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Therapists in San Francisco

K. Whitney Smith, MD, Psychiatrist  in San Francisco
“My approach is warm, responsive and practical. My technique is based in psycho-dynamic theory and incorporates elements of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. My use of medications is thoughtful and aims to treat symptoms while minimizing side effects. People meet with me for a multitude of reasons; at times anxiety, depression, transitions in life or interpersonal relationships can begin to feel overwhelming. I provide therapy and, if appropriate, medications to assist individuals during these periods.
(415) 275-8280
San Francisco, California 94115
Gina Poelke, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“My specialties are treatment for work/life stress, depression, anxiety/panic, life transitions, grief, and substance abuse. I offer a nonjudgmental direct approach to psychotherapy. In addition, I provide treatment for individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
(415) 952-6505
San Francisco, California 94102
Antje Hofmeister MFT, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
“Life is change and, mostly, you've been rolling with the punches. But complicated life transitions can leave anyone at a loss. You might feel helpless, hopeless and alone in trying to cope with troublesome or debilitating symptoms of depression and anxiety. With more than 10 years of expertise, I help teens, adults, seniors, couples and parents like you navigate the turmoil of challenging life passages including death of a loved one, chronic or terminal illness, relationship issues, separation or divorce, or adjustments to a different culture, school, college or job.
(650) 918-5006
San Francisco, California 94115
Tommy Flick, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“I have seven years of experience working with teens and younger adults (under 35). Most of my clients, both male and female, are in some form of transition in their lives. These transitions present themselves as maturation struggles, changing relationships, questioning perspectives, contemplating choices, and often finding difficulty with what faces them in their particular life chapter. These are the times when a trusted assistant is helpful. My clients need to know that they have a safe place, without judgement, to work through their thoughts and feelings. The holding environment I provide includes support, education, and encouragement.
(415) 484-4517
San Francisco, California 94123
Jordan K. Wolfe, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA
“I guide and support people into healing through a range of difficult and painful (yet ultimately workable) human experiences: Family or romantic relationships that feel conflicted, flat, or empty; feeling stuck in life or somehow blocked from moving forward; loneliness and alienation; despair and hopelessness; self-sabotage; addictive or entrenched patterns of behavior and thought; explosive or inhibited anger; depression; anxiety; lack of self-confidence; and guilt. I also see people who lack direction, aliveness, and clarity, or who long for--yet struggle to create and embody--a healthy, balanced lifestyle full of passion, contentment, connection, creativity and depth.
(415) 390-2345
San Francisco, California 94102
Sherry M Freeman, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
“Therapy is about how to feel better, how to make your life rich and satisfying. What is in your way? What stops you from being the person you want to be, from living the life you want to live? I see people of all ages, in all walks of life and help them overcome obstacles to acheiving their goals. Often it is inner blocks like anxiety and depression, that stand in your way. Other times it's confusion; not knowing how to approach a problem. Therapy can help you sort it all out, and take positive steps towards a new start.
(650) 385-8707
San Francisco, California 94122
Michael J Milazzo, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“THERAPY IS ABOUT SOLUTIONS, skills and defining how you want to fit into the world. I assist my clients in finding and defining the best version of themselves while addressing stress, anxiety, depression, fear, creative and professional blocks. Therapy may help you uncover those hidden skills, teach new skills, adjust your relationships, ease anxieties and tap into a more effective you.
(415) 969-2633
San Francisco, California 94118
Amy Cooper, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“If you are hurting or stressed or troubled by current circumstances and would like to find new solutions to old patterns then let’s work together to create more vitality and inner peace in your life. My overarching intention is that you recover your strength and develop new practices to face life’s problems with clarity and self compassion. Whether the issues you face are in your life or relationship or in regards to your childt, I would love to consult with you on the phone and see if I could be helpful to you. Please don't hesitate to call.
(415) 800-1509
San Francisco, California 94110
Michael Francis DeVito, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT, MPH
“I provide a safe place to discuss unresolved family of origin issues, shame based feelings, and counter-productive patterns that interfere with your life. My work focuses on encouraging you to be self-aware, to build confidence, and to strengthen your ability to live a dynamic and joyful life.
(415) 250-7490
San Francisco, California 94102
Renée Spencer, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
“You may be educated, even successful, but struggle to feel good about yourself, have difficulties with close relationships or just want more out of life. I'm highly trained and experienced in engaging you in a unique conversation about who you are, how you want to live and what's getting in the way. Many people don't realize that by choosing a therapist who is also trained as a psychoanalyst, you are getting a clinician who has the highest level of training on the market.
(650) 200-3216
San Francisco, California 94115
Kate T Donohue, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“My passion for the arts, culture, psychology and social issues guided my professional growth. In my thirty years in private practice as a licensed psychologist and registered expressive arts therapist, I offer therapy sessions, which weave together expressive Arts Therapy and Jungian Psychology to individuals, adolescents and couples.
(415) 695-1464
San Francisco, California 94104
Ashley Crouch, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA, MFTI
