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Sex Therapy Therapists in Nanaimo

Kim Switnicki,   in Nanaimo
“I help empower women to rediscover their passion for sex so they have a juicy, loving marriage that lasts. We start by uncovering their unique desires and sex-my-way rules so they have a fulfilling and satisfying relationship. I want to help you permanently replace frustration, guilt, fear, shame, embarrassment, resentment and other negative emotions about sex with absolute acceptance, joy, pleasure and fun enabling you to confidently enjoy authentic sexual connection - both with yourself and your partner. Isn't it time to discover the magic of your unique and beautiful body which was designed for sensual and sexual delights?
Sex Therapy
(250) 999-0489
Ron Lafleur, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“My view on counselling is based upon the level of trust and the quality of the connection that we are able to create together. In essence, the relationship that we develop together is key. I would wish to provide you with a safe, caring environment where you could come to feel completely heard and understood. I see my role as being more of a Guide, offering support while at the same time gently encouraging your growth by pointing out certain areas, thoughts, beliefs or behaviours that may be keeping you stuck, or that you may be unaware of.
Sex Therapy
(250) 618-9550
John Taylor, Reg Clinical Counsellor MA, RCC, CCC, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“Turn relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and stress downside-up and stop repeating the same troublesome patterns. I am an experienced counsellor who can help you turn problems into solutions, getting you the tools you need to make real changes. Doing more than just listen, I help you deal with problems and underlying causes so that you can gain relief now and for the future. Life is better with help: I can help with relationships, infidelity, trust, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, sex issues, panic, addictions, anger, trauma, grief, and more. Frowns really can turn into smiles.
Sex Therapy
(250) 618-0216
Pauline Goh, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“I hold space for your process, providing a safe container where we can cultivate curiosity and non-judgment. As an integral therapist, I tap into our implicit body-mind knowing and what is present in the body to deepen our awareness and consciousness. I have seen great benefits accessing whole-brain approaches in clinical practice that use empathy, emotion, attachment theory and relational aspects in psychotherapy. I enjoy working with individual adults and with couples (including same sex), and have experience working with clients who are dealing with self esteem issues, depression, life transition, addictions, trauma, and cross-cultural challenges.
Sex Therapy
(250) 323-3233
Kevin Parker, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“As integral therapists, we tap into our implicit body-mind knowing and what is present in the body to deepen our awareness and consciousness. We access whole-brain approaches in clinical practice that use empathy, emotion, attachment theory and relational aspects in psychotherapy. Furthermore, we hold an expansive container for the work, to support the search for higher meanings and experiences in life. We honor and address the full spectrum of the human psycho-spiritual development - from our deepest wounds and needs, to our highest evolutionary potential and conscious awakening.
Sex Therapy
(778) 918-2188
Mark Giesbrecht, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“I like to say that my approach is change oriented & compassion driven. This means that my 19 years of experience qualifies me to provide help with most individual & relationship problems. I start each new client out with an accessment to ensure that I understand and have accounted for all relevant factors. Then we set goals and decide what positive changes you want. Psychotherapy involves more than just talking. Proper assessment, relevant goals, skill building exercises and practical changes all help people gain the most from sessions. A free 30 min consultation also helps you make the right choice before you begin.
Sex Therapy
(250) 591-0551
Emilie Kemlo Psychologist, Psychologist  in Nanaimo
“Emilie Kemlo, Psychologist is a dedicated specialist in emotionally based trauma release work for 36 years with all ages,nationalities, and income levels, using a sliding scale fee, low rates and immediate availability. She is registered with College of Psychologists of BC, worked at Counseling Center of Tokyo, Tokyo International University, and in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. with a deep understanding of all psychological issues, both Western, First Nations and multicultural Asian issues in health, sex, work and relationships. She was a founding teacher of BC School of Art Therapy, Victoria, and uses Bioenergetic Analysis, visual language and various psychotherapeutic approaches.
Sex Therapy
(250) 802-9604
Office is near:
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 4K6
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Jan Mcneill, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“Thinking of going for counselling can be a frightening thought. If you are at this stage you probably feel like your life could be better, your quality of interactions with other people could improve; you want more out of the life you have or are at your wits end in regards to some aspect of your life. Whatever the circumstance my goal is to meet you where you are at and to work together to work towards healing or a better quality of life.
(250) 802-8414
Victoria Pawlowski, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“I am an Integrative Psychotherapist offering counselling, nutrition therapy, mindfulness and self-compassion training. My clients are people struggling with issues that are getting in the way of health, love and happiness - issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, chronic illness, eating disorders, family conflict, relationship struggles, life changes, grief and loss. I believe that my clients are fundamentally whole and capable and that it is my job to assist in expanding their resourcefulness and sense of well-being. To that end, my work in grounded in body-centred mindful self-compassion based therapies that integrate body, mind and spirit.
(250) 754-0806
Mia Goodall, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“We formulate beliefs about ourselves early in life, if we have a nurturing and loving environment our beliefs might be: I am lovable, I am worthy, I deserve good things in life etc Many of us grew up in families were our care givers struggled with their own negative beliefs and were therefor not able to be there for us in a way that we needed,we grew up thinking we are not worthy of love and connection and good things in life.
