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"I believe understanding about yourself and gaining insight into your behaviors are only about half of psychotherapy. CHOOSING WHO YOU WANT TO BE will be the primary focus of our work together. Your desires regarding the life you want will be carefully discussed in a respectful way, and your past will be confidentially treated so that healing can occur. Techniques for change and growth will be offered and these are based on hard science research and transpersonal and interpersonal experiences. I have achieved a hard science Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, and Georgia State's Ph.D. clinical training."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 431-2425
"As a systems-focused narrative therapist, I help my clients explore the personal, relational and societal stories (both useful and problematic) that shape and give meaning to their lives. My collaborative sessions highlight and emphasize clients' strengths and innate ability to "re-write" difficult chapters of their stories so that new pathways to empowered, inspired living can emerge."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 282-3101
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Hi. I am here to help! I offer caring and compassionate therapy that is time-sensitive and solution focused. I provide individual therapy for people suffering from anxiety, depression and life adjustments. In addition, I treat couples struggling with relationship issues, as well as teens and their families. I engage my clients on a very personal level and work carefully to understand their unique backgrounds, difficulties and expectations for therapy."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 316-4297
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LPC, LMFT
""If you knew that hope and despair were paths to the same destination, which would you choose?" ~ Robert Brault. Whether you are dealing with relationship, financial, health, parenting, grief, work, abuse, or spiritual issues, depression and anxiety often come along for the journey, I would be honored to walk alongside you and listen. I believe that you and God are the experts on your life. I will be encouraging and supportive of the goals that you choose to work on during our time together. I can help you develop a plan that promotes health in all areas of your life."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 431-4619
"I enjoy working with clients who are looking for ways to create sustainable life changes in their physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health. I work with clients to reduce stress and anxiety, increase self awareness and create healthier connections and relationships with themselves and others. I work with clients facing health challenges such as depression, anxiety, eating and weight concerns, trauma, and chronic pain management. I see the client as an integrated mind-body system and often work in supporting the client learn from the wisdom and experience of their body to help in their healing and growth process."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 668-3189
"I offer a creative style based on well known theories which allows for a variety of techniques. This provides for many populations to maximize their treatment goals. My experience includes anger management with adolescents, in-home intensive services, school-based services, crisis intervention in hospital setting, and outpatient services. I will be able to service your individual needs as well as group issues. I provide trainings for agency settings which includes a variety of issues: productivity, personality intergration, conflict resolution. My goal for all clients is to complete treatment with a tangible difference in their life."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
"If you or a loved one are at a breaking point or just need support through a difficult time, I can help. I can guide you down the paths to a better, happier life. These paths are different for every person, but often the same at the core. We all want to feel accepted and understood. We all want to function to our fullest potential. Together, we can find a way for you to enjoy your life rather than suffering or just existing."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 431-4443
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I treat my clients as intelligent adults; no "how does that make you feel?." For over 25 years I have helped people with anxiety, depression and the variety of problems we all encounter as we go through our lives. I can help with those times when things have just "piled up", or when genetics and circumstances conspire to overwhelm our usual coping techniques. I use short-term, effective, goal-directed therapy."
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
(479) 202-4193
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT, LPC
"I am a good listener. Everyone in life passes through their own personal hell. I will join you in that dark abyss and we will walk out of it together. I will not lie to you. There is no easy way out of a problem. Your therapy experience will be one of the hardest things you will ever go through. It can also be the most rewarding. I cannot guarantee that the problem will disappear, but that does not disqualify success. Peace is not always the absence of problems."