“I am a compassionate, interactive, and direct therapist. I provide a supportive, curious and safe environment to facilitate the personal exploration and growth you are committed to achieving. I seek to understand you and your experiences as you see them, and within an empathic context we will explore your beliefs and the meaning you make from your experiences. My approach is warm, sincere and uniquely tailored for each client. With humor and kindness, I will incorporate multiple therapeutic modalities into my work choosing techniques that best match your individual needs.
(415) 548-2778
San Francisco, California 94123
Nancy Scotton, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
“I have a warm, interactive style and take a pragmatic approach to solving problems that includes positive behavior change and insight. I have 30+ years experience treating all kinds of problems, including relationship issues, anxiety/depression, grief and loss, divorce, anger, low self esteem, stress, career issues. I help couples with poor communication, lack of intimacy, balancing career and kids. My clients come from every ethnic group in San Francisco. Many SF doctors refer their patients to me for psychotherapy. I also treat gay and lesbian individuals and couples.
(415) 689-8984
San Francisco, California 94123
Asya Pogodina, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MFT
“I firmly believe that as hard as they are, difficult times are here to teach us something about ourselves. Every struggle can be seen as an opportunity to discover that which is holding us back, and the potential we carry inside. Often times, it is difficult to see a way out because pain, fear, and shame have a way of blindfolding us, taking away hope and clear vision. This is where I can help. I bring intelligence, compassion, and a discerning ear to help you illuminate your blind spots and find your way to healing.
(415) 377-3206
San Francisco, California 94132
Donna Molettiere, Somatic Psychotherapy, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
“I help people connect mind and body so they are empowered to make choices and actions in alignment with what they desire. By studying what's happening in the present, you can see "how" you are responding in life. I will help you learn "how" to change your responses to bring more vitality and creativity to your experience and relationships. I worked in management consulting for 7 years and I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I am also on staff at The Couples Center in San Francisco.
(415) 390-2486
San Francisco, California 94110
Thomas McDonagh, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“I have always had a special interest in helping people overcome stress and anxiety. Anxiety is a problem that is very distressing but also exceptionally treatable, and I enjoy seeing my clients move past their anxiety and exceed their goals. I like working with many types of people, but my favorite kind of client is someone who is highly capable and motivated, but for whom anxiety holds them back and challenges their self-confidence at work or in relationships. For some of my clients anxiety has been a lifelong issue, while for others it recently emerged.
(415) 779-7162
San Francisco, California 94105
Arin Bass, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“Arin is a graduate of the American School of Professional Psychology in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an intern registration as a Marriage and Family Therapist. In 2004, Arin joined the Institute for Juvenile Research, University of Illinois at Chicago where she co-authored studies exploring the relationship between mentoring and at-risk youth, and youth and psychopharmacology. She is currently a private practice psychotherapist in San Francisco. Arin provides psychotherapy to adolescents, adults, couples and families from demographically, educationally, and culturally diverse backgrounds. She has practiced in treatment settings, private practice and using Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP).
(216) 285-9618
San Francisco, California 94123
Kyle Corsiglia, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“Feeling anxious and unsettled? Single or in relationship, take action to feel better immediately. Use your anxiety to your advantage. Gain clarity, let go the past, develop practical coping strategies, increase your Emotional Intelligence and enjoy more happiness and success in all areas of your life, personal and professional. Take advantage of this opportunity to come into a deeper alignment with your unique gifts and life's purpose.
(415) 787-2986
San Francisco, California 94123
Ellen Marino, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MBA, LMFT
“Be the star of your own life, the author of your own story; by having the courage to face your fears and the imagination to explore your dreams, you are able to embrace your true reality. My approach is insight oriented with the belief that you are the expert in your life. I enter each therapy session with sincerity and compassion. By focusing on your strengths, I enjoy shoring up the foundation to make way for new developments and positive growth. My style is informed by: family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused and narrative approaches.
(415) 426-4993
San Francisco, California 94105
Linda Shanti McCabe, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“Do you feel despair or shame from emotional eating, bingeing, purging, or restricting? Does it seem impossible to love your body? Have you been recovered from disordered eating but still hate your body? Do you want to not pass on body hatred to your little girl? Are you wanting to be a Mom or a Mom struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, or depression? I love helping assist the process of finding your voice, peace in your body, and balance in relationships. I understand the many factors underlying disordered eating, anxiety, depression, and body image as well as what helps heal.
(415) 413-3940
San Francisco, California 94115

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in San Francisco have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in San Francisco you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in San Francisco and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in San Francisco or family therapy in San Francisco.

How to find a specialist?
If you're looking for specialist counseling in San Francisco, such as a child psychologist or sex therapist, try to refine your search with our left nav bar.

What method of therapy is right for me?
When it comes to treatment methods, there's no "right way". A couples counselor or a family counselor may use different treatment methods depending on the one that works best for you.
How to use my insurance?
Many therapists accept health insurance. Check to see if your insurance is covered. Feel free to discuss this when you contact the therapist.