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Therapists in Philadelphia

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, CS, CPRP
"I have been working in community mental health for several years providing psychotherapy, supportive counseling and grief counseling. I believe in the strength of the human spirit and I view the client as the expert in their journey to wellness. I hold strength in the statement "I can walk with you but I cannot walk for you"."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119
(267) 354-7308
Counselor, PhD, LPC, MT-BC
"Licensed Professional Counselor with 30 years experience working with Depression, Anxiety, and other diagnoses as well as Co-occurring Disorders(clients with a history of substance abuse and another mental health diagnosis) and clients without diagnoses interested in further growth and development. I am also a board certified music therapist and teach both graduate and undergraduate courses as well as supervise therapists for licensure."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
(215) 970-2736 x1662
"For me one thing is certain, people matter. Throughout my professional career I have had the opportunity to see people who've wanted to improve their life do so, with help. Change occurs through a relationship and I'd like to invite you into a relationship that will offer insight and an opportunity to regain a true sense of self. Are you tired of life not making sense? Do you wonder why you engage in certain behaviors that hurt you or your loved ones? Let's explore together and get you the help you deserve."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118
(484) 551-5168
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, MSS
"I offer psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to individuals and groups in a positive, safe, non-judgmental environment. My goal is to provide the right balance of support and challenge to help each client work, play and love to the fullest of his or her potential. I frequently work with clients who have experienced early wounding as well as those having difficulty with transitions in relationships, aging, loss, or end of life. I enjoy work with artists seeking to free creative energy. I see each client as unique and our work together as an exploration of what is possible, desirable and achievable."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
(215) 703-7941 x434
"I enjoy working with young adults and adults (both individual and couples) who want to grow and find balance through the challenges that come with life transitions (e.g., surrounding relationships, work, parenthood, school). Given my own international upbringing and my experience in multicultural counseling, I also enjoy working with clients of diverse and/or international backgrounds and people who experience value/identity conflicts (e.g., between spirituality and sexual orientation, different faiths within a relationship or family)."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118
(215) 917-2289
"You can face anything and change. As a psychotherapist I use a collaborative approach, identifying whom you are- your genuine self- making you resilient and capable of disposing of unwanted feelings, moods and behaviors. Together we engineer an empowered self, conditioned to heal and ready to help mend family's marriages and loving relationships. Modern life is filled with long-term obligations-complicated sustained responsibilities- things that cannot be dispensed by simply switching jobs or moving to another town. Adult children return home, finances get strained, aging parents ask for help. Most people benefit from objective clinical support. Check my LinkedIn profile"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
(215) 983-3686
"At our group practice, we work individually to tailor treatment that is right for you. We use eclectic approaches including psychodynamic, CBT, mindfulness practice, systems theory, art therapy, music therapy and couples and family therapy. I believe in supporting short-term change with long-term growth by exploring underlying patterns of behavior, thoughts and feelings that contribute to the challenges that we face."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(215) 995-0049
"Incorporating a holistic perspective, I am a licensed professional counselor offering services to adults, children and adolescents. I bring deep empathy, openness, creativity, warmth, and a sense of humor to the therapeutic relationship. Using creative modalities like art and play therapy, mindfulness practices, and insight-based talk therapy, we will work together to integrate your experiences that need healing and/or understanding. I believe that the therapeutic process can impact my clients ability to grow, heal, and reach their full potential. Areas of expertise include grief and loss, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, family transitions, aggression, existential crises, and interpersonal relationships."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
(215) 804-4137
"Searching for a therapist can be overwhelming! However it's an important first step to making the changes that you want to make. Take a look at my website for further information and if it sounds right for you, let's schedule a consultation and see if we are a good fit. In a nutshell, I believe life is a learning process and at times during this process we encounter difficulties. It's by exploring these difficulties, events that happen in life or the repeated mistakes that we make that we better understand ourselves, others around us and can feel happier."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
(215) 987-5330
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LSW
"I work with individuals struggling with life transitions, grief and loss, mood difficulties, trauma and abuse, relationship difficulties, and addiction. My approach is collaborative and person-centered, drawing effective interventions from several different therapy approaches."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(484) 652-8802
