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Therapists in Scarborough

Marriage & Family Therapist, MDiv, RMFT
"Stress, anxiety and depression can be overwhelming, let me walk with you. I also offer therapy for Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders, OCD, chronic pain, loss and grief, trauma, boundaries, life transition and relationships issues. I provide a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate and supportive environment where you can have the opportunity to learn coping strategies, explore different perspectives and be able to build on your strength. I am a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT)"
Scarborough, Ontario M1V 4S5
(416) 271-6818
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"I provide individual counselling to help people handle life situations. I also work with families going through separation and divorce to help them settle disputes and find solutions that everyone can live with."
Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3C3
(647) 559-0748
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, RSW
"I offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. I work with clients to improve their resiliency and help to uncover their strengths I use different modalities to meet the individual's needs. I use a client- centred approach that gives the client the ability to drive the sessions' goals. I help clients connect the dots between patterns that were established in the childhood and its manifestations in adult life. This aids in understanding the connection between the two and an exploration of ways to alter them."
Scarborough, Ontario M1L 4V3
(416) 876-2470
"For 12+ years. Providing psychotherapy, counselling and mindfulness training to clients suffering with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or life struggles resulting from new or complex situations that experience has not prepared them for. Many seek therapy because they want their situation or behaviour to change, but are stuck in a pattern of repeating exactly those things they hope to change. My role is to help you uncover and understand your current situation and what may be keeping you in self-limiting patterns, help you learn and apply new skills, and provide tools for managing symptoms and navigating new experiences."
Scarborough, Ontario M1E 4Y8
(416) 276-4789
"I believe that compassion and acceptance are key to building relationships with yourself and with others. Self-acceptance is an important step towards self-esteem, confidence, and contentment. I believe that addressing these areas will be the support individuals, couples and families to work through issues of depression, anxiety, stress, relationship concerns, and parenting challenges."
Scarborough, Ontario M1P 4X4
(647) 298-4634
Registered Psychotherapist, MSc, RPC, RYT
"It is my belief that we are meant to be happy and accomplished, and that we are perfect within. This may be hard for you to relate to now, so the therapeutic process starts from areas that are not working well for you today. Then, I help you bring awareness to your usual patterns of coping, help you release what is no longer useful, and guide you to discover within you better ways to deal with life's challenges. My style is open, welcoming and compassionate, creating a safe setting to explore the issues that are concerning you."
Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3B7
(416) 318-7216
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
""Life is moving fast, and is full of challenges with new decisions to be made." Sometimes you need a helping hand and a friendly ear to talk to. It's my passion to help people to explore and gain insight into their challenges, behaviours and problems. Together we are going to gently approach your most difficult or painful subjects and we will work on strategies and techniques to overcome them."
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 3C6
(416) 839-7420
Registered Psychotherapist, MDiv, RP, RMFT
"My mission is to walk with you as you take steps to address your personal and relationship concerns, challenges, and problems. I provide professional counselling and therapy to individuals, couples, and families in order to help you live healthy and fulfilled lives. George Eliot, a nineteenth century author once said: "It is never too late to be what you might have been." I will help you work towards finding solutions, strategies, and supports as you address the particular hurdles, problems, or needs that keep you from being the person, or having the relationship, that you desire."
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 3C6
(855) 445-3023 x102
"I am a psychotherapist whose practice is based in the Scarborough/Toronto area. I have more than ten years experience working with individuals experiencing sadness, loss, depression and anxiety. The work I do is tailored to the needs of each person and centers on an integrative approach to psychotherapy. This is done in a comfortable and supportive environment where individuals are safe to discuss presenting issues. The sessions are exploratory, solution focused and client driven."
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 3C6
(647) 768-8662
Counselor, MEd, OACCPP, IABMCP
"I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and hold Diplomate status in both Counseling and Psychotherapy with The International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy (IABMCP). I work in full-time private practice, providing cognitive-behavioral therapy to individuals, teens and couples. I also have extensive experience working with Employee Assistance Programs and in Rehabilitation. My areas of interest include anxiety, depression, relationship and sexual issues, pain management, and parenting concerns. ."
Scarborough, Ontario M1E 4A4
(416) 778-7316
"A Trauma Counselor in private practice and a successful EAP consultant for the last 18 years, I also speak French, Vietnamese and have been exposed to a multicultural population, a variety of mental ailments. I use compassion to understand your perspective, and your individual personality. Very friendly and easy to talk to, I consider establishing a therapeutic relationship first priority. My motto: "Won't you take one step closer to happiness? ". We also devise strategies together using common sense to reach a solution tailored to your circumstances."
