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Family Counseling Therapists in Ottawa

"I have experience working with individuals and families who are dealing with a wide range of issues which we can all experience during our lifetimes. This has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to see our experiences in the perspective of individual situations, the supports we have in place, and the contributing factors to the level of our distress. My current clientele group is adults and families. I work with individual and family life challenges, such as mental health challenges, painful and traumatic experiences, separation and divorce, reconciliation, adaptation for adoptive families, parenting concerns, and work life stress."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4V1
(613) 315-1299
"I work best with people who find themselves upset and confused regarding how their lives got to be the way they are. I help people to better understand themselves and their pasts so they can make more informed decisions about how they will change their futures. I help people to feel better about themselves, and find that my clients use therapy to resolve deep and long standing problems that have bothered them for years. People often come to me with problems with addictions, moods, anxiety, or difficulties in their relationships. Mes services psychologiques sont aussi disponible en français."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1B6
(613) 619-4357
"Making the decision to engage in therapy is a proactive way to ensure your mental health is a priority. My philosophy is to create a safe and secure environment that allows for open, honest discussion, which will then foster both understanding and healing. Using an integrative approach to therapy, I collaborate with each individual (or couple) to create an experience that is comfortable, supported and progressive. It is my goal to help people explore their issues at their own pace, and in a supportive way. In couples therapy, the goal is often to enhance and facilitate communication between two partners."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 0E7
(613) 862-2908
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, MEd, BA
"I provide warm, heart-connected and empathetic counselling, coaching, mediation and hypnotherapy services to individuals, couples and families. I concentrate on "wholistic" healing and empowerment rather than on being clinical and "helping". Basically, I form what I call a "Healing Partnership" with the people who come for my services. I tend to be quite eclectic and bring a wide range of skills, techniques, modalities and wisdom to each counselling interaction. Please contact me to enhance your life and to make the most of each moment. My favourite slogan is: "Listening well is the most eloquent sign of caring.""
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1X7
(613) 234-5678
"Stressed? Overwhelmed? Depressed? Anxious? Pressed for time? Need some counselling or life coaching but want to get exercise and fresh air at the same time? Try "Walk & Talk Therapy". By walking and talking with a trained therapist, you will combine the benefits of exercise, fresh air and counselling. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins (feel-good hormones) and gets more oxygen to the brain, allowing for more creativity and better problem solving. Take a break from your work day and return refreshed, re-energised and more productive. Walk and Talk sessions are available in Ottawa, Aylmer, Hull, and the Pontiac."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0B9
(613) 219-5116
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, BAH, CCADC
"Addiction is a multifaceted and complicated process. Although there is a commonality between various expressions of addiction, individuals are also unique and require personalized treatment. I endeavor to provide my clients with the best possible counseling based on the most current thinking in the area of addiction. I furnish a supportive and non-judgmental environment for clients to explore relevant issues that may be related to substance abuse and behavioural addiction. It is important to recognize that things will get better with dedication and acceptance. I will be there to help guide you through the process."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 5C3
(613) 440-0812
"Given my most recent extensive experience working at the Ottawa Hospital in their Acquired Brain Injury program, I can offer expertise in counselling individuals and families who are faced with the significant emotional and behavioural changes which occur after brain injuries. I have been successful in assisting those with post concussion syndrome and other acquired brain injuries in their adjustment to their circumstances. My other area of counselling expertise has been in the treatment of those struggling with eating disorders based on over 7 years working at the Ottawa Hospital Regional Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K2C 2A8
(613) 620-5389
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"I am welcoming new clients to my private practice which focuses on mental health and emotional well being. I work with a collaborative approach to help you identify your strengths and resources to help you build solutions to your current situation and life challenges. I use a variety of therapeutic approaches because one size does not fit all, and one method does not work for all situations. I welcome people of all cultural backgrounds, of all abilities, sexual orientations, and family compositions to my practice. I use client centered and directed evidence based approaches to helping you travel on your personal journey."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K2M 0J1
(613) 831-1105
"When everything seems overwhelming and actions seem illogical, I like to help people understand themselves, their actions and their emotions. In conjunction with Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT), PACT and Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), I work from a person centered approach, which means that I work with you, at your speed and on what you want to work. I believe in healing through the expression and understanding of emotion, and through the understanding and acceptance of the self. Sessions are offered in Spanish, French and English."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 5T4
(613) 263-2344
"As a Certified Addictions Interventionist, Relapse Prevention Specialist, and a member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, Catherine has a wealth of knowledge and life experience that allow her to help a person transition from a life of suffering with addictions, to a life of sobriety. As well as her own private practice she has experience as an addiction counsellor in a residential treatment centre, an Instructor at Alqonquin College in the Trauma/Addictions Recovery Program and has vast experience working in an educational setting with teenagers."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 5C3
