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Thinking Disorders Therapists in Seattle

Kimberly K Peterson, Counselor  in Seattle
“Relationship issues? Dissatisfied with your current work situation? Feeling like you are 'just getting by'? Wondering how to get on track? We will use a Buddhist/Existential approach to help create life patterns that work for you instead of against you. Schedule a free initial consult so we can better understand what you can do to start feeling whole, content & fully alive today. Visit my website for more information. Remember, you were born with a unique purpose- if you don't feel you are living this purpose, let's talk.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 397-0451
Seattle, Washington 98101
Wendy Maurer, Counselor  in Seattle
“Undergoing intensive psychodynamic psychotherapy is deeply personal. For many individuals, this adventure into unknown recesses of their psyches reveals personal vistas previously unimagined. Such exploration frequently involves painful disclosures, frightening discoveries, an extraordinary development of self-understanding, an increase in capacity for intimate sharing, and an integration of strengths and aspirations. Such a journey, with phases of both pain and exhilaration, usually takes place over an extended period.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 451-7899
Seattle, Washington 98122
Chris Miller, Psychologist  in Seattle
“My philosophy is therapy has the potential to be a healing and empowering experience that can lead to great personal growth. I believe in the importance of creating a therapeutic environment that is safe, supportive and non-judgmental. I strive to be genuine, accepting and empathic to help clients feel understood and comfortable discussing their issues. My experience has been clients are able to make healthy changes when these factors are present in therapy. Ultimately, I believe it is important for a client to feel the therapeutic relationship is a good "fit" for him or her.
Thinking Disorders
(425) 321-5398
Seattle, Washington 98104
Patrick James Hart, Counselor  in Seattle
“Mental Health Counseling in Seattle | Psychotherapy Private Practice: Psychotherapist and counselor for problems of depression and anxiety. Therapy for panic disorder, generalized anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, simple phobia, anger management, stress reduction, social anxiety, phobias and avoidance. I help individuals, couples, and families by providing skills based therapy to help you effectively manage your moods, emotions and behavior. I'll help you learn the competencies to resolve unwanted life defeating habits. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Learn effective personal solutions for life adjustment and lasting behavior change. Thanks for your interest in my practice! I'm just a phone call away!
Thinking Disorders
(253) 642-7941
Seattle, Washington 98103
Alex L. Hermens, Counselor  in Seattle
“My private practice in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle is open to all individuals, including children, adolescents and adults. I believe in a holistic approach to therapy, meaning that I do my best to see the whole you, including everything that may influence you (e.g., culture, family, romantic relationships, sexuality). I understand that each person is unique in their experiences of growing, healing and exploring life. As your therapist, my goal is to partner with you in looking through your past, present and future to help build a stronger relationship within yourself and with others.
Thinking Disorders
(541) 590-2337
Seattle, Washington 98109
Morgan Watson, Counselor  in Seattle
“Do you feel "different" or judged because of who you are, who you love, or the color of your skin? Do you tend to repeat the same relationships with different people, or have the same fight over and over with your significant other? Is clear communication a concern for you? If you are experiencing anxiety I utilize tried and true methods to help calm your fears. If you are experiencing depression, past trauma, problems with your parents or siblings I can help you find ways to have more satisfying relationships.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 745-0680
Seattle, Washington 98102
Eliza Brink, Psychiatric Nurse  in Seattle
“My first goal in treatment is to get to know my clients and understand their story. As a trained and experienced nurse practitioner, I provide comprehensive psychiatric assessments, diagnose and prescribe medication to both children and adults. I have a specific interest in working with adolescents and young adults, with most of my practice made up of clients ages 12 years and older.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 429-4947
Seattle, Washington 98115
Pamela Ann Pollock, Counselor  in Seattle
“Welcome! I'm looking forward to meeting you. I am a very interactive, solution-focused therapist who provides counseling to those dealing with current life challenges as well as long-standing issues. I work with both women and men and have a specific expertise in treating adult women who experienced childhood sexual abuse or other forms of trauma. My overall treatment specialization includes: abuse and trauma (sexual, emotional, physical, spiritual, domestic violence), anxiety and panic attacks, anger issues, depression, grief and loss, life transitions, low self-esteem and self-confidence, relationship issues, and work-related concerns.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 504-3993
Seattle, Washington 98125
Eric Mann, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LSWAIC
“It's often difficult to seek therapy. What leads us to this place of need is often surrounded by confusion, hurt, exhaustion, or being "stuck". This is an honest place to be, and making the decision to start therapy is a courageous one. It can lead to knowing ourselves better, clearer; better understanding the "whys" of our story. It is a safe space where transformation can occur. One's unique beauty can start to come alive in new and powerful ways. Therapy can help to find freedom from ongoing cycles and confusion.
Thinking Disorders
(262) 373-6386
Seattle, Washington 98101
Barbara Grote, Psychologist  in Seattle
“Across from Swedish Hospital (Broadway & Madison), I offer individual and couples therapy for relationship issues, depression, anxiety/job stress, divorce, trauma/abuse, and other life concerns. I have many years of counseling/psychotherapy experience in clinical, high tech, and non-profit settings. I believe that therapy only works in an environment that is confidential, safe, supportive, and non-judgmental. My approach is caring and tailored to each person as an individual. I listen carefully, ask questions to further our mutual understanding, and offer feedback or observations. Regardless of what brings you to therapy, my job is to help you achieve your therapy goals.
