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Psychologist Therapists in Orlando

H. Leveta Horne, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Dr. Horne provides complete neuropsychological evaluations & excels in differential diagnosis to properly identify, & therefore properly treat, often misdiagnosed disorders. These disorders frequently include ADHD, Autism, & learning disorders, various forms of dementia, & others. Dr. Horne enjoys working with patients & their families to identify areas of strength that can be used to improve areas of weakness. She works with patients & their families to understand the results of testing and build appropriate & effective treatment plans. Dr. Horne also provides baseline & continuing evaluations for individuals who require regular monitoring over time.
(407) 288-8987
Orlando, Florida 32835
Aida Dorsainville, Psychologist  in Orlando
“As a mental health professional who graduated from a doctoral program, I am skilled in dealing with a wide range of issues, from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, to personality disorders. While my training and experience has mainly revolved around forensic issues such as sex offender assessment and treatment, I can help individuals facing various life-changing crises. I can effectively guide you along your journey to recovery or simply assist you in fulfilling your potential.
(954) 740-8418
Orlando, Florida 32803
David Tredinnick, Psychologist  in Orlando
“We are all challenged with different life struggles at various points in our lives. It is during these times that we feel most isolated, confused, or stuck. Making the decision to respond to the challenges in your life can be a difficult, while also a highly rewarding opportunity. In our work together, my primary goal is to provide a positive, authentic, and collaborative experience that allows for transformation, growth, and an enhanced sense of self. I use a variety of interventions and tailor treatment based on the goals and expectations of the client
(407) 901-3153
Orlando, Florida 32803
Karen Wolman, Psychologist  in Orlando
“I can help you attain a better understanding of yourself and your personal goals, and help you develop skills for improving your relationships. I can help you manage your anger, depression, and other emotional pressures, while improving your communications skills. Learn to listen more effectively to others, and have others listen to you. Get "unstuck" from unhealthy patterns and break old behaviors and develop new ones. Learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety at home and at work. Discover new ways to solve problems and improve self-esteem and confidence.
(407) 910-1319
Orlando, Florida 32819
John F Robertson, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Sometimes life weighs us down with major stressors. At my practice we emphasize that "sometimes things come apart, so better things can come together". I believe that individuals, couples or families have the amazing capability of growing, healing and becoming more than anyone can predict with the appropriate approach. Counseling and therapy are designed to guide and assist in this process. My approach along with my associates, Dr. Marcia Flagler and counselor, Narva Woodard, is very interactional with the client always in control. We utilize well researched methods,clear goals and a focus on the individual's strengths.
(407) 901-2239
Orlando, Florida 32810
Shari-ann H James, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Seeking therapy takes courage. Therefore I try to make the experience as easy as possible for my clients. It is my goal that you feel comfortable, safe and understood. I want to get to know you, your life experiences and your challenges. I strive to help my clients live more authentic lives by finding balance, resolving conflicts, and finding courage to take personal risks. Through psychotherapy, we all can develop more rewarding relationships, increase self-awareness and realize our full potential.
(407) 269-5805
Orlando, Florida 32803
Erik Levy, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Over the years I have found that while traditional office-based psychotherapy is effective, it can be far removed from the problems people face in their real everyday lives. This can be especially true for parenting or phobias/OCD related issues. I offer unique and personalized psychotherapy or coaching provided in the comfort and privacy of your home, office, or other place of you choosing as well as traditional office visits.
(407) 749-1948
Orlando, Florida 32812
Leif E Davis, Psychologist  in Orlando
“It's not so easy living in today's fast paced world with serious concerns confronting us at every turn. Finding happiness and fulfillment is a daunting task that sometimes requires a helping hand. But it is not always easy to admit needing help and it's even harder to make that first call to a therapist's office. To ease some of this difficulty, I handle all my own calls and I try to return every call within the same day. I want to make the difficult task of setting up an appointment less stressful.
(407) 440-0785
Orlando, Florida 32819
Andrew Luchner, Psychologist  in Orlando
“I believe all people are capable of meaningful growth, change, and healing. I am committed to collaboratively facilitating a deep understanding of you as a person in order to help you gain new ways of understanding yourself, including recognizing and understanding unwanted patterns in your life that contribute to struggles and suffering as well as discovering and implementing new ways of engaging in the world. I believe with increased insight and awareness, you can uncover and free yourself from automatic unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and create more positive, fulfilling experiences for yourself and your relationships with others.
(407) 513-4502
Orlando, Florida 32803
Raena Baptiste-Boles, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Making the decision to see a psychologist can often bring mixed emotions of fear, stress, and uncertainty.You are probably already confused about the source of your emotions, problems or response to life events. It doesn't mean you are a weak or a bad person. In fact, it can mean the opposite-that you are aware, engaged, and taking an active role in changing your life.Today you have made the first step.
