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Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Self-awareness is often the first step towards making change. By visiting this site, you have already taken the first step towards becoming a healthier you! My approach to therapy is founded in family systems theory, with the belief that we all exist in relation to others, and that our level of differentiation is often a key factor in understanding ourselves and identifying our goals. Whether you are struggling with relationship issues, family issues, mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.), work or school conflicts, or all of the above, this is safe place for you to begin exploring theses issues and work towards change."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(267) 989-9113
"Are you currently struggling with an eating disorder, exercise addiction, or negative body image? Do you feel like you can never engage in physical activity just for fun or choose exercise over other activities and obligations? Do you exercise to the point of exhaustion and refuse to take rest or recovery days, even when injured or ill? Do you feel compelled to exercise and experience emotional upset if unable to exercise? Do you have a preoccupation with calories throughout the day, even when not exercising? You are not alone and I am here for you."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(609) 619-0176
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSS, LSW
"Entering into counseling or therapy is a huge decision. It takes courage and trust as well as faith that there is a solution to the issues that are creating your pain. It would be my honor to help you to begin the process of identifing the issues that are preventing you from living a happy, content life. Whether you are dealing with an addiction, struggling with depression or anxiety, or have experienced a trauma or loss, I can help you to work toward achieving recovery, stability and balance."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 458-5608
"I believe that we all share similar developmental paths and vulnerabilities. Within this shared humanness, we each have unique feelings and thoughts relating to others and to our selves. In my practice, individual feelings and thoughts are looked at in a nonjudgmental way. Perceived mistakes, regrets, injuries, anger, and loneliness, are accepted and understood. My goal is to help people see new options, solve problems, have more satisfying relationships with others and themselves, and increase their sense of personal freedom and control of their lives."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 600-4840
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LSW
"Do you find yourself pretending to be stronger, more vivacious, and better put-together than you feel you truly are? Do you find yourself wanting to hold together an image for others, but feeling less and less capable within? Do you feel that there's a path you should take to unleash a truer you than the path you follow now? Do you often think that you could take that path, but it might be too difficult for you to negotiate by yourself? If there were simply someone who could coach you, someone to confide in, trust? There is."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 290-0444
"Everyone's journey in life is different, but invariably along the way we encounter some bumps in the road, or sometimes it seems they are more like mountains. Whatever has led you to seek help today, know that you are making a good decision by taking the first step toward finding a solution. My approach to therapy is individualized, with an emphasis on each person's unique needs and strengths. I believe the therapeutic relationship is one of the crucial elements to your success. It is through this collaboration that we can find solutions and restore balance to your life."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(267) 415-8937
"My therapeutic style is founded on the belief that individuals have the innate ability to change and self-actualize. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, adult individuals, couples and families. I encourage clients to be actively involved in their treatment. I rely heavily on an Interpersonal model of therapy while incorporating aspects of Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic and Solution Focused techniques as well."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(267) 828-1426
"If it were as easy as "stop thinking about it," you would be fine by now. You have tried as hard as possible to make it better. We get it. My practice, Bucks County Anxiety Center, specializes in treating anxiety and OCD. Your brain is spinning at a million miles an hour and yet completely stuck in a state of "what if...?" You feel trapped and desperate. You are at a tipping point where something has to change. You want a full life in which you are in the driver's seat. It's time for you to be happy."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(917) 563-4048
"Directors: Heidi Dalzell, PsyD, CEDS & Stacy K Hunt, PhD. Bucks Eating Disorder Collaborative was founded by Dr. Heidi Dalzell, Clinical Psychologist & Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Dr. Stacy Hunt, Clinical Psychologist. The program is runs in collaboration with Newtown Therapy & Wellness Center. The program provides high quality care for adolescents dealing with and recovering from eating disorders while they are trying to maintain the stability and structure of their lives. This inclusive program takes place after school hours and can be tailored to the needs of each patient. The beautiful space at Newtown Therapy & Wellness Center is host to the program and clients are able to benefit from other services available to add on: massage, yoga, meditation, wellness classes, personal training, hypnotherapy & Reiki/energy work."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(267) 592-6873
"Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. My commitment is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(267) 994-6901
"You may be facing challenges, and at a cross road in your life feeling lost and without direction. You may have worries or fears that keep you from achieving your dream or negativity that keeps you stuck and feeling down. Therapy is a useful tool to help you work through issues in a safe and supportive environment. My therapeutic approach is solution oriented. We work collaboratively to define your goals and objectives and together develop a treatment plan to achieve your goals. I am trained and have knowledge of various therapeutic techniques in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Meditation."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 268-7124
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"No matter what you need to navigate through and find peace with, I can help guide you. Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? When you are struggling it can be hard to see the big picture. Together we will help you focus and gain heightened awareness of yourself and and how to cope with past or present tough situations. Once this occurs, it will lead to improvement in all spheres of your life. I believe that it is never too late to figure out who you are and how you best fit into the world!"
