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"I believe that everyone has the strength and knowledge within them to heal and manage difficult life situations. Occasionally, however, it is necessary to release some of the emotional strain, shift perspective and ways of thinking with the help of an unbiased professional. I have found that just as, "storms make trees take deeper roots", confronting and dealing with our issues build us into stronger and more resilient individuals."
Registered Psychotherapist, Dipl, CTP, RP, Bmus
"I work with individuals and couples on a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, shame, PTSD, eating disorders, and relationship problems and concerns. I have received my training from the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy and am an EFT-trained couples therapist."
"As a Toronto registered psychologist with over 14 years of psychotherapy experience, I am committed to providing guidance and support as clients explore their emotions, increase their mood, decrease their worry, overcome fear, improve their communications, develop personal insights, enhance their relationships, and improve general coping."
"Do you have problems with these? Work related stress Family conflict Couples communication Dealing with aging relatives Addictions Anxiety Post-Traumatic Stress I can help."
"Storrie, Velikonja and Associates provide psychological, neuropsychological, psychovocational, and psychoeducational assessment services. We offer treatment of mood difficulties, brain injury, learning disorders, dementia, communication, and parenting issues. We also provide concussion assessment and management, healthy aging, and ADD and autism services."
Registered Psychotherapist, MA
"For 26 years, I have worked with people of all ages with the goal of creating a safe place in which you can explore yourself and your situation in a new light. Choosing self growth is a courageous decision and I congratulate you for taking the step towards the life that you want. In creating the life that you want Perception is an important part of the process. If you only see your life through one lens, you might be experiencing depression, anxiety, and perhaps pain. The key to change is curiosity and an open mind and heart."
"As a relational psychotherapist I offer a warm, compassionate environment where we work together to better understand your emotional patterns and emotional needs. In couple therapy, I bring this same relational framework. Couple's therapy is a safe, neutral space where together you can become more aware of how you relate to each other, how you impact each other, and what the vulnerabilities in your relationship are. Together we learn about each of your life histories, triggers, and emotional patterns, and work to re-establish trust, healthy communication, and intimacy."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"I am grounded by the respect, humility and appreciation that I feel towards my clients, which compels me to continue striving as a counselor and therapist. I deeply respect your agency, resourcefulness, talents and right to self-determination. I am humbled by my role of student alongside you, as my teacher, holding unparalleled wisdom and knowledge about yourself, which is of utmost value in the work we do together. And I am honored and appreciative of the trust you invest in me, which I strive to hold with integrity as I witness, accompany and support you on your journey."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MASc, RMFT
"Heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals are welcome to work on concerns which include: absence of orgasm; erectile or ejaculation difficulties, sexual trauma, mismatched levels of desire, infertility; sexual concerns related to the natural aging process, illness, or chronic pain; and relationship concerns. Using a variety of techniques I hope to help you initiate, restore, and/or improve the emotional and sexual elements of your intimate relationships."
"I see individuals for a variety of concerns, such as; anxiety, depression, self-esteem, confidence, relationship issues, negative thinking, life transitions, academic issues and career direction. All of us have times in our lives when we feel stuck, unable to cope, or just in need of support. My aim as a therapist is to help you through life's challenges and to help you move towards your goals."
Registered Psychotherapist, PhDc, RP
"Are you unhappy and seeking a more meaningful life? Do you want your relationships to be deeper and more fulfilling? Maybe you are feeling stuck, or feeling emotions such as sadness, anxiety, fear, or emptiness.I work with clients to help them find peace and meaning in their lives, work towards personal growth, and build successful relationships.Not only do I help you work towards symptom relief,but also to look at the deeper, underlying origins of your problems. My therapy dog will help you feel comfortable if you wish to have him in the room with us."
"Many people come to see me when they just want to feel better about where they are at in life and need a some support. My clients tend to be ready for change, ready to explore new possibilities and want someone to help them get "unstuck" from old patterns, beliefs, and ideas that aren't working anymore. I see clients for general psychotherapy issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life stress, and a desire for personal growth."