(613) 868-9351
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"As a registered Social Worker, I offer a variety of skills refined during my more than two decades of experience. Using a holistic approach, I focus on the total well-being of individuals and families, using short-term interventions and long-term counselling models. Transitions and challenges are part of life yet sometimes these changes are smooth while other times they can be overwhelming. People in transitional periods, whether due to life changes, bereavement issues, relationship losses or family distress will find the compassion and authenticity I bring to my practice to be invaluable as they develop on their journey."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6Y6
(613) 853-9612
Registered Psychotherapist, BSc, MEd, CCC, RP
"* Instructed at Counsellor Training Institute (CTI) for two years -- Loved It! * Postgraduate Diploma in Couples Therapy. * Enjoy improved awareness and growth: Your stories and goals fuel our client-centred therapy. I really enjoy helping clients to heal; depression, anxiety, conflict, anger, addictions, self-esteem, spiritual searching, bereavement, communication, relationship and intimacy issues. * Special Populations: Adult ADHD, Workplace Stress, Motor Vehicle Injury (MVI), Anger, Military members/families. * Familiar with complementary healing principles such as mindfulness, inner-child, ego-states, positive psychology, visualization & meditation. * Certified by: College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (#002563) & the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (# 8192). Fully Insured."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K2C 1C6
(613) 777-0637
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"It is my pleasure to provide therapy, counselling in the Ottawa region and have for 15 years. I originate from a small central Ontario community and since coming to Ottawa for graduate work have not strayed. I have a lovely spouse Bonnie and two amazing daughters Hope and Melody. I must say I have changed as a therapist after becoming a parent. My personal and professional interests lend currently towards emotions and the interplay with secure/insecure attachment with its impact on mood. As a therapist I am current in Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectic Behavioral, attachment and Emotion Focused Therapy."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5Y6
(613) 233-6766
Counselor, MEd, RP, NP, RYT, CCC
"My practice focus is counselling and psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families coping with change and stress, seeking wellness, lifestyle change and personal growth. Areas of experience and interest include couple and family relationship issues, adolescent concerns, career transitions, post-partum anxiety and depression, cancer and other chronic health issues, smoking cessation, grief & loss, and caregiver stress. I provide counselling services to insured clients under the supervision of registered Counselling Psychologist Dr. David Paré, covered by most third party insurance plans."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2C9
(613) 286-3591
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"A long-standing and valued employee at an established Ottawa counselling agency, I am very pleased to have recently established my own private Counselling and Psychotherapy practice. As a generalist counsellor with many years of experience, I have been honoured to work with individuals, couples and families facing a wide variety of life challenges. Specific areas in which I am experienced and skilled are: reducing anxiety and depression, increasing self-esteem and assertiveness, clarifying identity and direction, and easing interpersonal challenges such as conflict and communication. My services are confidential and inclusive, and I am practiced and comfortable in working with diversity of all kinds."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2H6
(613) 979-5513
"I would like to provide you with the information about my practice that you may require in order to make an informed decision about therapy services. I thank you for your interest and I encourage you to ask any questions of me that you may have. It is my goal that you are able to make an informed, intelligent choice at your convenience. I am a couple's therapist by training however, I do work with individuals. I am able to help and assist with relationship issues, communication skills, anxiety, depression, self esteem and self worth to name a few."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 4R6
(613) 857-1496
Counselor, MA
"I believe that my role as a counsellor and psychotherapist is to provide an outlet where clients can share their thoughts and feelings in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment. Working as a partner with my clients we will explore the issues that may be creating distress in the client's life and work toward a resolution that works best for the client."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7X5
(613) 863-3393
"I provide personal and confidential therapeutic counselling designed to assist you to make positive change in your life by addressing personal issues in depth, clarifying ways of thinking, and resolving problems. My role is to help you become more functional and productive in order to improve the quality of your life. My service covers a wide range of issues related to individuals, couples, relationships, and families, including effective treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 7E9
(613) 413-8535
"Not accepting new clients at the moment; please check back for availability. I'm registered with The College of Psychologists of Ontario and am the only Clinical Psychological Associate (Supervised Practice) in the Ottawa ON area having a dual specialization of an M.A. in Psychology & M.A. in Counselling (Individual & Marital/Couple). So I provide couple/marital, family and individual therapy to adults based on advanced graduate training from both of these fields This results in a very understanding, knowledgeable and effective approach. I'm able to accept all insurance plans."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1K0
(613) 837-9877
Psychologist, PsyD, MA, CPsych
"Edward has a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, a master's degree in counselling psychology, and he is a registered psychologist in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, and New Brunswick. He provides psychotherapy, counselling, and psychological services for adults, couples, adolescents, and families in the Ottawa, Brockville, and Smiths Falls areas."
Family Counseling
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1R9
(613) 794-8124