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
(479) 282-3054
"What is keeping you from flourishing? Struggles with anxiety, mood or self doubt? Haunted by traumas that have you stuck? Finding yourself repeating patterns of behavior, whether in relationships or self defeating behaviors, over and over though each time you determine you won’t go there again? Psychotherapy, particularly psychotherapy with an experienced, skilled clinician who is committed to your wellbeing, is an effective means of acquiring the understanding, skills and support to renew your life. I provide a safe collaborative setting and bring years of knowledge, training and resources to help you define and attain your goals."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 802-0343
"Laurie Finstrom, psychotherapist, offers comprehensive mental health treatment and life skills counseling. She is motivated to help individuals/families to gain healthy ways of managing emotional difficulties and is dedicated to providing results-oriented and solution-focused care with compassion and hope. As a dedicated professional, she considers it an honor to gently enter into a therapeutic relationship with those served, and provide the tools to navigate through life's struggles, such as anxiety, depression, fear, grief/loss, trauma, shame, mood disorders, relationship issues, and divorce recovery. She has special training in bi-polar, depression, anger, and anxiety management skills."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 439-1350
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BHSP
"Are you feeling depressed? Anxious? Having difficulty knowing where to turn for help? Or, maybe you are tired of being pulled in different directions and not knowing what you want in life? Are you looking for deeper connections in life? Learn how to connect to the core of who you are and find true peace. You don't have to walk this path alone. . ."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 234-4215
"Being a human is a unique paradox in which we find ourselves struggling to understand the pain, the fear and the happiness that comes along with this experience. You do not have to struggle alone. I know if you reach out in the right direction you will feel supported, understood and safe to become the captain of your life and the experiences you have. My intent is to create an accepting environment for you and/or your loved one(s) to feel safe to be who you are. It's time to feel better."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 226-8910
"My specialty and passion is with individuals and couples, trauma, and cross-cultural adaptability. Whether you have been through tragedy, brokenness, or are going through grief, there is hope. I will meet you where you are in your journey and strive to slow down and unpack the truth. I want you to be sure I understand where you are, and what you are hoping for as we heal and grow."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 385-7928
"I believe all individuals have a right to grow and to become who they were meant to be. I am a gardener at heart. I know providing a healthy environment and adequate nourishment will make my garden grow. I built the Center for Psychology in a rural environment to provide a healthy environment for clients. I am a licensed psychologist, certified in school psychology, forensic psychology and psychoanalytic therapy. I have a masters degree in theology. My training and 30 years of experience helps me be the gardener who will nurture you into the person you were meant to be."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 431-2367
"Are you having difficulty adjusting or transitioning to what life is bringing you? Life is a series of transitions that we need to manage and/or adjust to. Unfortunately, there are times that we have trouble doing so,this is when we feel overwhelmed, depressed and stressed. As your counselor, I will help you transition through these difficult times by developing new skills that will empower you and help you overcome your current situation.In addition to working through the current situation, I will help you develop new personal insights that will enable you to manage future challenges as well."
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
(682) 233-0990
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LAC, LAMFT
"Hello! As a solution-focused therapist, my goal is to help you get back on a path of stability and realize your potential in life. There could be long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing life to its fullest. While I am very interested in helping sexual trauma victims, I embrace the opportunity to work with anyone in all areas of life which might hinder a person's happiness. I care very deeply about emotional health! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!"
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
(479) 316-4194
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW, ACSW
"I am the author of Uncapping Family Wisdom: Recognizing, Treating and Reconciling Transgenerational Dysfunction. My therapy is first psycho-educational, seeking to search for the cause of the cause of the cause of mental health problems. To begin, family members evaluate their own system in terms of characteristics of a strong family, the general semantics and linguistics of the speaking pattern, the developmental gains of the adults and children, the affirmations needed to enliven arrested development, plus the leadership styles and management skills present."
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
(479) 431-2197
"I enjoy working with motivated people; ready to face their issues with honesty and courage. I will facilitate this process by providing a few key ingredients: a safe and nurturing environment, active listening, curiosity, thoughtful questioning, support and encouragement, educated and creative thinking, and gentle challenge when necessary. I partner with clients setting goals and working towards them. I see clients as the driver, and myself as an actively engaged passenger. I consider it a privilege to be invited into people's most private and vulnerable places and hold this trust with the utmost professionalism and care."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 202-8593
"Being anxious or angry can lead to disconnection from ourselves and others. Life experiences, big and small, can leave scars on us which can be labelled as trauma. Traumatic events such as accidents, illness, abuse or major loses can create a sense of numbing or shutting down that make it difficult to experience happiness or even relaxation. I feel that creating a safe place to allow you to learn skills and self understanding is the top priority. Learning skills and perspective will allows you to gain control over old fears and habits."
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
(479) 250-4081