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"ONE, Florida Counseling Centers has a 10 year history of helping individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring issues find hope and healing. TWO, Our philosophy of addiction is unique in that we strive to help people find freedom from drugs and alcohol, rather than just abstinence from a substance that will control them forever. THREE, We are specially trained in helping people grow spiritually. FOUR, Most treatment centers employ "psych techs" or bachelors level practitioners. Florida Counseling Centers is staffed by Masters level practitioners, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychiatrists, and Licensed Psychologists. Our entire team is uniquely qualified to help you address not only your addictive behavior, but also the underlying emotional problems that are potentially driving and sustaining your addiction. FIVE, Although most other treatment centers are built exclusively around groups that satisfy insurance requirements, FCC emphasizes individual treatment. SIX At Florida Counseling Centers, you will be able to stay in your home and continue to carry on your responsibilities at work or school."
Melbourne, Florida 32940
(321) 360-7624
Counselor, MEd, EdS, LMHC, NCC
"At some point, we discover feeling disconnected from ourselves or those around us. I offer empathetic support to guide you toward a greater self-awareness. I help you develop an understanding of your automatic actions and behaviors, often driven by deep seated fears or insecurities. The answer is within you and together we can uncover it and celebrate your discovery."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 710-1895
"Dr. Valerie Allen specialises in working with children, adolecents, and their families. She works with youngsters who have learning, behavior, medical, and/or social skills issues. She offers supportive counseling, direction, understanding, and referrals for ongoing care. She focuses on life-long skills for positive socialization and independent living. She also provides case management and coordination of related services between schools, colleges, and community agencies. She is the author of a self-help book, Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony, available at libraries, Amazon, and as a ebook."
Melbourne, Florida 32901
(321) 710-2195
"Events in life can be so confusing or overwhelming, it can be difficult to make sense of them. I enjoy working with clients to help them address what feels difficult, identify patterns in their past and present, discover personal meaning in their experiences, and move forward in a way that feels full and good."
Melbourne, Florida 32940
(321) 504-5196 x120
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CAP
"The fact that you are in search of a therapist indicates that you have hope that things can get better. Regardless of what your struggles are I am hopeful that you can connect with the right therapist to help you through this time. I have experience and training to provide professional therapeutic services."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 421-0311
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CST, CET, CAP, ICADC
"Tired of arguing? Tired of fighting? Cannot communicate anymore? Lost that loving feeling? If so, you've come to the right place. Earl believes in finding solutions for staying together and believes that most marriage problems are solvable...even if your husband or wife has one foot out the door! His focus and passion is in helping you find solutions for staying together, recover from affairs and other infidelities, or recover from addictions (substances, pornography, and sex). Earl specializes in working with couples. His practice is dedicated to helping couples. He is a certified sex therapist."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 363-9096
"I specialize in helping clients work through relational issues, especially those relative to family conflict, romantic relationships and social anxieties. I'm particularly effective in working with adolescents and young adults, although I work with people of all ages and families as a whole. I do extraordinary work with clients who have social anxiety, fear of rejection, lack self-esteem and just feel unwanted or lost. I love helping people find their true selves, build their confidence, restore their relationships, and live passionately from their hearts."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 252-1459
"The Women's Center Counseling Services has licensed therapists & psychologists, registered interns, and student counselors providing quality, low cost therapy and counseling. Insurance is accepted and a sliding scale fee structure based on income is available for those without insurance coverage. We also provide free counseling and support groups for victims of crime including domestic violence group, koolkids group for children who witness violence, and adult incest/child abuse survivors group. Our therapists provide specialization in trauma work, adult and child, family and couples, mood, stress, and anxiety disorders, self esteem support group, grief and loss, and other general outpatient psychotherapy services."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 732-6361
"Is excessive worry or racing thoughts keeping you awake at night? Are you restless, feeling on edge or having problems concentrating? Is anxiety interfering with your daily life? You've come to the right place. Anxiety is treatable, symptoms can improve, life can get back to normal. Life can feel overwhelming but there is hope and help. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and would be happy to help facilitate the healing process. I also specialize in the treatment of horse show anxiety. Having 40 years in the equine field I have insight into how anxiety can influence performance."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 766-8074
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I have worked over 25 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in working with clients of all ages. I am versed in working with children and adolescents, but have also worked extensively with individuals, couples and their families. I have addressed a variety of issues including but not limited to, ADHD, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, divorce and serious mental health diagnoses. My commitment as a therapist has always been to achieve results in a safe environment for all my clients. My passion has been helping people becoming clear in what they want in life and realizing their potential."
