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Therapists in Manchester

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"If you are facing challenges as a parent to a young child/teenager, struggling in your personal relationships, or having difficulty with worry, stress, or sadness, I am here to help. As a therapist trained to work with children and families, I help clients who are struggling with child/adolescent behavior and emotional concerns, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, parenting, relationship problems, and adjustment issues. I can help you understand and manage your child's behavior, explore ways to feel more emotionally connected in your personal relationships, improve your communication with others, and overall, feel happier."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 722-2776
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, LCMHC
"I have been a therapist for ten plus years. I believe everyone has at least one time in their life when they feel down or are struggling whether it be due to life circumstances, loss/traumatic event or any other life changes. During this time counseling may be beneficial. I have experience working with a range of struggles or challenges (chronic and acute) including PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks, Disruptive Behavior, life transitions & relationship issues."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 505-8297
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, MLADC
"Everyone encounters challenges in their life that may feel overwhelming. Seeking the help of a therapist during these times is a sign of strength, as it suggests the willingness to address problems rather than avoid them. Therapy can be a time of learning about yourself, facing your fears, and growing in different areas of life. I see my role as empowering you to achieve your best possible life. I enjoy working with my clients' strengths and goals to help them create happiness and health in their lives. I can help strengthen your positive coping strategies and regain a more balanced life."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 585-5704
"I offer individual therapy to older adolescents and adults in a small private practice setting which allows me to personalize my service to you. I specialize in working with those who have problems as a result of having suffered trauma at some time in their lives, whether during childhood or more recently. I am able to offer help regulating difficult emotions, such as depression, anxiety and anger. I can also work with you to strengthen your sense of self-worth and relationships with others. I most enjoy helping people gain greater self-knowledge for a more fulfilling life."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 685-3705
"Quality of life is something for which we all strive and can include social and interpersonal, occupational, mental, and physical well-being. We all have the capacity to improve the quality of life, but sometimes this involves making some changes. Changes may include altering our situation or responding differently to things that come up in our lives. Change can be difficult, maybe because we do not know what needs to change or because we are trying to make those changes without support. Dr. Moquin helps you to identify what you want to change and supports you in making those changes."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 635-4047
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, LCMHC
"Do you find yourself struggling with how to manage feelings of worry and sadness? Do these feelings have a negative impact on your relationships, self-esteem and day to day functioning? Since 2006, I have been providing outpatient psychotherapy to individuals who are struggling to make sense of their emotions and have a desire to learn how to manage them better. I strongly believe that people have the ability and strength to make positive life change and that therapy is a collaborative effort."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 547-9276 x5
"As a licensed therapist I offer counseling and consultation services to individuals, couples and families using primarily Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, and Solution Focused techniques in addition to integrating techniques from other treatment modalities in order to provide a comprehensive treatment experience. My treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients resolve current problems and long-standing patterns."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
(603) 941-4789
"Bonnie is Psychotherapist whose goal is to promote wellness of the whole individual- Mind, Body, and Spirit. She works with Adults and Adolescents along their journey of personal growth and self exploration treating a variety of issues including, Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Trauma and Eating Disorders. Additionally, she treats individuals experiencing Life transitions due to physical illness and has a unique understanding of it's impact on family members and caregivers."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
(603) 319-1473
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MSW, BCD
"I provide an integration of cognitive-behavioral, family and play therapies to treat children's anxiety, phobias, fears, obsessions and compulsions, depression, behavior problems, school problems, trauma, stress, and attachment problems. I work with adolescents and adults, using cognitive-behavioral therapy to treat anxiety, panic, phobias, depression and grief, school or work problems, obsessions and compulsions, and stress related disorders. I work from an emotionally focused perspective with families and couples on relationship problems, blended family difficulties, post-adoption problems, parent-adolescent conflicts, and infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy loss."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
(603) 601-4259
