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Therapists in Ocala

"Michael is very adept at providing a safe setting to work through intense issues. He is trained in 9 models and readily matches the client with the appropriate model. If you are looking for a strong compassionate male, he can fill the bill. Michael incorporates nature in his healing approaches."
Ocala, Florida 34470
(352) 642-8988
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"If you are ready to begin a therapeutic relationship, it says some very good things about your openness to change, your personal responsibility and your courage. As your therapist I will make every effort to know you and understand your needs and goals before we determine together what treatment methods would be most helpful. I am proficient in many techniques but you decide which practices are most comfortable for you and most effective. Most people suffering depression, grief or low self-esteem report feeling more positive, more hopeful or more confident after just a few sessions."
Ocala, Florida 34474
(352) 208-2413
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW, LMFT
"My specialty is family work. Whether I see one member of the family or all of them, the work focuses on family dynamics, relationships, history, and beliefs. What we bring from our former relationships, particularly the beliefs we hold, to a great extent, predict where we are today and define our future. The foundation of anxiety and depression can often be found in these familiar patterns. I have extensive experience in working with couples treatment, relationship and women's issues, chronic health issues, grief and loss, trauma, rape survivors, PTSD, stress and coping, parenting and family challenges and transitions."
Ocala, Florida 34474
(352) 658-1913
Treatment Facility
"Sober Companions are professionals who confidentially guide clients on a road to health and recovery. We are highly trained, dedicated, compassionate and very good at what we do. Our Sober Companions travel world-wide and seamlessly fit into personal and professional settings, while working cohesively with treatment centers, therapists, doctors, interventionists and families. Sober Companions provide support to navigate and successfully follow a personalized treatment plan. As soon as we are contracted we tap our vast resources to provide our clients the finest options and resources in the field to gain health, freedom, joy and prosperity."
Ocala, Florida 34472
(866) 676-5698
"I enjoy working with clients of all age groups and demographics. I am enthralled with the human condition and I like to help clients understand the motivations of their chosen behaviors. I love working with adolescents and witness many young adults develop and grow into who they are meant to be. I believe strongly in people recognizing and working toward their full potential. I rejoice when I am able to work for a client who accepts ownership of their actions and wants to work to improve their lives emotionally and physically."
Ocala, Florida 34471
(352) 354-4144
"I have walked in the shoes of nearly all of the clients who cross my threshold for answers. I am faith based whenever and as ever that approach is acceptable. I am positive God allowed me to experience all my challenges to wholeness and then taught me how to overcome so I would be an empathetic, powerful therapist. My autobiography THE REAL ARTIST: Power, Love, and a Sound Mind, by Sarah Waits, (Balboa Press) is full of the coping skills which took me from hopeless to hope, from surviving to thriving."
Ocala, Florida 34474
(352) 437-6799
"Ocala Consulting & Prevention provides a wide range of Outpatient Psychotherapy services to help individuals, couples and families identify and modify behaviors, learn communication skills, develop positive coping mechanisms, find support structures, and seek healthy outlets for expressing feelings."
Ocala, Florida 34471
(352) 658-6575
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Are you struggling emotionally and don't know how to stop hurting? Have you tried several things and feel like nothing seems to be helping? I have a passion for helping people through life's transitions and restoring hope, meaning and purpose in order to lead more fulfilling lives. For over 7 years, I have been providing individual, couples, family, and group therapy for a variety of issues: depression, anxiety, relationship/marital concerns, trauma, self-harming behaviors, and self-esteem issues."
Ocala, Florida 34470
(352) 414-2899
Counselor, LMHC, CTT, CSAT
"I am an LMHC, Certified in Trauma and Sex Addiction. I received a BA in psychology from Saint Leo University and my counseling career began with working at The Refuge, an inpatient facility, in 2010 as an intern while I earned my masters degree at Webster University. I am well versed in trauma resolution, chemical dependency, grief therapy, sex and love addiction, somatic experiencing, co-occurring addictions, PTSD, emotional adjustment and behavioral issues, relationship problems, anxiety and depression."
Ocala, Florida 34475
(352) 275-5968
"Twenty-three years of practicing psychotherapy with individuals, couples, adolescents, and marriage and family has afforded me a broad knowledge base and understanding of human behavior and the underlying motivations of stress related outcomes. Often individuals are reluctant to seek therapy, given the unknowns, and will often allow themselves to continue to struggle with their problems alone. I am a practitioner that works primarily with cognitive behavorial techniques to allow indivduals to map their thoughts and begin to have a greater understanding of how they are able to empower themselves and overcome trauma, depression, and anxiety."
