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Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MFT
"Are you going through life hiding how you really feel? Most of the time you feel successful at it, even have moments of feeling that everything is under control. You are on a path and have some things that make you happy yet at the same time, there are feelings that come up that make you uncomfortable or scare you. You feel stuck. They intrude at night making hard to fall asleep and wake up rested. Medication, exercise, and a busy schedule help in the short term but you are interested in help that endures."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, JD
"In my view, everyone has something unique to offer to the world, a gift that is particularly their own, that can enrich their life and the lives of those around them. For many reasons, people often do not recognize their own gifts or are afraid to express them. They devise very creative ways to override who they really are, sometimes consciously and sometimes not. Because it takes so much energy to hide who they really are, people eventually become symptomatic. Symptoms manifest in a variety of ways. Their purpose, however, is simply to get our attention."
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MS, MA
"I work with individuals, couples and families struggling with a variety of relationship and communication issues. I have successfully treated clients with depression, anxiety, phobias, and low self-esteem. Clients that are looking for more aliveness in themselves and their relationships will be served well by what I offer."
"Patients who seek out the Psychiatric Wellness Group are looking for a truly integrative approach to their mental and emotional wellness. I am a licensed family medicine doctor with a master's degree in Chinese medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. I am the lead physician for a mental wellness focused practice group in San Francisco. Patients interested in a combined Western and Eastern approach to health care will be interested in what we have to offer. We treat mental health by treating the body and mind continuum."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MS, LCSW
"I view psychotherapy as a joint venture in which we work collaboratively to reach your goals. My style is direct, transparent and positive. I am warm, interactive and nonjudgemental. I create the safety needed within our relationship to allow us to explore the issues that underlie depression, anxiety, loneliness, lack of fulfillment and other concerns. As a therapist I follow your lead. With over two decades of experience I work diligently to understand each client, employing elements of psychoanalytic, harm reduction and cognitive behavioral theories to create an approach that best suits the unique individual with whom I am working."
Marriage & Family Therapist, PsyD
"I have been practicing as a psychotherapist since 1987 in San Francisco and Novato. My specialty has been working with people who have grown up with a narcissistic parent or who have married or is working for someone with this very difficult disorder. Out of this work, I have developed ways of working with the anxiety and depression that comes along with the destruction to self esteem. Of course, I have also worked with other issues that we humans have such as fertility problems, marital problems, body image and weight, sexuality, sexual preference and coping with loss, grief and loneliness."
"I work with women navigating the path to motherhood, including pregnancy and the postpartum period. I utilize the therapeutic relationship as the vehicle for uncovering insight that leads to change. I believe our past relationship experiences offer emotional clues that illuminate current interpersonal patterns. In our fast-paced culture where spoken conversations are fading, psychotherapy is a place where client's can connect with their narratives by speaking them aloud and learning how to rewrite them. I view therapy as a canvas for meaningful storytelling and believe healing happens when our words are witnessed and new meaning is created."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
"Clients work with me on stuck places in their life. Often they are struggling with life transitions such as relationship dissatisfaction, career issues, family difficulties, anxiety and depression. I take an active role in the therapy process, providing feedback and suggestions when needed. I specialize in working with clients from many cultures. Growing up in two cultures myself, I experienced being new to this country and trying to establish relationships and a new life in a different culture.I have valued and enjoyed my work with individual and couples over the past twenty years."
"In my psychotherapy practice I use supportive and insight-focused approaches, together with techniques derived from cognitive behavioral therapy with the goal of helping people find their own sense of agency. My most fundamental assumption is that people are always trying to overcome the psychological obstacles that interfere with their happiness and that the therapist's job is to help identify those obstacles and suggest better ways to cope with them."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Do you long for a deeper sense of peace, wholeness and connection to life? Do repetitive patterns prevent you from having a fulfilling life and satisfying relationships? Any issue or symptom, such as addiction, depression or anxiety, or an underlying sense of disconnection, fear or doubt, is a message from your unconscious that something inside Is out of alignment. Together we will explore the symptoms and their meaning, to help you connect more to yourself and life. This collaborative effort is likely to facilitate significant change in your life, allowing you to live your life rather than it living you."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"If you are feeling overwhelmed with difficult life circumstances, we can work together to define challenges and find solutions. I am an interactive, down-to-earth therapist. I find the resilience of people to be truly inspiring. I believe therapy can help to resolve life crises, restore hope and guide you towards living a more fulfilling life. With renewed inspiration, energy and clarity, you can heal and overcome your challenges. With over 15 years of experience, I have helped many people move forward with their lives. Please see my five star reviews on Yelp."
