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Therapists in San Francisco

Tara Griffith, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“Hello, I am Tara Griffith and it is my hope that you will always feel welcome in my office! My full-time practice in San Francisco specializes in youth and adult psychotherapy and wellness coaching. I am particularly skilled in working with issues faced by women and those in the 'millennial' generation. Whether I work with you, your loved one, or your relationship, we will begin by setting goals together. My approach is accepting, hopeful, interactive, and sometimes humorous. I use different approaches (blending psychotherapy and coaching techniques) according to my client's needs, preferences and age.
(415) 632-1010
San Francisco, California 94102
Kristie Boyce MD, Integrative Psychiatry, Psychiatrist  in San Francisco
“I help people access their inner healing resources to live more productive and fulfilling lives. I work from the perspective that we all encounter struggles from time to time and in harnessing one's inner resources we can learn how to thrive in hard times and prevent further suffering. In my work with children, teens and adults I help identify effective coping strategies and stress management skills to improve wellbeing. My clients typically struggle with psychological, emotional, and spiritual challenges, including low mood, excess worry, difficulty with focus or attention, relationship and school or work issues.
(415) 231-5536
San Francisco, California 94102
Alexis Stricker, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, SEP
“Finding the right therapist in San Francisco can feel like a huge challenge. How do you figure out who is the best therapist for you? According to years of therapeutic outcome research, how one feels about their therapist is consistently the most important factor in determining therapeutic success. Your success is very important - to both of us - and I believe that the first session together is one of exploration and determining "fit." Therefore, I offer a free first session so you can get a better sense of me and my treatment style before making the decision to move forward together.
(415) 413-0964
San Francisco, California 94102
Jaime M Bardacke, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I work with individuals, couples, and families from a psychodynamic perspective to explore the ways conscious and unconscious processes affect current patterns, emotions, and behavior. The goal of this type of therapy is to increase awareness, relieve tension, and open avenues for change. I also practice Somatic Experiencing, a body-orientated method designed to support people in processing traumatic experiences and connect with their own capacity for healing. I incorporate principles of Mindfulness into my practice. I work with compassion, respect, and a deep belief in our ability to develop increased ease and clarity in our lives.
(415) 237-2198
San Francisco, California 94131
Susan R Greene, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“My psychotherapy practice grows from the premise that in pain and struggle are also resilience, strength and even opportunity. Engaging in a therapeutic relationship is an act of courage and hope that can lead to relief and lasting change. You may be experiencing loneliness, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, loss, creative blocks or the effects of trauma and oppression. Maybe you are just not where you would like to be in your life. Therapy can help to create a more fulfilling life in part by deepening self knowledge, increasing resilience and mitigating the effects of early life experiences.
(650) 741-3698
San Francisco, California 94109
Francine Marie Sanfilippo, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MS, CGP
“My therapeutic approach is client centered, which means we work collaboratively to resolve presenting issues, identify strengths and develop effective coping strategies. I believe in working efficiently, to restore a sense of well being and quality of life. To this end you will experience me as attentive, interactive and responsive to you in sessions. I hold a deep respect for those seeking to engage in therapy; for their courage, vulnerability and commitment to improve their lives. Together we can create a safe and compassionate space for exploration, discovery, understanding and healing.
(415) 521-1864
San Francisco, California 94110
Amy T Goldman, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“In today’s fast paced world, we are faced with many stressors, obstacles and challenges. Sometimes we need to slow down and take stock of what we have and changes we may want to make. My practice is geared towards helping adults and couples achieve the life that they want rather than struggling just to get by. Therapy can be both challenging and an exciting experience. Together, we can work on eliminating your anxiety, depression, relationships problems and general discontent.
(415) 494-8546
San Francisco, California 94123
Marla Cass, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“Life can be difficult. Using an approach that is warm and genuine, yet also direct, I can help you look at your life through a different lens and discover new ways to navigate the challenges you may be experiencing with respect to relationships, career, and self-esteem. While listening forms the cornerstone of what I do, I do more than just listen: I am engaged and interactive, offering ideas and support to help you get unstuck and reach your goals. I enjoy including humor, as appropriate, and I leave behind the psychobabble!
(415) 967-5007
San Francisco, California 94102
“I have practiced Psychotherapy for many years, recently adding Psychoanalysis to my skills. My work addresses each individual.
(415) 237-2049
San Francisco, California 94104
Avigail Lev, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“My approach is behavioral and goal oriented. I focus on identifying new coping strategies and changing behavioral patterns that damage relationships. I assist clients in identifying deeply held values and taking behavioral steps towards getting closer to these values. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral techniques to help clients who struggle with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, OCD, and mood disorders. I help clients identify particular core beliefs that act as barriers to values-based behavior and explore alternative coping behaviors to utilize when one's schemas are triggered in relationships. Particular methods I incorporate in treatment include mindfulness, cognitive defusion, exposure, and Non-violent communication.
(415) 349-0855
San Francisco, California 94102
Michael Griffith, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT, MA, MS
