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"You have made it this far, it will get better. You will get through the struggle and it will be my privilege to help you do just that. There are many feelings that overcome us when in conflict like anxiety, being down or overwhelmed, even feeling defeated at times. My work as a therapist is to walk alongside your journey in order to help you gain clarity and meet your identified goals. I am passionate about helping people thrive and grow so they can be successful and have a positive quality of life."
Richardson, Texas 75085
(469) 629-7916
"Want more joy in your life? Many clients say that's what happens when they consult me. Most clients want to be able to connect with someone in a significant way: partners, family, children, friends. Clients want to heal wounds and to cope better. I focus on the heart of the matter and carefully formulate an action plan with my clients. Sometimes, ways of coping need to be changed for a more productive life. As your counselor, my highest desire is to guide you to a more joyful life. Also, I have been termed the therapist to the therapists by some."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(214) 838-7020
"I earned my M.A. from Texas Woman's University in Counseling Psychology. My strong scientific and multicultural background give me the knowledge to understand the biological effects of stress and trauma on the body, and the biochemistry of psychoactive medications. I can plainly discuss this with you as we interweave a culturally-sensitive, empathic treatment plan for you and your family. My philosophy is simple: build a non-judgmental, compassionate, connection to each client; address their needs in a sensitive manner; and use research-based approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy, sand-tray therapy, and emotion-focused therapy."
Richardson, Texas 75081
(972) 905-3773
"At times, everyone feels overwhelmed by stressors, life transitions, grief or anger. Change doesn't happen in isolation and we all need help at some point. My clients range from 10 yrs old and up. My approach is strongly grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. Addressing how thoughts drive feelings and behavior. I'm always amazed and privileged when clients report that a different perspective has greatly altered their lives for the better, especially in the midst of tremendous life stressors. My approach alligns evidenced based research with each individual's goals to improve both emotional well being and connections."
Richardson, Texas 75081
(972) 362-9959
"My goal is to help my clients realize that there is hope, healing and restoration. I am committed to meeting my patients where they are in the therapeutic process and believe in compassionate, ethical care. My goal is to help patients understand themselves, live more fulfilling lives, and to cope with difficulties in more constructive ways. I work with patients who have mood disorders, anxiety disorders, relationship difficulties, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, acculturation issues, ADD/ADHD, and substance abuse. I find it very rewarding to work with teenagers, adults, and couples."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 591-8559
"Do you need a good listener? Do you need some honest feedback about your situation? I can provide a listening ear, feedback and help you access your potential to bring about healing in your life. If you are in the midst of a life transition, a trauma, a painful relationship or an episode of depression or anxiety, you are close to help! The first phone call to a therapist is often the most difficult. Go ahead and make the call. You'll be glad you did!"
Richardson, Texas 75081
(972) 639-5316
"The delicate voyage of counseling involves accepting issues with the destination of resolution, peace and change. The decision to begin therapy is one that is not only daunting but one I find as a sign of strength and investment in your life. It is the first leap of hope during a time that may not seem repairable, and an opportunity for self-understanding to take place in attempt to accept the past, make sense of the present and mold for a better future. It would be a privilege to unite with you in taking this therapeutic journey together"
Richardson, Texas 75081
(214) 363-8057
"I have had over 35 years experience treating patients and clients as a licensed psychologist. I have been a professor and director of psychological services at several major universities. Since retiring as a psychologist, I am still serving clients with a variety of concerns by providing services as a life coach and work coach. One area in which I focus is Asperger's and high functioning autism. At my practice, we offer social skill and life planning groups starting at age six and going through adulthood. Marriage and family counseling and coaching is also available."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 280-7204
"Welcome and thank you for looking into the doorway of new possibilities! If you are here there must be a good reason--a time in life for you or a loved one to expand into new levels of learning and self expression. Coming to therapy is a time for going deeper into the heart of things and discovering new pathways through problems. It may be about staying safe and healthy or finding wellness for the first time in your life. It may be about taking steps you know are needed and you having a place to prepare to take them."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 675-7018
"Christian counselor helping women and adolescent girls apply clear, compassionate, common-sense thinking to the challenges they face in their family, marital, dating and individual lives."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(214) 307-8362
Counselor, MS, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC
"I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. I consider it an honor and a privilege to walk alongside my clients in their journey of healing and restoration. I have experience working in pediatric hospitals, eating disorder treatment facilities, emergency shelters and outpatient counseling centers. My specialties include Play Therapy, Eating Disorder Recovery, Child/Adolescent Issues and Trauma. When working with tweens, teens and young adults, I often use activities such as props, games, music, and expressive arts in addition to traditional talk therapy."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(214) 843-0916
"Are you struggling? In this life we have many struggles. Our circumstances sometimes derail our joy and happiness leaving us broken, hurting, feeling lost, and perhaps abandoned with no end in sight. These circumstances bring about feelings and emotions that are often overwhelming and hard to bear alone. With a compassionate heart, it is my joy and privilege to serve as ambassador for Christ to walk alongside any soul that is weary and heavy laden on a journey towards joy, hope, peace, and the God of all Comfort. I believe seeking wisdom through counsel is a strong step towards recovery."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(214) 307-6604
"I am a christian counselor who offers faith-based counseling to college students."
