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Therapists in Northville

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW
"Do you often find yourself feeling depressed, anxious, irritable or exhausted? Are your relationships suffering with constant stress and arguing? Maybe your teenager is unmotivated or depressed and withdraws from the family. If any of this sounds like you, allow me to help you get back to being you and living a fulfilling life."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 636-1320
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW, ACSW, SAP, OWNER
"Is conflict and emotional pain getting you down? We provide professional, compassionate face-to-face counseling support in our private office, or by using your regular phone, smart phone or tablet to meet you in the comfort of your own space. It's easy - we go where you feel most comfortable. From home to work to campus and beyond - our counseling support is convenient, secure and highly recommended by thousands of returning clients over the past 25 years. Emotional needs can't always wait. Email or call for your confidential counseling session and we'll connect within 24 hours to provide the support you need."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 997-4319
Limited Licensed Psychologist, MS, TLLP
"Life can be overwhelming sometimes, and we all have times when we need extra support in order to deal with the stressors that we are faced with. I help people to better understand their difficulties and to develop coping skills that lead to happier, more fulfilling lives."
Northville, Michigan 48168
(248) 291-3844
"Feeling overwhelmed and anxious lately? You notice your ability to concentrate is diminishing and you seem not to feel excitement anymore. You may also be experiencing mysterious physical symptoms such as headache, stomach pain. People around you also notice that you seem to be different. You try ignoring those unpleasant feelings, but they don't go away. I specialize in the treatment of depression and anxiety. You don't need to muddle through your life anymore! There is a way to manage those feelings. With some work now you will get excited about your life again."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(734) 720-4976
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW
"I specialize in insight oriented psychotherapy as well as a brief form of solution based focused counseling and coaching. I serve as Executive Director of PCS, an outpatient clinic in Northville and Brighton where I have provided individuals,couples, and families with an integrated therapy which combines cognitive behavioral and insight approaches."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 270-7425
"I know from 20+ years of experience that I can help you grow through your issues. I am a clinical psychologist and cohost of "Sunday Sessions", a psychological edu-taining show on WJR ( I specialize in anxiety and depression and all other adult disorders. I also specialize in couples counseling focusing on their issues and communication techniques. I know my clients can restructure their thought patterns and behaviors to live a fulfilling life. Therapy is hard work but so is living in pain. You can feel better. For more info go to"
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 455-6247
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LMSW, PLLC
"If you are tired of worrying, feeling depressed, or unsatisfying relationships, it's time for change. There is no better time than now to begin. As a woman specializing in women's issues, I understand your struggles through the many phases and difficulties of life. Make an appointment with me and renew your joie de vivre! Come visit me at my new practice location overlooking a peaceful lake just outside the charming downtown of Northville. Email me today & see me tomorrow.(daytime & afternoon appointments currently available T-F) . Leave your email & cell number so I can contact you right away."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(734) 719-1300
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LMSW, ACSW
"I received my PhD in Social Work in 1981. My doctoral research focused on ways to best resolve marital problems or deal with separation and divorce. I have taught Social Work at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan and continue to provide continuing education to professional social workers. I have worked as a school Social Worker since 1992, helping students of all ages and their families deal with emotional, behavioral, and academic issues, such as ADHD, learning problems, conduct disorders, peer relationships, and adjustment issues. I was chosen Michigan's School Social Worker of The Year in 2004."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 639-4473
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW, CAADC, CTS
"I have often been told that I have a natural ability to listen to others and make them feel comfortable talking about almost anything. I absolutely love my chosen career! I have extensive experience working with adolescents, children and adults in both outpatient and residential treatment settings. I specialize in PTSD, trauma, sexual abuse, grief and loss, addiction, binge-eating disorders, anxiety and depression. While ongoing education is vitally important, my belief is that all of my training and expertise means nothing unless you or your child, feel safe and supported in my office."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 347-0470
"Many of us experience problems in living from time to time, as we manage our intimate relationships, careers, children, financial burdens etc…. Often times, these problems can lead to feeling poorly about oneself or even to feelings of hopelessness or helplessness. Sometimes, these problems reach a magnitude where our level of distress or ability to function is affected. At these times, it can be very helpful to talk to a professional who can provide insight, support and perspective on these difficult issues. Although your issues may seem unmanageable to you now, with the right help, these problems can be overcome."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(313) 427-9980