“Make change happen--first 2 sessions for $150 each for 1.5 hours length. I am a psychobiologically based couples therapist first and foremost---that means attachment based techniques.That means active sessions with surprises, and developing safety for the couple.. Dealing with communication, sex life, how you connect or not, many i You and your partner can resolve your problems by developing a new style. New approaches from attachment and somatic theories, along with video feedback, you can break out of stuck patterns, co-develop a style of freedom and commitment. .
(415) 546-6548
San Francisco, California 94102
Leslie Carr, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“My primary expertise is in helping people to remove the internal barriers that are keeping them from reaching their dreams.
(415) 689-7106
San Francisco, California 94147
Heather Brown, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
“You're right, life CAN feel better! I help adults and youth develop healthy ways to work through negative feelings and depression, and to make room for more of the moments of zest,play and joy that are part of a full life. The deepest healing happens within relationships. As Client and Therapist, we'll work as a team to understand what's not working in your life and relationships. In accepting and acknowledging your full spectrum of emotions, it becomes possible to work through the most painful states and begin to grow.
Matthew Paul Morrissey, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“I work best with the misfits: geeks & nerds, punks, skaters, artists & artistes, musicians, writers, and activists. . . those who "rage against the dying of the light". My area of expertise consists in helping with difficulties in social relationships. Such difficulties include finding and sustaining healthy intimacy, healing from a painful break-up or divorce, school-related problems, recovering from major loss, and growing up in difficult circumstances. I am particularly suited to helping those who have cultivated their intellects and creativity but would now like to develop a greater awareness of their emotional world.
(650) 918-7960
San Francisco, California 94115
Sherry M Freeman, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
“Therapy is about how to feel better, how to make your life rich and satisfying. What is in your way? What stops you from being the person you want to be, from living the life you want to live? I see people of all ages, in all walks of life and help them overcome obstacles to acheiving their goals. Often it is inner blocks like anxiety and depression, that stand in your way. Other times it's confusion; not knowing how to approach a problem. Therapy can help you sort it all out, and take positive steps towards a new start.
(650) 385-8707
San Francisco, California 94118
Clarisse V Lula, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“Life can present us with challenges that we are not prepared for. Underlying issues can make it very difficult to cope at these times. In some cases, you may be experiencing difficult moods like anger or irritability, depression or anxiety, sadness and grief. Other types of reasons my clients come to counseling include relationship troubles, unresolved trauma, demanding life transitions, stubborn and self-defeating patterns, and low self-esteem that is undermining their lives. Psychotherapy can help you move through these challenges with more confidence and better outcomes.
(415) 789-3588
San Francisco, California 94115
Danielle Colborn, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“My style is warm, and genuine. While I may challenge my clients at times I always work at a pace that feels comfortable to them. I enjoy working with children, adolescents and adults who want to make changes in their lives, even if they don't know how or whether change is possible. I specialize in eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and interpersonal concerns, and believe that these struggles are often a manifestation of individuals trying to solve problems using the only tools they have. My job is to provide support and guidance in the development of new, more effective tools.
(415) 813-3567
San Francisco, California 94118
Woodleaf Eating Disorder Center, Treatment Facility  in San Francisco
“Woodleaf is a unique intensive outpatient program for eating disorders located in San Francisco, California. The longest running eating disorder program in San Francisco our individualized treatment approach sets us apart. All of our clients receive a great deal of focused, expert care. We treat anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. Our clients are diverse, of all sizes and shapes and we treat both women and men. We also do not mix adolescents in our groups. We are a psychotherapy based program and not overly focused on food or weight but on the real emotional issues. We provide a supportive environment where people can practice new behaviors and learn new ways to relate to themselves and others. Our environment is a compassionate, caring, "private practice" type of setting. All of our staff are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in treating eating disorders. Our very small group size ensures thorough quality of care.
(415) 658-6133
San Francisco, California 94102
Jodee Virgo, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA, MFTi
“In my psychotherapy practice I work with individuals, couples, children and families. I work collaboratively with my clients to provide a safe and supportive environment where I help them reflect and develop new ways of managing the challenges they struggle with. My approach is practical, intuitive, and direct. I draw on many modalities, including relational psychodynamic theory, Gestalt, mindfulness based CBT, and somatic awareness. I bring into the room genuine compassion, a sense of humor, and a deep commitment to facilitating lasting change for my clients.
(415) 360-2209
San Francisco, California 94114
Gloria Saltzman, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFA, MFT
“I am a seasoned therapist,who is interactive. You may have felt depressed or anxious for a long time or because of a recent event like the end of a relationship or job.You may find yourself in a slump you can't get out of.Whatever the reason is,talk therapy helps. We work together to help you feel better.
(415) 702-0962
San Francisco, California 94115

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in San Francisco have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in San Francisco you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in San Francisco and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in San Francisco or family therapy in San Francisco.

How to find a specialist?
If you're looking for specialist counseling in San Francisco, such as a child psychologist or sex therapist, try to refine your search with our left nav bar.

What method of therapy is right for me?
When it comes to treatment methods, there's no "right way". A couples counselor or a family counselor may use different treatment methods depending on the one that works best for you.
How to use my insurance?
Many therapists accept health insurance. Check to see if your insurance is covered. Feel free to discuss this when you contact the therapist.