriented counseling or longer term insight-oriented counseling which emphasizes personal growth and transformation. Each client is unique, therefore the therapy should be customized and flexible. With most clients, I focus on their entire lifestyle including physical activity, diet, sleep, work, purpose, and relationships. I'm a big fan of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs."
Office is near:
Hood River, Oregon 97031
(509) 774-5579
"I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. My goal as a therapist is to help clients understand core issues that are creating challenges in their lives, find ways to cope more satisfactorily with life, make changes they would like to make, discover new options and make informed choices"
Office is near:
Hood River, Oregon 97031
(541) 359-3934
"Located in Beaverton, Oregon, Beaverton Treatment Center is a premier provider of medically-supervised medication assisted treatment for men and women, aged 18 and older. Recognizing the importance of offering additional, supportive services that can ensure successful recovery from a heroin or other opioid addiction, this center provides methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, and Vivitrol detox treatments as well as counseling and education opportunities for all who come to this center for care. Each client is assessed individually and treatment recommendations are based on where a person is in his or her recovery process. At Beaverton Treatment Center, adult men and women can realize a rehabilitated life that is not controlled by the vicious cycle of an opioid addiction."
We serve:
Bonneville, Oregon 97014
(844) 203-4804