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Life Coaching Therapists in Oklahoma City

Kris Bryant, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Today you are one step closer to a sense of hope, purpose, connection, and well-being. Using best practices in psychology, psychotherapy, and personal coaching I can help you and your family thrive in everyday life. The interventions and techniques I use are research-based and effective in helping people to cope with stress, make better decisions, work through difficult emotions, improve relationships, and enhance quality of life. My professional training and life experiences have prepared me to address a variety of issues and concerns for children, adults, couples, and families.
Life Coaching
(405) 759-4178
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103
Kristin R Alex, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“My approach to mental health counseling is very simple, one that encompasses unconditional positive regard and that encourages self-exploration throughout the therapeutic encounter. The client is considered the expert of his/her own life who may need support when challenges or obstacles become overwhelming and/or problematic (maladaptive). Through this therapeutic collaboration clients learn to identify how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors may positively or negatively impact their daily experience. If problematic belief patterns are identified, the client will co-create a treatment plan aimed to reduce the negative symptomatology while enhancing the client's self-esteem and overall well-being.
Life Coaching
(405) 458-7438
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
Mike Etzler, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Hi! My personal counseling approach is to provide people with caring, respect, honesty, integrity and empathy. My goal is for clients to finish counseling feeling heard, cared for and loved. Stress and trauma can be made worse by our own beliefs. Therapy can help identify and correct those harmful beliefs. Caring friends have helped my family and me to face life's biggest challenges. Remember, you can survive even the worst of times, and there is nothing too difficult for you to handle. Let's reason together and find your answers.
Life Coaching
(405) 445-6532
Office is near:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
“Life is one continuous flow of change, change, change. Some of us adapt to it better than others. Being out of one's comfort zone is a sure sign that we are growing or about to grow! I love working with people who are brave enough to face the challenges that change brings whether it is change in age, relationship, job...addictive focus...self esteem. I see myself as a partner of my cients. My job is to make the transitions smooth and valuable. Thanks for the opportunity to accompany you on your journey!
Life Coaching
(405) 281-9948
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159
Aimee Ahpeatone, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Insight and relief come from talking with someone who can help you understand your current feelings in the context of your whole life - someone who will listen without judgment, validate painful feelings, and push the boundary of what may seem possible. Through the process of psychotherapy, I hope to help you gain insight and perspective into your relationships and behaviors with the intention of feeling better and achieving positive change. I believe that trust, respect, non-judgment, genuineness, and compassion form the foundation of a safe therapeutic relationship.
Life Coaching
(405) 494-1014
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107
Jenni M Marino, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have over 22 years of experience. I see clients of varied ages and backgrounds. I have multiple years of continuing education focusing on adolescents, young adults, women going through life changes and parent coaching. My former life experience as a teacher, school crisis counselor and mother has aided in my understanding of the challenges my clients face. My goal for each of my clients is to help them achieve solutions to their unique individual challenges. Most of my clients come from personal referrals but I am currently expanding my practice and accepting new clients.
Life Coaching
(405) 463-2083
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Brooke Montoya, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Life is a continuous journey and striving to be our best self is an ongoing task. Throughout life we are discovering ourself, learning how to navigate the difficulties of relationships, figuring out how to be a parent, changing career goals, moving through different stages in life, among many more obstacles. My goal as a therapist is to help others with self discovery while navigating through life's obstacles.
Life Coaching
(405) 835-2958
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103
Gigi Silverhorn, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Thank you for your interest in my practice. I am a LPC with fifteen years of experience in the mental health field. I believe that therapy works best when it is a collaborative effort with therapist and client working together. While my approach is eclectic, recognizing that there is not a 'once size fits all' approach to counseling, I do work primarily from a Psychodynamic and Interpersonal perspective. There is more to counseling than a particular theoretical orientation. Providing a safe, supportive environment and the ability to sense what a person needs at a particular time are important therapeutic skills.
Life Coaching
(405) 888-5725
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Kelcy Eckels, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Have you been unsuccessful sorting through life situtations alone? I provide a naturally caring approach with evidence based practices.
Life Coaching
(405) 896-5718
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Ktara Brinkley, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“I work as a LPC and LPC supervisor independently and as a Contract therapist for CYF Services. Children and their families can be referred through DHS or self referral. Other referral sources may include but are not limited to, Adult Protective Services, Probation and Parole, and may other Community Services. Our staff and team of professionals assist children, teens and adults in the areas of client advocacy and life skills. Members of our team hold one or more of the following licenses: LPC, LMFT, LSCW, and/or LADC. CYFs therapists are trained to oversee all aspects of our client's behavioral and mental health needs.