"Most of us at one time or another encounter difficulties with others or ourselves. These difficulties can result in anxiety, depression or other symptoms, the treatment for which often is therapy. Therapy can be challenging in that it requires work to understand our emotions and our inner selves. Therefore I believe therapy is best conducted in an atmosphere of support, compassion, warmth and humor. My goal is to provide such an environment in which we are working together"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
(215) 515-0543
"Many of us experience times of uncertainty. The challenges we confront may seem overwhelming, but we don't have to face them alone. There is very little that happens to us in life from which we cannot recover and rebuild. Therapy is one way to do so. Therapy involves a special conversation from which new possibilities emerge. From listening to people over the years I have discovered that all of life, the negative and the positive, can contribute to greater clarity, love and understanding."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130
(215) 839-3232
"I am an art therapist and counselor experienced in working with a variety of concerns, issues, and diagnoses through a client-centered and creative approach. I believe that each person is unique and tailor my approach to their individual needs and goals. I approach art therapy and counseling with empathy and believe that each person has innate strengths that can be fostered in order to lead to growth and self-awareness."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(610) 440-3696 x707
"I especially enjoy working with families and children. I have many years experience working with families facing very difficult and traumatic situations including: living with HIV, immigration problems, substance abuse, child abuse, foster care placement. and high conflict divorce."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146
(267) 915-6074
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, RPT
"Are you worried about your child's behavior? As a Registered Play Therapist, I can help. Children often don't have the words to communicate difficulties that they are experiencing. I can help give children a voice as well as relief from problematic behaviors and symptoms that they are experiencing through play therapy. Over the past twelve years, I have helped countless families and children overcome major issues including severe childhood aggression, anxiety, depression, grief and PTSD."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125
(717) 473-4389
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, CYT
"It is a mystery as to why things happen to us. It becomes even more complex as to how we will heal. Sometimes the emotional pain can become too difficult to get through alone and we often seek additional help. Whether you're suffering from a loss of a loved one, a marital conflict, stress, anxiety, or even PTSD, there is still hope. I believe that true healing comes from healthy attachments to self and others, meaningful mind-body connections, and by gaining better control over your thoughts, emotions and physical being."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
(267) 943-3050
"Starting therapy can be daunting, so I work hard to provide a safe, comfortable environment for my clients. My approach is interactive: I provide active listening and support as well as honest feedback and encouragement to tackle the important issues. I am experienced in helping clients with an array of issues including anxiety; depression; traumatic life events; struggles in relationships with partners, parents or friends; work or school difficulties; difficulties with focus, attention, or decision making; negative thinking; self-esteem; handling challenging emotions; and improving life satisfaction. Through work in diverse settings I have gained experience with a broad range of clients and issues."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(215) 867-8589
"I provide a complete range of psychiatric services including comprehensive evaluation, medication management, individual and family therapy for children of all ages through adults. I understand the complex dynamics of family that affects the individual and also how having a challenging child with emotional and behavioral problems affect the family system as well. I focus on the strengths of each child, individual and family, and utilize them in family therapy to empower the child and their families to help them accept and overcome their issues"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(215) 600-1478
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"We all have points in our lives when outside support can help us move through difficult times and transitions. Working with a counselor can help us understand our families and relationships better. I will work with you to recognize and connect with your strengths and identities and lead a more fulfilling life. I will pay attention to how family and culture impact the decisions you make. I also will explore with you how your life may be impacted by oppression in the world and how you can live fully in spite of these obstacles."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(267) 293-9121
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience treating adolescents, adults, couples and families. My goals are to help you experience more joy, freedom of expression, and satisfying relationships. Working with me is a collaborative process: A session with me is a two-way conversation based on identifying and creating solutions that will help you achieve your goals for happiness and success. My commitment to you is to provide support and resources through honest, accepting, non-judgmental communication."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19129
(215) 987-3371