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Marriage & Family Therapist
"Due to my books "Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims Of Sexual Abuse" & "Honor Betrayed: Sexual Abuse In America's Military" many of my clients are recovering from addictive disorders & trauma. My books "Conscious Contact: The 12 Steps As Prayer" and "Back To The Source: The Spiritual Principles Of Jesus" lead people wanting to grow spirituality to my door. I enjoy working with people from any faith tradition, those with no belief in a higher power, and those who are, "spiritual but not religious.""
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101
(651) 504-3488
"The people who like to work with me tend to be: adolescents who have recently returned home from an inpatient treatment program; couples who are experiencing issues with intimacy and sex; parents who want assistance joining two families under one roof; professionals struggling to find work/life balance or who have recently made significant career changes; and, families dealing with end-of-life issues. Experienced in clinic-based & community-based programs, which has given me a broad and unique perspective. The way I see it, my role is to be someone who can help you better understand your experiences."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105
(612) 260-7555
"It is unwise to become captive of any particular theoretical school of psychotherapy since no theory can yet explain enough of human behavior. Best to hold two opposite theories simultaneously. It is also true that not every client needs the same kind of therapy relationship so it's important to ascertain what kind of relationship each client needs (coach, analyst, teacher, etc.) and what previous therapy experiences contribute to knowing what works and what doesn't."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
(651) 964-0997
"Ruth is retiring in August of 2014 and is not accepting new clients."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(651) 964-0949
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Life can be hard. Let's collaborate to meet these challenges and find a way to more successful living. I work with individuals of all ages in addition to working with the whole family when indicated. I use a play therapy approach with children. Play is how children work through their struggles. With teens and adults, I use mindfulness and different therapies depending on what is needed. A free 30 minute consult is offered so we can meet and determine if our philosophy of change is a good match. I look forward to meeting you and working together for change."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
(651) 321-5844
"Feeling Sad? Overwhelmed? Confused? Lonely/Struggling with your relationships and family? Teenager acting out? Haunted by the past? I have over 25 years experience helping individuals and their families solve problems and improve their relationships. I am able to help individuals heal old wounds created in childhood by abuse, neglect, substance abuse and divorce. My clients report that I am compassionate and understanding while helping them work through and heal from their painful circumstances."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(612) 293-0563
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
"I have devoted my career to addressing some of the most complex and difficult psychological issues. I do so by listening carefully and with empathy to a client and then tailoring a treatment program specific to improving his or her quality of life."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
(651) 504-1180
"I'm a psychologist who makes house calls! By definition, I've been asked to help people with a wide variety of problem situations. I have 28 years in the field of mental health counseling and consulting. My practice consists of home- and community based visits during the afternoons and evenings. Also, consulting in the community in institutional settings."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55113
(651) 356-6244
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT
"I am a Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, educator and researcher. Since 2006 I have been consulting with people about a variety of dilemmas, but I specialize in therapy for anxiety and depression, therapy to address issues of self-worth and worthiness, and therapy for reducing the influence of stress on individual and relational well-being."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(612) 223-7768 x2
"I have been practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Licensed Psychologist for over 25 years. I see each Psychotherapy relationship as a unique collaboration between myself and my patient- a careful attending to personal and interpersonal experiences, past and present, body and mind, fantasy and reality. This rich and intricate experience may take a considerable amount of time and at times be difficult and painful and can result in transformation of the self, liberation from painful patterns of living and a wonderful experience of wholeness. ."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(651) 560-3591
"I have had the privilege of getting to know and connect with people from every walk of life for almost 20 years. These experiences have helped me to understand that we all have so much in common as humans trying to navigate and accept the struggles we all have. I value all that I have learned from my clients, and hopefully helped them to find a level of peace in their lives. Using a variety of techniques, such as DBT and mindfulness with adults, couples and teens, I work to help individuals come to understand life choices."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(651) 571-4133
"Life can be difficult to navigate on our own, especially while feeling conflicted or distressed. I strive to help clients find peace, clarity and ways to live a more content, meaningful and fulfilling life. As a therapist I work from an integrative approach, combining various modalities to meet the needs of each client. Most often used modalities include but not limited to are: Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Emotion-Focused Therapy."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
(651) 571-4061
"Relationships can be difficult. Life events, change, everyday challenges, and even success can place a great deal of stress on us which, in turn, decreases our ability to have positive and productive relationships with ourselves and with others. In my office, we work on how you would like to become more internally relational with life events and changes. We also explore ways of finding balance, hope, and productivity in relationships with others. Come join me. I am here to listen without judgment and to provide you with support as you move toward your goals and dreams."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(651) 538-6595
"Adolescents and young adults often endure complicated transitions and unexpected challenges while learning to navigate the world. I enjoy working extensively with people during dynamic times of life like middle school, high school, and college, and I also specialize in work with creative individuals. Clients are warmly accepted in my practice for who they are today. My goal is to provide a stable environment that is both supportive and challenging. Together, we explore what clients value, where they want to go, what they would like to change, and who they want to become."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116
(763) 280-7935
"Schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders are my area of specialty. I offer one-on-one therapy, family therapy, and a group therapy called Living with Schizophrenia. The social services many clients benefit from (social workers, psychiatrists, etc.) are often difficult to find, and I collaborate with families, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, and others to help you figure out what you need and how to get it. I also provide support for the emotional costs of the illness and help clients learn skills to manage their symptoms. Cost is usually fully covered by insurance."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
(651) 448-4129 x405
"Is your life weighed down from sadness, worry, stress or conflict? Are you and your spouse or partner constantly arguing? Do you feel stuck and have lost hope of improvement? If you answered yes then it is time to consider that change is possible. In an environment that is caring, compassionate, supportive and respectful I will work with you to address those issues that are negatively impacting the quality of your life."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(651) 829-6237
"I look forward to working with clients that are highly motivated and ready for change. I have been able to treat individuals with challenging symptoms who may not have been properly diagnosed and subsequently, have not received appropriate treatment. The majority of my clients do not have a healthy way to cope with intrusive and sometimes disturbing thoughts. The therapy I provide empowers clients with the skills needed to feel in control of their anxiety, impulsiveness and unhealthy habits. My clients will learn how to manage unwanted thoughts and to abandon coping through rituals, escape and avoidance behaviors."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105
(952) 955-6168
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, LICSW
"Are your ways of coping with kids, teens, relationships, emotions, addictions not working? Having trouble at work? Are you losing hope and nothing seems to help? I offer effective, client centered therapy to help you and/or your family reach your goals as quickly as possible. I will adjust my schedule to see you as soon as possible when you call. I have a 24/7 business cell phone, 612-715-2112 so calling is the quickest way to reach me."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(612) 223-6409
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, ACC
"I am passionate about developing others to more fully exist with purpose and intention. I love helping clients to get clearer about what they want, make changes, and intensify their impact. I bring experience as a therapist, a credentialed coach, and 12+ years previous experience as an HR leader."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105
(763) 600-7881
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, MSW, MDiv, LLC
"Do you feel upset and spend a lot of time worrying about what to do? Do you feel like you're not good enough? Does your past effect today? All of us need support to work through the issues we face in life. It's too hard to feel all alone and scared. I make a safe place for you to work through issues and figure out what to do. I share my knowledge and tools from working with people for 30 years. It takes courage to ask for help. I'll try to get you in as soon as possible."
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
(612) 293-5043