Life Coaching
(405) 896-7082
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Mattax Christian Counseling, Pastoral Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“My practice is based on one simple philosophy: ANYONE can change ANYTHING at ANYTIME. I believe that all problems can be improved; sometimes dramatically! I base this on my decades of experience as a pastor, educator and counselor. To bring about change I have a basic formula: WILLINGNESS + FAITH + EFFORT + TIME = CHANGE. It's my job to guide you through each phase of this formula. The simplicity of this is applicable to any issue whether for an individual or a couple. I would consider it a privilege to work with you to bring about positive change.
Life Coaching
(405) 689-5536
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
Jana Fielder, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Taking the first step to receive counseling can be the most daunting one. My goal is to work with you to overcome obstacles or issues that are interfering with your progress and passion in life. Resolving conflict, repairing relationships, healing from past trauma, building self-esteem, reversing dysfunctional patterns all assist in reaching this goal. Change is not easy, but it is attainable and sustainable.
Life Coaching
(405) 835-3406
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Bruce Lochner, Psychologist  in Oklahoma City
“I help people rebound from difficult situations and reclaim purpose, meaning and pleasure in their life. I help them resolve their inner conflicts so that they may gain psychological freedom and enjoy all of what life has to offer them. Resolving inner conflicts removes barriers to relationships that form the basis for a coherent personal identity, relationship intimacy, and success in business and personal life. My method involves using the therapy relationship to bring about in my clients an understanding and mastery over unconscious fears and beliefs that produce debilitating symptoms that profoundly affect their lives, yet thwart their goals.
Life Coaching
(405) 455-8042
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Prince Family Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Oklahoma City
“Whether we are aware or not, we often already enlist those close to us to be our "therapist," to HEAR our problems. The problem with this is that our friends and family members are not always equipped to be a therapist. Why? Because they are unable to listen without bias, carry opinions, or always maintain your confidentiality. At Prince Family Counseling, you receive complete, unbiased empathic listening. A therapist utilizing insight, who will take time to listen, understand, as well as guidance without an opinion or worry of breaking your confidentiality.
Life Coaching
(405) 679-3167
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Rick J Krause, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Oklahoma City
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I graduated from the OU in 1982. I have been in been in private practise, providing psychotherapy in OK for over 25 years. I provide both short term problem focused and long term therapy. Anger management and stress managment programs are available. Regardless of the type of therapy offered my emphsis is on educating and empowering the client with usefull tools. This enables them to understand and manage their issues when they leave my office.
Life Coaching
(405) 518-4793
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
Danette McCorkle, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Oklahoma City
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, LADC
“Are you feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship or an unfulfilling job? Stuck in the pain of dealing with addiction, loss, past traumatic experiences or the lack of purpose in your life? Struggling with these issues alone leads to more fear, anxiety and depression because we end up going around in circles inside our own heads. We feel lost and confused. We may talk with well-meaning, sympathetic friends. But more than sympathy and support are usually needed. We need a trained professional to help us sort out our situation, explore our options and lead us back to ourselves.
Life Coaching
(405) 445-6539
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Traci A. Hill, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“I believe we all need assistance at times on our life's journey... someone to help us explore the possibilities within ourselves. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 18 years experience in outpatient mental health. I have overseen programs and provided direct services to individuals and groups, including those challenged by: severe mental illness, drug/alcohol and other addictions, love/relationship/family challenges, stress/anxiety, sadness/depression, grief/loss, trauma/abuse issues, adjustment challenges, phase of life concerns, gender identity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, low self esteem...
Life Coaching
(405) 455-8193
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Linda Chapman,   in Oklahoma City
“"God bless the broken road." Sometimes the the twists and turns in life move us forward to the place we are meant to be vs. where we thought we were supposed to be. We can all use support and encouragement along the way on our own "broken road." As an integrative therapist I serve individuals and couples who seek greater clarity and resolution on their life's path.
Life Coaching
(405) 501-2651
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Mary Lou Tabers, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Oklahoma City
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Helping you be all you can be. Finding purpose in your life again. Seeing a family come together. Finding healing in relationship with the most important people in your life. Finding peace in your circumstances. These are some of the goals that are worth searching for. Just when you have everything going your way, something happens--a relationship or family issue, job or financial loss, a death, health issue, or need for stress management. Maybe you are at another season of life. You just need to find new purpose in life!
Life Coaching
(405) 254-4403
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73142
Susie Armstrong, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Oklahoma City
Verified by Psychology Today
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, LADC, LPC, NCGC-II
“Are you searching for freedom from inner turmoil? Do you want happiness? If so I'm here to assist you in finding your solutions. Substance and/or gambling addiction, relationship issues, mental/emotional disturbances, codependency, low self-esteem, and physical/emotional trauma are some of the many things I am here to help individual and couples overcome. I believe my job is to assist clients in finding alternative solutions to current life problems as well as help them find their inner strength and experience freedom.
Life Coaching
(405) 757-2329
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118

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