Richardson, Texas 75081
(972) 421-8713
"Welcome. I am a postdoctoral fellow at Richland Oaks Counseling Center, where I provide psychotherapy and psychological assessment services. I view psychotherapy as a relational process, a safe space to explore your strengths, struggles, thoughts, and feelings in hopes of becoming your most true and authentic self. Together we will seek to know you, your pain, aspirations, and how you want to grow."
Richardson, Texas 75081
(469) 557-2752
"I understand therapy to be a very unique kind of relationship housed in a sacred space. My hope is that you will feel understood and unconditionally accepted, and as a result, experience healing, growth, and transformation. If you are suffering, isolated, confused, or even just desiring to grow deeper in your understanding of yourself, I invite you to contact me and see if I might be a person who can join you on your journey."
Richardson, Texas 75081
(469) 773-4119
"Have you felt overwhelmed, confused or discouraged? Are you past contemplating and worrying and ready to take action to bring more meaning, peace and joy into your life? I can partner with you to gain clarity and manage feelings, improve relationships and cope with change. My style is strength-based, highly interactive and supportive. I am passionate about educating clients in the importance of self-care during life transitions, assertive communication skills and setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries at work and home."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(214) 736-8645
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSSW, LCSW
"I am Intensively Trained in DBT through the Marsha Linehan Institute out of University of Washington Seattle and have specialized in the adherent model of DBT since 2006. I help people create the person they want to be and the life they want to live. Therapy is both art and science. The process of psychotherapy involves creativity, skillfulness, evidence-based techniques and a collaborative alliance between therapist and client. I see adults of all ages who need help with problems ranging from severe emotional turmoil to working on taking their personal growth to a higher level. My clients are highly motivated!"
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 665-7630
"We are not meant to merely survive. But the world says otherwise. Financial crisis, past abuse, the loss of a loved one, physical and mental illness- there are so many things competing to convince us that life is simply about survival. You have potential to not only survive, but to live life to the fullest. Maybe you're having a difficult time seeing a vision for your future. Maybe some obstacles from the past are getting in the way of you moving forward. Regardless of your situation, I value walking alongside clients as they not only wrestle with these challenges, but overcome them."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 457-3057
Pastoral Counselor, MA, MDiv, CSAT, LPC
"Are you a man who is fighting a secret war? Is it a war with out-of-control sexual behavior, a war you’ve deceived yourself into believing was under your control (willpower)? Now, the mounting losses and consequences are breaking down your world of denial. The sex that, at one time, brought you relief now leaves you with shame, self-loathing, pain, loneliness and alienation. You are beginning to see your true condition of powerlessness. Now, you may be asking, "Does God care? Does anyone understand? Is there hope?" The answer is YES! Call me and let me share the good news."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 776-2238 x104
Counselor, MEd, LPC, RPT, NCC
"I believe that each individual, regardless of age, has the ability to grow and change given the proper tools and support. By providing a meaningful and nurturing environment, I lay the groundwork for personal insight and transformation to occur. I use a non-directive Person Centered Approach to counseling which often involves expressive arts and games. At times, when a more directive approach is appropriate, I use cognitive and/or behavioral techniques."
Richardson, Texas 75080
(469) 208-6716