Melbourne, Florida 32940
(321) 732-7366
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Whether you are looking for support and guidance through a challenging situation or just ready to move in a different direction, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. You can look forward to sessions that are catered to meet the unique needs of each individual, couple, or family creating balance, connection, clarity, and purpose."
Melbourne, Florida 32901
(321) 800-2641
Counselor, LPC, LMHC, CAP, SAP
"Emotional pain, no one can see it on the outside, but it creates havoc on the inside. It can be the worst type of pain imagined, and the stress of it can create every type of illness imagined. I have the tools and knowledge to help you get relief from the twists and turns on your life path."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 806-2388
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMHC, LMFT
"Have you tried to stop a negative pattern that you just can't seem to break? Has anxiety or depression affected your life? Are you struggling with difficulty coping with life and it's unexpected changes, weight issues, codependency, lack of confidence, infidelity or lack of communication and conflict in your relationship? Become your own agent of change with my help. You will hear back from me personally in order to establish a safe, and trusting relationship from the beginning. I enjoy working with individuals and couples to help them get unstuck and move forward in the direction they desire."
Melbourne, Florida 32940
(321) 213-9759
"People come to counseling because they are dissatisfied in some way with what's going on in their lives. I like to help people create the changes they want by helping them explore options, look at their beliefs about themselves and the world, get focused and then motivate them toward action. I have been a counselor since 1995, and I love what I do. I have a strong background in mental health, addictions and abuse, making me a very well rounded therapist. I work with adults and the elderly on the issues of depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, life transitions and relationships."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 420-1671
"As a life coach since 1995, I have helped clients learn new skills that improve the quality of their lives and relationships. Issues such as depression, panic attacks, marriage/family conflicts, codependency, and addictions can leave us feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, but with the help of a trained professional, we can learn how to turn these challenges into growth opportunities. Receiving guidance, education, encouragement, and hope from someone who genuinely cares about what we are experiencing can be life-changing. I offer a safe and comfortable environment where you are accepted as you are, where you are, without judgment."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 244-3256
"Are you concerned about your child or teen's well-being and future? Does your child need help dealing with overwhelming emotions? Today's children and teens struggle with many common issues that I can help with, such as depression, low self-esteem, ADHD, broken relationships, bullying, anger, behavioral issues , self-harm and peer pressure, to name a few. My focus will be to help your child learn how to identify the causes of their distress, help them learn to express their emotions in a positive and productive way, and improve their problem-solving abilities."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 320-6472
"Do you or a loved one need help and you are putting it off because of the cost of counseling? Are you tired of seeing a different therapist every session because you can't pay full fees? Do you have insurance but cannot use it because of high co-payments? Are you looking for quality service that you can afford? Are tired of being in a group or on a waiting list until a therapist can see you? Then you have come to the right place."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 732-8003
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CAP
"When life gets to be difficult, the next hardest thing to do is reach out for help...but it is my life's calling to be here for you. I have over 10 years experience in working with children and adults with a variety of issues including: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma & PTSD, Substance Abuse & Addictions. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with an additional certificate in addictions, I am ready to help you get back to where you want to be."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 766-6184
"Do you feel like you are not the person you once were? Has this left you feeling depressed, anxious or low self esteem? When life changes occur (both good and bad) it is common to feel like you are losing a part of who you are and what makes you internally happy. You may go through the motions of life without feeling the joy in it. Are you ready to regain a sense of self and live a happy and fulfilling life? Together we can help you begin living more authentically."
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 420-1202
"Preparing your marriage to be more beautiful than your wedding! Are you getting married and want to make sure you have a good start? Have you been married for a while and feel disconnected from one another? Whether you're newly engaged, newly married, or you've been together for years, no matter the milestone or phase your relationship is in, I am here to help. I specialize in marriage and couples counseling, premarital counseling and infertility counseling. I offer a judgment free environment and would love to hear from you!"
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 917-6658