Scarborough, Ontario M1G 2L3
(647) 782-9002
"I am a member of the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA), and am working towards getting registered with the College of Psychologists. I have worked with diverse clientele, and have a vast understanding of cultural differences. I have experience working with individuals presenting with depression and anxiety, as well as substance abuse, addictions, trauma, gender, anger management, relationships, and self-esteem concerns. I believe in taking an empathic and eclectic approach to counselling, incorporating strategies and techniques from various theoretical approaches to suit the needs of each client."
Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3E3
(416) 821-5624
Registered Psychotherapist, EdD, MEd, RP
"I offer very affordable counselling to adults, couples and families. In a non-judgemental and safe setting, I will help you explore what is worrying you now. In this supportive environment you will learn how to cope better with your present challenges or past traumas an identify realistic options to your problems, resolve them and make the positive life changes you are looking for. Languages: English & Spanish. Find more information at OR"
Scarborough, Ontario M1N 1P3
(647) 930-8448
Counselor, MA, OACCPP
"Do you feel like you need to talk to someone right away? Are you feeling sad? Are you worried, don't know what to do and who to turn to? Does life feel hopeless? I am here to help. When you are having difficulty solving problems and unable to feel happiness it is okay to ask for the support that you need."
Scarborough, Ontario M1P 3G9
(416) 884-7866
"We can usually cope with the problems and stresses of everyday life, but sometimes they may overwhelm us. Family crises, unexpected illnesses, accidents, loss of significant others, communication problems, relationship difficulties, transitions through different stages of life, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem - any of these can be helped through professional counselling. Participation in counselling does not mean that a person is abnormal nor has a mental illness. Seeking counselling means that the clients want to take responsibility for their own lives and health in order to cope, change, grow and reach their full potential in life and relationships."
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 3C6
(416) 559-9875
"Ms. Aitken is a certified member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and she has more than 20 years of experience providing psychological services. She has worked in a wide variety of settings, including a general hospital/medical centre, school board, community mental health centre and private practice. Ms. Aitken specializes in individual counselling and psychotherapy for treatment of anxiety, depression, panic, stress, chronic pain and interpersonal (relationship) issues. Her approach is based on a cognitive-behavioural model of treatment. Ms. Aitken has experience working with motor vehicle clients and providing treatment for psychological problems secondary to accident-related trauma."
Scarborough, Ontario M1E 5E9
(416) 434-2625
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, MCC, BCC, GP
"Hi, My name is Jean Henry and I practice counseling and therapy in Scarborough and Oshawa under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist or Registered Psychological Associate who are members of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. I am a clinical counsellor holding a Ph.D. in International Counselling, is certified in Pastoral Care (CPC) and is a General Practice Psychotherapist (GPP). I specialize in marriage and family counselling, conflict resolution, also with an emphasis on anger management grief and bereavement therapy."
Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3H9
(905) 995-1549
"I provide a caring, safe, and compassionate environment to identify and explore the issues and obstacles in your life. Together we will identify your goals for therapy and your personal strengths to help you overcome your struggles. I work with individuals and couples facing experiences with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, substance use, stress, life transitions (i.e. loss, change in relationship status or career), trauma, and relationship difficulties."
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 3C6
(416) 254-0252
Registered Psychotherapist, MSc, RP, RPC
"My practice is focused on building empowerment, balance, self-esteem and self awareness. I assist my clients in working through the emotional challenges involved in various life changes, loss, anxiety, depression, grief and relationship issues. Cultivating awareness and empowerment by learning to understand feelings, patterns, needs and choices as they arise, allows my clients to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the bigger picture of life - ultimately learning to rely on their own unique sources of inner strength and wisdom."
Scarborough, Ontario M1N 2Y2
(647) 977-5895
Registered Psychotherapist, MDiv, RP
"My passion is to walk along side with people during their journey towards healing and growth. I value each client as a unique individual, who deserves to be treated with compassion and respect. I believe that developing emotional maturity and gaining self-understanding are essential steps towards personal growth.Over the course of our lives, we all inevitably experienced some emotional wounds, which hinder us from personal growth. Counselling serves as a process to help us uncover those wounds and heal, and in the process, gain self-understanding and self-awareness, and be empowered to make changes towards holistic growth."
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 3C6
(647) 824-1859