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Life Coaching Therapists in Newport

"I believe that people want and need to feel a sense of connection and belonging, but they don't always know how to relate in effective and satisfying ways. As a result, difficulties can show up in their relationships with their partners, children, co-workers, or even in their relationship with themselves. Sometimes there is an external event, such as a separation, death in the family, trauma, or life transition that contributes to people's distress. Other times, feelings of discontent, confusion, anxiety, or depression may arise without understanding the source of those feelings."
Life Coaching
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 238-2096
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MEd, LCSW
"I have discovered that the solution to every problem is available within the heart and mind of every person and that each person has the innate capacity to access their own wisdom in order to move through whatever life brings them. Because of this, our work together is inherently empowering, positive and life-transformational. Whether issues are from the past or from the present, whether they arise from the mind, emotions or physical body, the whole person is taken into consideration. Using powerful releasing techniques relief can be easily and effortlessly experienced."
Life Coaching
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 241-3795
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"Thank you for visiting my profile. Most of us have layers of life that have to be sorted through before we discover what it is holding us back or keeping us from living the life we desire. Therapy is a safe place to do that. Talking about all that can be hard work but, it may be the most rewarding work you will do. People come to therapy for help with their sorrows, grief and loss, relationship issues, and more. Whatever leads you to seek help, I believe that therapy can help.."
Life Coaching
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 393-8137
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CADCII
"I work with people facing stressful Family Dynamics, Relationship Issues and life Transitions. My expertise extends to working with Alcoholism/Drug Addiction, Sex Addiction and Adult Children from Dysfunctional Families. I believe people possess within themselves all they need to facilitate change and healing."
Life Coaching
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 639-4705
"The ultimate source of wisdom and change is within the individual, whose natural impulse is toward healing, understanding and meaning. The quality of past experiences can define our lives. We have learned to shut down and hold our energy back to survive. In the safe, respectful, and caring environment of counseling, I help people use the process of mindful awareness toward the discovery of their body/mind/emotional condition. Through counseling, clients have the opportunity to move beyond their restricting beliefs and painful experiences and discover more fulfilling and self-nurturing ways of being in the world."
Life Coaching
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 233-4725
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"As a DBT therapist, I offer skills coaching to help you better understand and cope with issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, social anxiety, and thought processes and behaviors that keep you stuck and prevent you from acquiring a quality of life worth living. I work with people diverse in socio-economic status, ethnicity, and gender orientation, Diversity is always welcome in my practice."
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 233-4691
"I believe that everyone holds the tools to reach their maximum potential in life. Sometimes we get stuck, needing guidance, direction and support. These are some of the many benefits that counseling can provide for you. During our sessions together we will take a look at behaviors which interfere with your quality of life. Therapy can allow you to take on a new perspective of your current situation, and guide you on the path toward growth and change. I will provide you a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere to allow you to discover the path to best life."
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 516-1115
"While my training is grounded in Depth Psychology, my approach in the therapeutic setting is Person-Centered or Rogerian. This approach holds that the client has the ability to consciously and rationally decide for themselves what is wrong and what should be done about it. It is my belief that the client has the remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth leading to self-actualization."
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 303-2316
"The most important relationship we have is with ourselves; the better that relationship, the better the life. As a therapist, my goals are to support you to figure out what YOU want in your life, and to help you design that life. You can manage your life. We all have individual strengths and weaknesses. I will work with you to explore and develop your strengths; and become more aware of, and use less, self-sabotaging habits. I am an open, non-judgmental and discerning individual, providing a comfortable, confidential and non-threatening space for you to address your concerns."
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 265-6148
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Ashley has specialized training in crisis intervention. She has experience providing; evidence based therapeutic practice, psychiatric assessment and treatment planning to a large range of populations with differing cultural backgrounds."
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 248-1344
"Exploring your feelings and thoughts in the moment increases awareness and provides you insight into your strengths. I assist children, youth, adults, and family members find specific ways to change in these moments. We will work together in order for you to reach your goals and realize the sustained changes you seek. I provide therapy for anxiety, mood disorders; behavioral problems, emotional regulation problems, school challenges, managing multiple daily stressors, recovery from trauma. I offer a free phone consultation in order to answer any questions you may have and to talk about how we can work together."
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 412-6950
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, JD, LMT
"If you are having to cope with a recent trauma, a major family or life transition, or have been managing a chronic physical or psychological challenge, I am available to help. I will listen to you and work to create a safe environment for meaningful connection. Talking things out with a caring professional -- when you are ready -- can help clarify issues and provide you with needed nonjudgmental support. When we feel seen, heard, and emotionally supported, we tend to feel more hopeful about ourselves, and more connected with others and with the world. Habits can change. New relationships can blossom."
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 961-8423
"I believe a person's strengths are just as important as anything else about them when providing therapy, treatment is about developing abilities that will increase happiness and help you thrive. My service is exclusively over the internet with video conferencing. You will meet me in your own personal space, where you feel the most comfortable. No commute times or no traffic. A cell phone OR any type of notebook OR net book is all you need. I offer a one hour free consultation as well as a money back guarantee. You deserve to be happy!"
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