Ocala, Florida 34480
(352) 389-0656
Counselor, PhD, LMHC, CBIS, CCTP
"Trauma happens and many times it is unexpected and changes everything we know to be true. It affects our life, body, mind and soul. It leaves us feeling broken, alone, disconnected, unbalanced and in poor emotional health. Healing from trauma is possible, feel empowered, be well and be balanced."
Ocala, Florida 34470
(352) 480-0688
"The client I am most able to assist is one who is willing to invest in a therapeutic relationship, and who is able to open up in ways that support growth & the resolution of problems. Under these circumstances a client has the opportunity to work on their relationships, conflicts & symptoms, as well as their goals & aspirations - supported by an affirming environment that encourages constructive change."
Ocala, Florida 34475
(352) 578-2514
"The client I am most able to assist is one who is motivated to work collaboratively with me in a process that promotes growth and the resolution of problems. In the context of a supportive environment, a client will be encouraged to work on improving their relationships, mediating their conflicts, managing and reducing their symptoms as well as exploring their aspirations."
Ocala, Florida 34475
(352) 205-4228
"Perspectives and New Directions of Central Florida, one of the most trusted and accomplished providers of outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment in the state, offers outpatient opiate and alcohol detox, along with a proven modality of treatment that is now emulated by others around the country. With a staff comprised of highly respected and acclaimed medical doctors specializing in addiction treatment, along with well credentialed and experienced social workers, counselors, therapists, interventionists, and sober life coaches, we provide addiction recovery services which are second to none. We offer affordable outpatient detox services (including SuboxoneŽ for pain pill and heroin detox), Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP), Healthy Living locations in Ocala and Summerfield, Sober Life Coaching, Crisis Intervention, and comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment plan case management. We can help you or your loved one stop the vicious cycle of addiction right now. Call today, and we will tell you just how easy and affordable that first step in recovery can be."
Ocala, Florida 34470
(352) 578-2347
"I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Christian Spiritual Counselor. I received my Master's in Professional Counseling at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology/Argosy University. I received my Christian Counseling Certification through The American Institute of Health Care Professionals. I have been licensed in the state of New Jersey as an Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) since 2007 and when I moved to Florida I became licensed as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in September 2014. My clinical approach to counseling is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) with the incorporation of Christian principles and values. ."
Ocala, Florida 34470
(844) 251-4457
"Hello! Are you looking for the opportunity to get to the core of your issues? Would you like more out of life than just "managing" your problems without ever really getting anywhere? You don't have to settle for this being "as good as it gets." My approach is experiential, which means I help people safely make contact and deal with their painful and usually avoided feelings. More than just talking about feelings, the goal is to identify, understand and complete the unfinished emotional business that has been troubling your life until now."
Ocala, Florida 34470
(352) 351-4940
"David is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has trained under the foremost leaders in trauma therapy in the country. David is in the final stages of attaining the Certified Trauma Therapist designation (CTT) and is currently being trained by the International Institute for Addiction and Trauma Professionals (IITAP) and Dr. Patrick Carnes for the Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) designation. David earned his Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. David's style is a client centered, heart focused approach helping clients move toward trauma resolution in a non-judgmental atmosphere."
Ocala, Florida 34480
(352) 480-0009
Treatment Facility
"Sober Escorts, Inc. is the most respected name in Sober Escort, Sober Companion, and Sober Coaching services. For over ten years we've been helping individuals and families around the country in their journey towards recovery."
Ocala, Florida 34472
(352) 350-1098
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, ACSW
"Billy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Ocala, FL. Billy obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Samford University in 1994. After spending 10 years in New York and Los Angeles, Billy returned to the Florida State University to earn a Master of Social Work. Since graduating from Florida State University in 2007, Billy has worked closely with addictions, serious mental illness, homelessness, Veterans, couples and families. Mr. Spivey is the current president of the National Association of Social Workers Florida Chapter, advocating for policy and legislation to improve mental, behavioral, and social work services in the state of Florida."
Ocala, Florida 34470
(352) 987-4138
"Has your stress level climbed above the red line and resulted in issues with depressed mood, anxiety or anger? Have you tried to deal with this on your own, only to find yourself getting nowhere? If so, contact us to overcome these problems within yourself, with your family, friends or coworkers. Take the first step, call, and we will help you to find a way back to becoming a healthier you! When you are ready, help is always available at Rapha Counseling from Michael Weaver, MS, LMHC or Debby Weaver, MA, RMHCI."
Ocala, Florida 34470
(352) 547-5729