Psychological Associate, MA, C, Psych, Assoc
"I've got a youthful mindset - a free spirit. This means I connect well with adolescents and young adults. Nothing shocks me. I'm the type to look out for the "underdog", to fight for them. I'm creative and passionate about my work. I share my wisdom by mentoring colleagues new to the practice. I believe you are curious about personal healing and growth. My training has given me skills in assesment, treatment and diagnosis of psychological disorders. My areas of specialty include but are not limited to the following: Depression, Anxiety, ADHD,Substance abuse, PTSD."
"When a child struggles in school it can be frustrating for parents, but also damaging to their self-esteem. A psychoeducational assessment provides valuable information about learning strengths and needs. Parents often pursue testing when their child struggles with the development of reading, writing, or math skills. Attention, behavioural, and emotional concerns are also reasons. Contrarily, parents may want to investigate enhanced programming for advanced children. Results can be empowering for students who were once confused about their abilities, as well as advise students and parents about future academic and vocational pursuits."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, BSW, MSW, RSW
"While I believe that everyone carries within themselves the capacity to heal, during difficult periods in life our personal strengths can be impossible to access. At these times, we may need a caring and non-judgmental therapist to assist us. My intention is to provide you with a safe space to share your concerns and to help you to fulfill the hopes you have for your life. As each individual is unique, so is therapy. I adapt my approach to meet your personal goals and together we will come to identify the process that best serves you."
Registered Psychotherapist, DTATI, MA, RP
"Are you looking for an empathetic ear and a fresh perspective on your journey of self discovery and healing? I offer a heart-felt, calming, attentive presence using Art Therapy and Jungian Psychotherapy, including dreamwork. I am passionate about my role of creating a time, and a relationship, in which you can begin to unfold your heart and gather your essential self. I value diversity and it would delight me for you to become more fully yourself through our work together."
Registered Psychotherapist, OT(reg), MA, RP
""Does anyone know where the love of God goes~When the waves turn the minutes to hours?" [Gordon Lightfoot]...Peoples' curiosity and courage are natural resources & forces that amplify therapy process and results. After years of experience, I am convinced that the most powerful tools for recovery are CBT, DBT (cognitive & dialectical behaviour therapy), EMDR and Brainspotting... All are founded on the latest scientific findings on the neurobiology of attachment and "brain/body" treatments. Along with time-tested healing traditions, together we can activate your innate instinct & privilege to become whole and connect meaningfully with others ."
Counselor, PhD, DCTP, CAPT
"Psychoanalysis was originally called the 'talking cure', that is a conversation, which can help you deal with difficult emotional states, such as depression, anxiety, grief, fear/insecurity and/or any other general problems with living. In my experience, it allowed me to recover from painful, familial dysfunction, and helped me to develop in ways I had not thought possible. But whatever your reasons for seeking therapy, the unique intimacy of the therapeutic conversation can always help you to become more conscious of the forces that shaped you, and support you in the possibility of more freely determining your own future."
Registered Psychotherapist, MA, CCC
"I understand that life can be unpredictable and challenging at times, whether it's day-to-day frustrations, ongoing issues or overwhelming circumstances. The first step is to understand that you have it within you to change. In therapy together, we will work towards overcoming the difficulties and obstacles you may be facing personally, at home, in the workplace, or with your significant other."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, BA, BEd, MEd, CCC
"Engaging in counselling is often a difficult decision. I believe that our mind and body are designed to heal naturally. My hope is to encourage and assist each individual to move towards a life they desire. The process is different for each client. I adapt the interventions to the the immediate needs presented. For some, the process focuses on skills development. For others, the process engages a deeper healing experience. I have helped individuals address trauma, anger, PTSD, depression, self-esteem, relationships concerns, and anxiety. In practice I incorporate mindful meditation, yoga-based interventions, cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR Therapy."