Limited Licensed Psychologist, MS, LLP
"Assessment can be an incredible tool in seeking solutions for those experiencing significant difficulties in their daily lives. I aspire to be the key to unlock the door with solutions so each person can strive to reach their maximum potential. My training and education include a Masters Degree in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Michigan. This approach to evaluation includes the biological, psychological, and social contributions to our lives that make each of us the person we are today."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(734) 666-0705
"My online blog is my calling card at to find out who I am and how I operate. I am the former co-host of "Sunday Sessions" (WJR 760AM); I also helped establish InterSessions, the on-campus psychological services clinic at Moody in Plymouth, MI. If you are serious about getting the right kind of help to end the cycle of dysfunction that brought you into my office in the first place, I'm the psychotherapist for you. Home visits, SKYPE, and telephone sessions are available on an individual case basis."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 513-8210
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW, MA
"With more than 25 years as a therapist, I have treated everything from addictions to anxiety/depression. I provide you with new tools to manage life and relationships. Further, if your children or teens experience anxiety, school phobia, anger, depression, the fallout from divorce, blending family issues, isolation, substance use, acting out, cutting, eating disorders, shutting down or other difficulties, family or individual therapy may be perfect. Check out the numerous strategies I employ to help you overcome your difficulty. I provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to tackle whatever brought you in, so that it is solved or manageable."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(800) 940-3808
"I offer comprehensive and individualized assessments, treatment plans, and therapeutic interventions for children, adolescents, adults and families. I have experience counseling emotionally disturbed children and their families. I enjoy working with individuals and families to improve health and wellbeing. I have over 20 years of experience in pediatric and adolescent medicine (RN). I have cared for clients at Children's Hospital of Michigan, C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, and East Middle School. In addition to my private practice, I have completed a counseling internship on the Children's Outpatient Unit of The Guidance Center in Southgate, MI."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(888) 710-4894
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW
"You are the focus. Your goals, your dreams, the results you want and expect from therapy will be the first topic."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 277-5840
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW-CM, LMFT, ACSW, BCD, SSW
"Asking for therapy is not easy, but it is a sign of strength that I support.My practice is client-centered, based on a systems approach & family-of-origin themes/issues. I focus on helping my clients to find solutions to their emotional challenges and to work through transitions, crises, trauma & adjustments so they can develop & enhance their behavioral health. I avoid "cookbook" approaches, and use evidence & strength-based psychotherapy & counseling to guide adults, youth, families & couples to achieve their own positive solutions.I enjoy helping young adults, teens, & other helping professionals/educators deal with life stressors effectively."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 997-4137
""Alpha" means beginnings, and it was our hope 25 years ago when Alpha Psychological Services was established, that people who came here would have fresh starts, new possibilities, and new beginnings for happier, stronger,healthier lives. Our ideal client is anyone who wants to make his/her life better and make good changes."
Northville, Michigan 48168
(248) 764-5672
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW, ACSW
"I have a private practice working with individuals, couples and families. I also work extensively with teens and children. My primary focus is working with stress, anxiety disorders and depression; however, I also work with addictions, eating disorders, parenting issues and basic conflict resolution . I follow a cognitive/behavioral approach for anxiety and depression, as well as a psychodynamic approach in other areas. My goal is to help my clients develop a clearer understanding of their feelings, thoughts and emotions, and then begin to work to make positive, life-enhancing changes in their lives."
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 504-0437
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LMSW, ACSW
"Do you feel overwhelmed by work, school, or family responsibilities? Is depression or anxiety holding you back from reaching your goals? Are you feeling stuck in unfulfilling relationships? I believe that everyone struggles with navigating life's challenges at some point, and we all could use some assistance in creating a more fulfilling and joyful life. I provide a safe and collaborative environment for clients to explore their feelings and discuss their struggles. I work together with clients to find creative solutions to their problems and to apply those solutions to their real-life situations."
Northville, Michigan 48168
(248) 636-2196
Limited Licensed Psychologist, MS, TLLP
"Life comes with ups and downs... sometimes expected, other times not... and in the face of these realities, we can often use some help working through it all. Maybe you find yourself stuck in self-defeating patterns of living, feeling unfulfilled, unable to be happy in a relationship or job, or to leave it. Perhaps you are experiencing low self-esteem or social anxiety and find have that you are having difficulty pursuing the activities or relationships that you desire"
Northville, Michigan 48167
(734) 823-4124