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 874-3830
"Psychological Consultants for Family Law (PCFL) are psychologically trained professionals that consult, counsel or coach individuals who are considering, presently involved in or recovering from a divorce. Our approach strives for a balance and "Goodness of Fit" between your personality and any legal course of action you may endure. We are mental health leaders in the field that can help identify your emotional state and how it can impact your legal course and outcome. Our experiences with the finest attorneys in Lower Bucks County can assist with your unique situation that can help with litigation, mediation or collaborative divorce."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(610) 810-2728
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) works. Sharing your problems, thoughts and feelings with a professional can truly help a person find better ways of coping with life's inevitable stressors. For over 15 years I have witnessed the strength that people obtain, and the changes they make, when empowered to create the life that they truly desire. There is no question that the process, though at times painful, is often a joyful and healing one. As a licensed clinician, I have shared many individuals' journeys toward a more fulfilling life; I have been thrilled right alongside them for their successes."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(267) 753-6721
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, PA, and, NJ
"I offer counseling to help parents and children cope with and change problematic behaviors to lead more productive and happier lives. Is your child or adolescent experiencing problems managing their behaviors? Perhaps you or your child are trying to cope with divorce, losses and perhaps even abuse( physical, emotional or sexual)These experiences can lead to numerous problems: anger, anxiety, sadness, nightmares, relationship difficulties etc. I utilize cognitive behavioral treatment, family systems therapy as well as other treatment methods which have been proven effective with children, adolescents and adults."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 631-3356
Psychiatric Nurse, PhD, CNM, PMHNP
"I am a board certified family psychiatric nurse practitioner with expertise in psychotherapy, complementary modalities, and psychotropic medication support tailored to women across the lifespan. With my dual certification as both a nurse midwife and family psychiatric nurse practitioner, I have a unique understanding of women’s psychiatric disorders related to hormonal and neurobiological imbalances from menarche through menopause such as premenstrual mood disorder, antenatal and postpartum mood disorders, as well as peri- and post-menopausal psychiatric disturbances. My goal is to partner with you to explore ways to help you achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance in your life"
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 488-7277
"At times in our lives, things can get difficult. By searching for the right support you have taken the first step toward helping yourself. Whatever the reason; be it relationship or parenting struggles, anxiety, depression or other obstacles to your happiness, I offer you a safe place to find what you need to affect change. I start with the question "What is working?" to find the avenues of counseling you or your family need. My training builds upon experience working with couples, families and children between the ages of 2 - 18. Call for a free 30 min phone consultation."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(267) 226-7346
"We are a private clinical psychology practice serving Bucks County for over 25 years. We provide a full range of comprehensive psychological services to persons of all ages. Our staff of experienced and caring professionals is highly skilled in offering personal and individualized assistance in response to your needs. Daytime, evening and limited Saturday hours are available by appointment. Your health insurance may offer reimbursement for services provided by our office. Our services include a wide range of therapies and an extensive array of psychological assessments through our Assessment Center."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 860-1144
"I bring to my work not only the extensive training I have received in psychology and psychoanalysis, but also my lifelong interests in art, religion, philosophy, and the world's mythologies. This broadened perspective allows me to approach patients' problems in a humanistic, holistic manner. I treat the "whole" person, not merely "symptoms". My areas of expertise include anxiety disorders, depression and bi-polar disorders, relationship issues, marriage counseling, existential and spiritual issues, and personal growth. I also help those dealing with chronic pain and/or illness regain control of their lives through the use of meditation, visualization, and mindfulness."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 579-7808
"I work best with people who have difficulty connecting how their current role relates to a personal problem. If you often respond to stressful situations in similar ways with little resolve and are left feeling misunderstood (anxious) and/or alone (depressed), this is an example of learned behaviors that becomes more casual for people over time. I one-on-one coach to promote change and help develop realistic tools that assist you in-the-moment as a life event unfolds. Using a straightforward approach I can improve your insight, discourage old habits and improve your personal control."
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(610) 983-8851