"I've been in private practice for over thirty years as a Psychologist and Marital and Family Therapist.and I'm an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF. My practice includes individuals and couples seeking help with a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, loss, and grief. I work within a relational, psychodynamic theoretical model as a means of understanding and integrating the complex relationship that individuals and couples present. In my clinical work as a therapist and supervisor, I work collaboratively in pursuing goals and objectives."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
"I have a warm, interactive style and take a pragmatic approach to solving problems that includes positive behavior change and insight. I have 30+ years experience treating all kinds of problems, including relationship issues, anxiety/depression, grief and loss, divorce, anger, low self esteem, stress, career issues. I help couples with poor communication, lack of intimacy, balancing career and kids. My clients come from every ethnic group in San Francisco. Many SF doctors refer their patients to me for psychotherapy. I also treat gay and lesbian individuals and couples."
"Do you feel overwhelmed by challenging relationships with loved ones, friends, or coworkers? Do you feel anxious or depressed, or struggle with low self-esteem, OCD, or the effects of trauma? Are you seeking a way to live a meaningful life that reflects your values? The Bay Area CBT Center is a group practice of behavioral therapists dedicated to providing high quality evidence-based treatments. Our integrative approach allows us to apply principles from the most up to date research-based treatments while adapting these tools to meet your unique needs and build an authentic relationship with you."
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA, MFA
""Allow yourself to become intimately connected with all your parts." -Virginia Satir First and foremost, therapy is a relationship. We are often wounded in relationships, so it can be profoundly healing to experience one in which you are seen and valued. I accept you exactly as you are without judgment, while holding space for the person you are growing into. The work we do in therapy is a collaborative process that looks different for everyone. Together, we explore what it means to be you. It takes courage to shine light on the parts of you that want to be seen."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MFT
"I trust that people come to therapy seeking a more authentic happiness; and I work as best as I can to help clients let go of concepts and mistaken views of themselves that have led to more pain and confusion. I work with individuals, couples, children and families, bringing warmth and understanding to the relationships and life problems that surround us. Sometimes the first call is the most difficult. I am often available to speak briefly or will return your call as soon as possible, making the next steps and new perspectives possible."
"The essence of my work lies in creating a relationship with you in which you would feel safe to engage in an inner journey home - opening your heart to yourself, cultivating compassionate self-understanding and developing trust in what is being felt in the moment. Old hurts and self-defeating beliefs can cause us to defend against vulnerable feelings impacting our capacity to trust, ourselves and others, and our ability to connect intimately, think positively regarding our deepest life concerns and open to love, allowing it to work its way through us impacting and inspiring all areas of our life."
"Please contact me for: (1) a psychiatric evaluation without jumping to conclusions, and explained in plain English; (2) traditional dynamic psychotherapy - only flexible, non-stuffy, and straightforward; (3) recognition of mind-body medicine, i.e., how the body affects the mind, and vice versa; (4) prescription writing when needed, with a light touch and full attention to pros and cons. The ideal patient for my practice appears successful on the outside, but wants to overcome longstanding dissatisfaction or self-defeating behavior. Examples include prolonged reactions to trauma or grief, undue guilt or self-blame, or a pattern of interpersonal conflicts."
"Starting a process of change is not simple. You know that life should be joyful and fulfilling, but you feel there are challenges. Low self esteem, anxiety, depression, old burdening experiences and problems in relationships are signs for a needed change. I believe that therapy can help you explore, understand and transform these challenges. I believe that therapy should be a place where you feel safe to tell your story, without worry or fear. This will allow the both of us to be curious about your challenges, how they effect you , and what will help you create deep, lasting change."
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MS, MA, MFTI
"I bring me, rather than just "therapist me" into our relationship. I offer my awareness and my genuine impressions of our contact in service of your growth. I strive to provide the opportunity for you to have a new experience in your relationship with me. Breaking old patterns in this way can be challenging. Taking the risk in the context of our supportive relationship will pay off. Change will then trickle into the rest of your relationships and robustly impact your life."