"Are you struggling with life's challenges? Are you depressed or anxious? Are you having difficulty with your family or children? I have 10+ years of experience in a variety of settings working with families, children, adolescents and adults. I believe that if you are motivated to make change, then change is possible. I'm here to help you make that change. I believe in finding the positive in a negative situation by switching the way you think about things."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 446-6851
"C.R.E.A.T.E! is a unique center for arts-based therapy and mental health counseling located in Manchester with an extension office in Dover. C.R.E.A.T.E! combines the benefits of traditional mental health counseling with arts-based interventions when appropriate for the client. In addition, C.R.E.A.T.E! offers a wide variety of services, experience, and specialties. So, whether you are looking for therapy, trauma resolution or simply want to do some creative personal development, all of us at C.R.E.A.T.E! look forward to assisting you."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103
(603) 625-0010
Pastoral Counselor, DMin, LPP
"I am skilled at working with adults and adolescents on transitions or crises that evoke anxiety or depression. Also, couples who are stuck in an issue, conflict, or decision point. I am particularly trained to work with the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy for clients that wish to do so (see specialty)."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 239-3575 x113
"For many years, I have viewed the process of therapy as putting together a puzzle. Insights, observations and increasing levels of awareness obtained during the therapeutic process allow an individual to evolve into the person he/she wants to become. This may involve shifting some "pieces" or examining them in a different way, or taking a careful look at the "big picture." As a therapist, I see my role in this process as being one of collaborator - providing warmth, genuineness and encouragement as the pieces come together in a meaningful way."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
(603) 967-4482
"American Addiction Centers founder Michael Cartwright is a behavioral health and addiction professional with nearly 20 years of experience. During the course of his career, Michael has developed American Addiction Centers' proven treatment philosophy that binds together his near two decades of findings and practices into our 5 essential elements to beat any addiction. These elements unify our mission, our facilities and the underlying culture at American Addiction Centers. Recovery is absolutely possible for anyone. Tens of thousands of people have recovered through Michael's programs, and our philosophy is founded on that success. For one to successfully achieve recovery from addiction, he or she must develop a new mindset that allows for positive change."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103
(603) 238-4796
"I provide supportive integrated psychological services for all ages and including individuals, couples, families and groups. I help client's to define clear goals for therapy and then we work together to achieve those goals. My office environment is clean, modern, and professional. Along with counseling I offer testing and assessment services. I am typically available on short notice to assist those in domestic abuse/domestic violence situations or others who need immediate help."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
(603) 546-7614
"I provide mental health and alcohol drug counseling and life coaching to those who want live meaningful, satisfying and successful lives. In addition to my clinical licenses, I am a certified coach through the ICF and a certified Employee Assistance Professional who has provided EAP services to employees and managers for over twenty years."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103
(603) 567-4054
"At Bagshaw Therapy and Hypnosis you are treated with respect and dignity. Adults, adolescents and children receive a personalized treatment plan. Parenting counsel for children under 3 years of is age is also available. I consult with schools for 504 plans and make recommendations for your child. Treatment is available for anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, behavior concerns, poor self confidence, tics, skin picking, encopresis and enuresis. Weight loss, and addictions."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
(603) 327-7395
Counselor, MS, LCMHC, MLADC
"Welcome. Are you looking for assistance in managing depression, anxiety, and/or substance use difficulties? I am a dually licensed clinician that can help you develop coping skills to manage the stressors that you may be facing."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 336-3354
"Are you struggling with life's challenges? Feeling depressed or anxious? Struggling with self esteem or image issues? I have more than ten years treating patients with mood and adjustment disorders in a variety of environments including home, office and hospital settings. I have experience working with consumers with anxiety disorders, phase of life issues, depression, adjustment disorders and communication issues and use an eclectic approach that is client driven and solution focused. I am well versed in Dialectical Behavior Therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression. I also have experience with risk assessment and providing crisis intervention."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 836-5003 x7
"Between Us Associates Is a outpatient behavioral health practice that offers collaborative, goal-oriented therapeutic solutions and support services to help our clients overcome a variety of life's challenges. Utilizing an Integrated Approach, our treatment team draws on experience in both individual counseling and couples and family therapy to assist our clients in finding healthy solutions to a wide range of life challenges."
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
(603) 317-5116