(250) 713-9055
Counselling for the Health of It, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Nanaimo
“Are you overwhelmed, anxious, depressed? Are you finding your relationship is in trouble, broken hearted? Limiting beliefs keeping you stuck? I can help you help you find clarity & sustainable solutions. I began my formal training in in 1994. My psychotherapy and energy psychology are enhanced by a lifetime of learning and growing. I love what I do. Currently working out of Nanaimo while connecting worldwide, incl England, Florida, Germany & Australia, my counselling approach uses the breadth and depth of my education, training and life experience. Let me serve as your ally, resource and mirror as you discover new & effective choices.
(250) 755-1122
“I have been working as a counsellor for 19 years and my work focuses on addiction and trauma issues. They often go hand in hand but not always as each person is unique. The focus of my counselling work is very respectful as I acknowledge that you know yourself best. Most people seek out counselling because they are stuck in old patterns that they have outgrown yet need help to move forward in a new, more helpful way. I appreciate the courage it takes to reach out and I will work hard to help you make the changes you need.
(250) 591-0991
Paola Lake, Psychologist  in Nanaimo
“I enjoy helping individuals create positive change in their lives and dissolve barriers that interfere with personal success. Therapy provides opportunities to learn how to dissolve negative or troublesome emotions that intere with quality of life and the ability to enjoy the present moment. As a therapist, I enjoy helping people overcome a variety of emotional difficulties, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, adjustment to life changes, addictions, surviving abuse or trauma, grief, pain management, low self-esteem and interpersonal problems. I help people access their inner strength to help cope with life's challenges and I provide coaching for goal achievement.
(250) 999-0508
Katherine Lush, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“My goal is to help people manage their problems and pain, and to find ease, gratitude, and joy in life. I work with teens and adults to help heal hurts caused by trauma, poor communication skills, conflict, anxiety, mental health concerns, addiction, abuse and other life experiences. I have a strength-based practice which integrates mindfulness and compassion to allow you to express and rediscover your unique self. My role is to create a safe space for you to notice and grow your own inner ability to be healthy, happy, and whole.
(250) 802-3536
Mark Ring, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“When people come to see me they are generally looking for two things. Someone they can talk to and some tools to help them deal with their problems. My goals as your counsellor would be three fold. First, provide you with a sense of safety so that you can discuss what you are experiencing. Second, give you some tools to reduce your immediate suffering. Third, show you how to use those tools so that you suffer less in the future.
(250) 797-2881
Natalie Luchtmeyer  in Nanaimo
“In a world where people are experiencing increased anxiety and isolation it is important to find a place of safety and belonging. I believe people have the resources within themselves to thrive in this ever changing and complex society and it is my responsibility to guide you through the process of finding your own strengths. I have experience working with children and youth who struggle with anxiety issues stemming from family strife, school stress and self-esteem. I do family mediation and work with clients individually or as a couple. Without relationship human beings are lost, we crave connection.
(250) 668-0199
Ian Gartshore, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Nanaimo
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MTh
“When life is difficult the resulting symptoms usually include depression, anxiety, fear, anger and/or withdrawal. Rather than trying to avoid these states I have helped thousands of clients to turn them into resources and significantly improve their lives, usually after only a few sessions. I have over 15 years experience working with couples, individuals, families and groups, and have supervised many new therapists. I also specialise with couples, helping them to move beyond stuckness, anger, resentment and distancing into happy couples. My clients turn their problems into workable solutions. See free tips at
(250) 754-0698
Kristen Berube, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“My approach to clients is always strength-based, as I believe that every individual has unique strengths and resiliencies that can serve as a foundation for their personal growth. One of my key professional interests the cultivation of resilience (the ability to bounce back from adversity), and self-efficacy (one's own belief in their capacity to change and achieve goals). I believe that both of these internal resources can be cultivated in any individual through personal exploration and self-reflection. I assist clients in tapping into existing strengths.
(250) 619-0901
Marie-Jose Dhaese, Counselor  in Nanaimo
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, PhD, RCC, ATR, RPT-S, CPT-S
“I am an adult/child/youth and family therapist and clinical consultant in private practice. As well as being a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), I am a Registered Art Therapist (ATR and BCATR), a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (RPT-S), and a certified Child Psychotherapist and Play Therapist Supervisor (CPT-S). I celebrate close to 40 years experience as a counsellor psychotherapist and 30 years teaching internationally the therapeutic methods I have developed called Holistic Expressive Therapy. For 25 years, I have taught courses at the Justice Institute of British Columbia where a certificate on my approach to therapy is offered.
(250) 248-1290
Office is near:
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 1A1
Russell Stagg MC RCC, Counselor  in Nanaimo
“It's not easy talking to someone about your most intimate personal problems. In fact, it can take a lot of courage just to walk in the door. I recognize this. No matter how anxious or confused you feel, I will do my utmost to welcome you, accept you, and understand you. I will listen to you, support you, and help you to change.
(250) 802-5328
Office is near:
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 1A1
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