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Transpersonal Therapists in Saint Louis

Mark Lee Robinson, Pastoral Counselor  in Saint Louis
“You are troubled by some aspects of your significant relationships and are motivated to improve them even if it means having to change yourself and what you are doing in those relationships. You know that sometimes your reactions to events around you are too little or too big for what the situation calls for. You want to know your own feelings better, but more than that, you want to make choices that will get you what you need without them being at the expense of others.
(314) 238-8959
Saint Louis, Missouri 63105
Krista Kellerman, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“The decision to seek counseling usually comes after exhausting our best available internal and external resources to cope. Sometimes our best attempts fall short of living our ideal life, becoming our authentic self, or having healthy relationships. If you are experiencing difficulties that are keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest, please contact me. I can help you find solutions to the issues that are keeping you stuck.
(314) 549-8536
Saint Louis, Missouri 63132
Erica Mae Randolph, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“My goal is to facilitate a personal, deeply felt and abiding sense of resiliency and psychological integration. Clients report finding the ability to thrive, an renewed sense of belief in oneself, and a greater ability to more fully utilize innate gifts and creativity. Clients express experiencing a healing sense of wholeness and psychological integration as they address symptoms.
(314) 720-4055
Saint Louis, Missouri 63105
Maria Carella, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“I bring 25 years of experience working with women, couples and families. I am a gentle and compassionate listener who works hard to understand your feelings and concerns.I can help you sort through your thoughts and feelings, make sense of the past and give you hope for the future. I am here to help you gain clarity and implement a plan for change.
(314) 492-5042
Saint Louis, Missouri 63119
Kathryn Stinson, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“I work with clients on many issues, including trauma, self-concept, grief, & chronic/terminal illness. I specialize in Narrative Therapy & EMDR, though lI pull from several different methods. Each person is different, & the way we work together depends on your preferences. My understanding of the human condition is grounded in Jungian, transpersonal and narrative psychologies, and I use ideas from narrative therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, psychodynamic theory, cognitive therapy, and archetypal psychology.
(314) 827-6803
Saint Louis, Missouri 63116
Kate Schroeder, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“Since it is our unconscious, spirit part that we are seeking to heal, we must access this part through a variety of right-brain techniques that communicate with the unconscious. The goal of this therapy is to get the defense system out of the way so that we begin to operate out of our true sense of self, begin to create boundaries, make choices truly reflective of our own wants and needs. We then find that we no longer need to rely upon the destructive coping techniques previously used to protect us from the awareness that we are not integrated.
(314) 720-4074
Saint Louis, Missouri 63119
Rachel Glik, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“After 20 years in private practice, and 26 of marriage, I feel privileged to say I specialize in "Relationships." I love inspiring women and men to look more within themselves for happiness, security, value - and to understand that friction in relationships can be just what they need to grow. Those open to change benefit most ... a healthy couple takes healthy people. I also see adults individually, many with relationship challenges, but also seeking help with concerns like low self worth, anxiety, sadness, depression, negative thoughts, addictions, feeling stuck or unfulfilled. Most are amazed by their own power when they connect to their true selves.
(314) 925-9098
Saint Louis, Missouri 63105
Gwin Stewart, Psychologist  in Saint Louis
Verified by Psychology Today
Psychologist, PhD, CRAADC, MARS
“Many people feel overburdened and confused with our current state of living in stressful conditions. This can be experienced as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship problems, addictions, or a general sense of dis-connect from yourself. I help people better understand the specific impact this has on one's life, consider new tools for addressing concerns, and ultimately feel more free and confident. If you have specific or general areas of concern or trouble, please call me to determine whether I might be helpful with getting YOUR LIFE back on track - today.
(314) 394-8125
Saint Louis, Missouri 63119
Cheryl Wasserman, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“I provide a practical & effective approach to helping individuals manage the many stressors, challenges, and problems of life. I help clients identify patterns of thinking and behaving that are blocking their way to happiness.I I enjoy helping my clients see that there is always another way to look at a "problem" that will bring them clarity. I believe that we all have the right to live the best life possible and I am here to help you do just that. I offer Workplace workshops
(314) 828-2621
Saint Louis, Missouri 63146
Debbie Pullin, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“Are you feeling anxious, depressed or out of control? Do you want to make changes but are uncertain about how to go about making those changes? Start feeling better by starting your inner healing journey, today! I specialize in abuse, trauma and addiction and am passionate about helping you transform your life. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, unwanted thoughts, abuse, an addiction, or going through a sad transition; please know that there is always hope to turn things around. Whatever issues you are facing, I would be honored to work with you!
(314) 287-5466
Saint Louis, Missouri 63127
Terri Schanks,   in Saint Louis
“Blending many healing modalities, our sessions will help you move you through challenging situations and become more empowered as you respond to life events. Our work can be gently and efficiently done in person or by phone. As we work through whatever brought you here, including trauma or grief, I can teach you how to relax, let go and find meaning in life again. Our sessions are designed to support your process of discovery into new awareness, leading to renewal and transformation. The aim is to align your inner life with your outer life, to live congruently with your values.
(314) 219-1743
Saint Louis, Missouri 63119
Patricia Murrell,   in Saint Louis