Thinking Disorders
(253) 200-9503
Seattle, Washington 98122
Jay French, Counselor  in Seattle
“My goal is to help you make contact with the most alive and vital parts of yourself, and to foster the natural creative energy that we all have inside. I believe that all symptoms exist for good reasons. Together we can discover these reasons and help you transcend the thoughts, feelings or behaviors that limit you. Through patient and careful listening, I seek to become attuned to what is struggling to become known in and between your words, and to reflect this back to you in a way that allows you to more fully inhabit your truth.
Thinking Disorders
(253) 777-1588
Seattle, Washington 98103
Bill Soderberg, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
“I work with individuals, couples and families to gain insight and to identify the underlying causes to challenges in their lives. I help people to figure out where they are currently at and to find solutions, while building on the strengths of the individual, couple and/or family. With my assistance, clients prioritize their needs and then set simple, realistic, and achievable goals. Clients draw on their experience and learn to appreciate the areas of their life where they are enjoying success. Clients gain the skills and tools needed to meet their goals.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 388-4168
Seattle, Washington 98109
Eliza Baughn, Counselor  in Seattle
“I work collaboratively with clients to resolve long standing problems in relationships, experiences of anxiety, depression and trauma, from a psychoanalytic perspective. The therapy style I offer is helpful for individuals who are curious about their minds and motivated to discover the underlying, historic reasons beneath their difficulties. I often draw on a therapy called ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, in which I help clients examine their lives and make choices about their behavior based on their chosen values.I approach each session with openness, receptivity and acceptance.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 981-5904
Seattle, Washington 98119
Caroline Jane Plummer, Counselor  in Seattle
“At the heart of my counseling practice is my desire to help you live your best life. To become clearer about what is meaningful to you, rather than what others might have told you about yourself along the way. I am committed to working deeply and gently with your life story and issues. We create your treatment plan together, carefully identifying your goals for therapy. I have extensive training to work with trauma, emotional regulation, behavioral issues with children and adolescents,healthier relationships, depression and anxiety, increased self awareness, healing from loss, and spirituality.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 535-1563
Seattle, Washington 98119
Alison Munoff, Psychologist  in Seattle
“I am a licensed mental health counselor who is focused on helping adults who are experiencing distress in their lives. My areas of specialty include, but are not limited to, trauma, Posttraumatic Stress, depression, anxiety, dissociation, and cancer-related emotional distress. I emphasizes an individual's strengths and work to help people feel empowered in their daily lives while supporting them and giving them tools to work through difficult times. I use a variety of tools to do this, including EMDR, DBT, and other evidence based practices.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 455-7149
Seattle, Washington 98103
Rachael Pursley Counseling Services, Counselor  in Seattle
“As a relational therapist, I believe that interpersonal patterns and complexities are most often at the root of our problems. It is therefore my desire to help you become aware of the patterns in your thoughts, behaviors, and relationships in order that this new awareness might inform your current and future way of being. By acknowledging old patterns and working to establish new ones, there is hope for change through the counseling process. I kindly invite you to allow my participation as we journey together toward a more full, healthy, and hopeful life for you.
Thinking Disorders
(360) 383-5751
Seattle, Washington 98115
Bil Kareta, Counselor  in Seattle
“Life is a difficult and confusing journey for all of us. Occasionally we get "stuck" along the path. Sometimes that growth is blocked because of issues, patterns and behaviors from the past which affect the way we feel, do or react in the present. If you are experiencing issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and relationship concerns. I can offer you: a combination of heart, skill, and understanding to help you find your own solutions to these problems that face you. Through the use of solution-oriented, emotionally focused, and reality based techniques, can help you and your relationships overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 557-6792
Seattle, Washington 98117
Jeffrey Grant, Counselor  in Seattle
“I work with adolescents or adults with a desire to better understand who they are, have been, and may yet become. The therapy process is one of discovery, and coming to truly know yourself through your relationship with someone else who strives in every moment to hear you in your deepest depths and fullness. That is what I offer, because I believe that is the best of what therapy has to offer.
Thinking Disorders
(206) 745-4487
Seattle, Washington 98122
Taylor Mccarrey, Counselor  in Seattle
“I have been working in the mental health field since 2007, supporting individuals and families dealing with trauma, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and the consequences of major life changes. I have worked extensively with people of all ages in dealing with emotional regulation as it relates to daily functioning with family, friends, coworkers, and classmates. I believe in the power of language and communication, and I believe that the skills necessary to improve one's quality of life can be learned and implemented at any age and under any circumstance.
Thinking Disorders
(857) 816-3429
Seattle, Washington 98107
Andrea Kunwald, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Seattle
“Awareness is the first step towards change. Perhaps your awareness has triggered a need for improvements in your relationships or life satisfaction, reducing depression, anxiety, or family conflict, grieving a loss, finding clarity of the self? My great passion is to support people who have been or going through a stressful experience and accompany them in their healing process. I help my clients, who include children, adults and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, and whole.
Thinking Disorders
(702) 761-3336
Seattle, Washington 98199

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