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Addiction Therapists in Lachine

"I work with clients who may be in a crisis,or in a depression or may be dissatisfied with work or their personal life and/or seek balance and ways to uncover and embody their potential. Jungian psychotherapy is a creative, life enriching and non-linear process. Dreams can be very helpful in pointing out problems but also to ways of resolving them. In addition to working with dream material, symbols and myths you might experiment with different forms of art such as journaling, drawing, painting, active imagination,and any creative expression which uncovers your potential and frees your blocked energy."
Lachine, Quebec H8T 3R4
(514) 400-2509
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"My goal is to help you grow and evolve, to achieve success and overall health & wellness. I am a licensed psychologist and the clinical director of Evolution Psychology Center located in Lachine, Montreal, Quebec. I work collaboratively and focus on you as an individual. I use a whole person approach (mind/body/emotions) along with effective, common sense approaches to resolve your difficulties and help improve your well-being and life. I also apply a multidisciplinary approach to your care by working, consulting, and collaborating with other health professionals. Your health and well-being is the priority."
Lachine, Quebec H8S 2N5
(514) 612-0112