“My focus is on the whole person: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I am client centered and work with you to achieve your goals by empowering you. My methods are: hypnosis,regression,EFT (tapping) stress management, visualization, breathwork, goal setting, , gestalt, & Heartmath. I usually give homework. I work with crisis, trauma, sexual abuse, life changes, personal and spiritual growth, self esteem issues & relationship issues. I specialize in lesbian/ gay/ bisexual/transgender issues as well as other alternative lifestyles, including polygamous and others. My background is in mental health, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS.
(618) 319-4212
Saint Louis, Missouri 63156 Trunk, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“I provide Professional Counseling Sessions and Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions to Adults, Couples, Teens, Children age 4 to Adults,to Individuals who are suffering from Depression,Anxiety, Panic Attacks,Addictions, Relationships,Couples Therapy, Addictive Relationships:Are you Addicted to someone? Specializing in Women's Issues,etc. I provide Counseling Sessions Internal Family Systems (IFS)Parts Therapy,Inner Child Work,Clinical Hypnosis,Regression Therapy,Spiritual Healing,Angel Therapy,Reiki Master,Intuitive. Couples Counseling in my Office or by Internet, Counseling sessions and Hypnosis sessions for individuals who are experiencing Grief and Loss,Spiritual Healing,Intuitive, Angel Therapy and Energy Healing. I am a Reiki Master/ Intuitive.
(314) 731-7667
Hosts group in:
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141
St. Louis Wellness, LLC, Counselor  in Saint Louis
“I believe in providing therapeutic services with a foundation in strength based therapy. This is why: 1) It gives individuals the opportunity to focus on strengths that many have, but are often distracted from. 2) It provides the opportunity to hear things that they are doing correctly, instead of being reminded of what they've done wrong. 3) It enables them to start giving credit for things they have been doing right, but may not have realized. 4) It provides the ability to realize areas that they have strength and how they can use these strengths to help themselves.
(314) 441-7199
Office is near:
Saint Louis, Missouri 63106
Scott R Kuenneke  in Saint Louis
“I specialize in neurofeedback and counseling. Using this combination helps to shift and transforms the brain along side techniques to support change. I can help people learn the skill of self-regulation, and develop more tolerance to stress. By impacting stress levels and reorganizing the way the brain functions, the nervous system guides itself towards healthier habits.People who use neurofeedback are those that do not respond well to traditional treatment, are interested in increasing healthy brain functioning, and are looking for natural alternatives to medication. Neurofeedback tailors to the brains innate neuroplasticity.
(314) 858-5716
Office is near:
Saint Louis, Missouri 63120
Danielle Kiesler, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Saint Louis
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, LPCC, SEP
“Often people are surprised when they realized that the experiences, beliefs, habits and feelings that they thought were supposedly tragic, shameful, secret, bad or unimportant, are actually sacred and contain real medicine that can heal. This potential is multiplied exponentially when digested properly through the alchemy of the creative embodiment process. I will partner with you and guide you through this process by customizing a plan of action based on the six following core principles: 1) Start with the body. 2) Hunt for Goodness. 3) Look for Inspiration in the Most unlikely Places.
(314) 786-3435
Office is near:
Saint Louis, Missouri 63111
Care Treatment Center, Treatment Facility  in Saint Louis
“C.A.R.E. utilizes a philosophy that is based on a holistic mind, body and spirit approach. Our focus is on treating the whole person. We focus on problem solving along with traditional counseling, Eastern and Western medicine and all the 12 Step Support Groups including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous. This nurturing, whole body approach and the combined force of multiple, proven techniques and therapies is the pivotal difference that makes C.A.R.E. unique.
(561) 459-8197
We serve:
Saint Louis, Missouri 63101
Sovereign Health Adolescent & Young Adult Programs, Treatment Facility  in Saint Louis
“Sovereign Health Group is a leading residential Addiction, Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health Treatment provider with multiple treatment locations in the US. We offer evidence based treatment, individualized treatment plans, cognitive testing and rehabilitation, individual and group therapy sessions, and many other treatment components We invite you to review our website, chat with us online, or call for a free confidential assessment to learn more and discuss how Sovereign Health can be a solution for you. We ACCEPT MOST PPO insurances and offer private pay options.
(302) 280-5027
We serve:
Saint Louis, Missouri 63101
Sovereign Health Alternative to Incarceration, Treatment Facility  in Saint Louis
“Sovereign Health offers court services and treatment programs for people who are dealing with legal issues such as a DUI, DWI, drunk in public, possession of a controlled substance, are among the list. If you or someone you know who has been charged with a crime and has substance abuse and/or mental health issues, there are many potential benefits for seeking help before going to trial. Additionally, if the crime is related to substance abuse problems or a mental health disorder, then treatment may be a required part of the journey through the legal system, such as court-ordered drug treatment or a court-ordered mental health evaluation. We invite you to visit us today and watch patient reviews of their hope and recovery at
(302) 804-0504
We serve:
Saint Louis, Missouri 63101
Addiction and Recovery Treatment Solutions, Treatment Facility  in Saint Louis
“We are a local resource for families, loved ones and individuals seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addictions for men, women, and adolescents. We will help remove the financial obstacles preventing you or a loved one from entering in to one of our programs. We specialize in working with clients who have high-deductibles or unique situations. We are here to give you strength, support and a solid foundation to stand on as we work with and guide you through the process. The Sober Lining is supported by individuals who stood where you stand right now. Call us today at 800-939-4237.
(866) 906-2642
We serve:
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141

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Transpersonal therapy emphasizes the transcendent or spiritual aspects of a client's development. A transpersonal therapist may help the client cultivate a greater sense of connectedness with others, with nature, and with a higher spirit.

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