(407) 278-1789
Orlando, Florida 32804
Danna B Costa-Sahs, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Helping to enhance your psychological, emotional and behavioral well being is what I do. As a licensed clinical psychologist I have extensive experience providing evidence based treatments for a variety of psychological problems. I focus on your goals and help you gain a better understanding of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions in order to create change.
(407) 792-4045
Orlando, Florida 32837
M. Joanna Vilar, Psychologist  in Orlando
“I have been working in mental health since 2001. I specialize in various forms of psychological evaluation for both children and adults. For children this includes issues such as learning disabilities, AD/HD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and behavioral, mood or anxiety disorders. For adults this often includes evaluation to determine the correct diagnosis and therefore determine the most effective treatment plan . I also provide therapy services for individuals and families utilizing a variety of treatment approaches, choosing the most effective therapy techniques based on the needs of the client. I frequently treat issues related to depression, anxiety, and relationship concerns.
(407) 901-3168
Orlando, Florida 32809
Faith Powers, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Seeking assistance is one of the bravest steps a person can take. People often reach out for help in periods of transition and when they feel their resources are not meeting the demands of their present life challenges. In making changes, it is just as important for people to identify the skills they do have as it is to develop new ones. Faith Powers, Psy.D. provides support to clients throughout the counseling process. Her primary therapeutic approach is cognitive-behavioral, which means a personís thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are a significant focus of therapy.
(407) 901-2080
Orlando, Florida 32819
Celine Passeri, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Dr. Celine Passeri is a Licensed Psychologist who graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. She conducts individual, family, and couple psychotherapy with adults, children, and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Positive self-esteem, body satisfaction, assertive communication skills, and the use of healthy coping strategies are thoroughly explored in session to foster short and long-term treatment success. Dr. Passeri focuses on helping clients understand and overcome their current symptoms by addressing the underlying issues maintaining their psychological distress.
(407) 434-9133
Orlando, Florida 32819
Matthew Wiggins, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Matthew is an independent school psychologist specializing in evaluations and assessments designed to help concerned parents in need of answers about their children - how they learn, why they show certain traits and behaviors - to make sure their children are getting the support they need at school and home to be successful.
(407) 449-1240
Orlando, Florida 32819
Purvi B Gandhi, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Are you feeling "stuck" and not sure how to make things better? Psychotherapy can put you on a path for change and help you find the steps you need to take. I am a Licensed Psychologist, with over 10 years of experience in providing services to individuals, families, and groups. I strive to create a safe and supportive environment for each client. Through therapy, we will work together to help you gain insight into yourself and your situation and apply this knowledge in a practical and effective manner in your life.
(407) 809-4148
Orlando, Florida 32826
Akiho Tanaka, PhD, LLC, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Do you want your life to be different, but don't know how? Through self-exploration and feedback, I want to help you to live the life that you want. My primary clinical interests include couples/relationship issues, interpersonal process groups, and trauma issues. I enjoy working with people from different cultural backgrounds. I work primarily from cognitive-behavioral and humanistic perspectives. You will have an opportunity to examine your thinking/behavioral patterns and to receive interpersonal feedback to gain greater self-awareness. As a result, you can make more informed and intentional choices to live a more fulfilling life.
(540) 854-1887
Orlando, Florida 32803
Pamela Mark, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Many of us have gone through experiences that leave us feeling stuck, unmotivated, or without hope for change. The promise of psychotherapy is that it offers a path that illuminates the conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs we unknowingly come to identify with. It allows us a framework where insight becomes possible and then choice! Once you can recognize your patterns, you can choose a new way of being. In this sense, I believe we are partners working to understand your motivations, fears, and deepest hopes so that you can feel a greater sense of freedom and empowerment in your life and in your future.
(407) 269-8780
Orlando, Florida 32801
Casey J Moser, Psychologist  in Orlando
“If you are considering seeking therapy, chances are you want something to be different in your life, and have already tried very hard to make these changes, but have become stuck and frustrated. So many of us find ourselves automatically repeating the same patterns of behavior over and over again, feeling confused about why we do so and uncertain about how to change them. My primary goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, compassionate space where you can explore the aspects of your life that are not currently working and replace them with new, more effective and successful ones.
(407) 490-0855
Orlando, Florida 32803
Joseph Craig Holzmacher, Psychologist  in Orlando
“Long before I became a psychologist, I had an interest in mood problems and brain injuries. Depression is the most common form of mood disorder, such that most adults are familiar with the symptoms and treatment. The personal and societal cost of untreated depression is staggering. Most people will think of suicide as the ultimate cost, but years of isolation and sadness are nearly as expensive. Your life is priceless. Do not short-change yourself by doing nothing.
(321) 320-6283
Orlando, Florida 32806
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