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Alzheimer's Therapists in Shoreline

Carol J Lundemo, Counselor  in Shoreline
“Are you burdened with feelings of anxiety, depression, or hopelessness? Do you have obsessive thoughts or feel compelled to perform rituals that you know don't make sense? I specialize in treating depression, adjustment and anxiety disorders with special emphasis on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD is very common, affecting one in 40 individuals, yet remains largely misunderstood. I am very experienced with exposure/response prevention, which is the only evidence based therapy treatment other than medication proven effective. I am also available for consultations with family members, who frequently experience frustration, confusion, and pain while not knowing how to help.
(206) 453-2681
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Andrei Dandescu, Counselor  in Shoreline
“I strive to approach behavioral concerns with openness, care, and accountability toward your goals. I wish to provide client-tailored cognitive behavioral tools to assist, and support your personal goals. I approach counseling in a collaborative manner and believe that a strong rapport is essential to our success. My professional training is congruent with biopsychosocial and cognitive-behavioral approaches, yet is flexible and open to new therapeutic tools. I hope to have an opportunity to foster your inherent problem-solving abilities, capacity for insight, ability to heal from emotional suffering, and potential to change unwanted behaviors.
(206) 557-3963
Office is near:
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Kimberly A. MacEachern, Counselor  in Shoreline
“I have had the honor to work with courageous individuals who have experienced pain and suffering associated with addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, identity, and trauma, including combat-related as well as sexual and physical abuse. In my approach, there is a focus on the relational work in therapy. Additionally, I believe growth requires change, and the past can inform our present. Therefore, an integrative approach of therapeutic interventions is utilized to foster authentic growth. The foci of modalities stem from Rogerian techniques, psychodynamic theory, relational theories, CBT, mindfulness, and existentialism.
(206) 981-5336 x27
Office is near:
Shoreline, Washington 98155
Cal ledbetter, Counselor  in Shoreline
“You don't have to suffer from anxiety and panic! Anxiety and its cousins--problems with relationships, anger, alcohol and weed overuse, strange eating habits, and troubles with sleep can be changed in therapy. Depression, panic, ennui, worry, and frustration can be things of the past.
(206) 486-2965
Office is near:
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Substance Abuse Rehab - Cascade, Treatment Facility  in Shoreline
“The question, "Why do some people become addicted to drugs while others do not?" is a common one. While a number of risk factors and causes have been associated with the development of various addictions there remains no clear answer to this question. Unfortunately, many people who have never been addicted may think they have the answers, leading to negative stereotypes and stigmas. This can be extremely painful for those fighting an addiction and sometimes even prevent them from seeking care. If you are suffering with an addiction you have likely experienced negative consequences related to your problem, along with negative self-judgments about trying to quit but not being successful. You also may have experienced problems with relationships perhaps leading to social isolation, and feelings of hopelessness about the improvement of your future, resulting in a sense of helplessness over your perceived inability to make positive changes in your life. You don't have to feel alone anymore. At Cascade we can help you uncover the strengths within you and show you ways to use these internal resources to successfully battle your addiction so you can start down the road to a healthy, happy life.
(206) 981-3352
We serve:
Shoreline, Washington 98177
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Urmi S Saraiya, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Shoreline
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
“Empowering Children/Adolescents and Their Families Our Children watch us live - what we do shouts louder than what we say!
(253) 214-9616
Shoreline, Washington 98155
Lauren Harris, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Shoreline
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MC, LMFT
“My approach to therapy is always client centered. I genuinely believe that you are your own healer. My job is to help clear away the blocks that are keeping you from being your best and most authentic self. I empower my clients to learn to trust their inner guide, their intuition, about what's right for them. I teach self-compassion, as many people coming into therapy are often in some ways unkind to themselves. I get deep satisfaction in helping you discover your true, powerful and essential self.
(206) 489-3791
Shoreline, Washington 98155
Renee Calm, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Shoreline
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFTA
“My training is in systems therapy, which examines how the many facets of our lives interact. In therapy, we sometimes look at how surrounding relationships and past experiences effect our current beliefs and values. If emotions and mood are difficult to manage, or there is difficulty adjusting to developmental and life stage changes, I offer support and tools to work through this. These challenges often arise for young adults, new mothers, managing intimate relationships and employment transitions. Too often, grief and loss also bring up painful struggles for individuals and families. Therapy can be helpful in these most challenging times.
(206) 535-1886
Shoreline, Washington 98155
Shobana Nuland, Counselor  in Shoreline
“Do you often feel lonely? Do you feel depressed and that things will never change? Has some trauma kept you immobilized and in fear? Every person holds the answers to their issues and concerns deep within themselves. With my guidance, you'll examine the beliefs and emotions that keep you from listening to and acting on your inner wisdom. Learn to release anxiety, anger and resentment so that you can make healthy life choices. I create a compassionate, non-judgemental environment in which lasting change happens. Through awareness, you can learn to create a fulfilling life.
(206) 981-5952
Shoreline, Washington 98177
Robert (Bob) L Ransom, Counselor  in Shoreline
“I do Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counseling and PPO-Mental Health Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling with the mentally ill and physically disabled for many Insurance programs. I use Cognitive Therapy and Adlerian life style counseling for treatment helping people adjust their attitudes and and cognitive thoughts, or self statements, to more positive and constructive ones for more successful behaviors. Forensic Mental Health and Psychological Evaluations have been conducted on 2600 cases with testimony in 950 hearings/trials. My testimony has been found persuasive in hearings/court 95% of the time.
(253) 200-9813
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Wendy Flores, Counselor  in Shoreline
“Are you a woman looking for a safe, gentle place to work on intense emotional issues? I work with women who are struggling with self-acceptance, relationship issues, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, life transition, and current or past trauma. Often, these issues go together and result in a general sense of unhappiness that is hard to pinpoint the source of. The truth is, however, that most psychological issues don't just disappear. We need assistance to heal. If you have the sense that you just don't know what to do, but you have to do something, I think I can be helpful to you.
(206) 388-4512
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Kristi M King, Psychologist  in Shoreline
“Please note: I accept individual adult clients only. I have been practicing as a psychologist in the Greater Seattle Area for over 20 years. My clients find me to be a kind, caring professional who is concerned about their needs. I take a complete history in the first one to two sessions to obtain a full picture of the client. I consider not only a client's symptoms, but also their overall health, self-care, relationships with family members and significant others, roles and tasks, strength of social support, and financial stresses.
(206) 745-0972
Shoreline, Washington 98155
Northwest Psychotherapy, Counselor  in Shoreline
“I am a person-centered psychotherapist interested in supporting you to address the traumas, pains, losses and/or other experiences that have inspired you to seek out a psychotherapist. My focus is on creating a safe, confidential space for you to be able to freely express yourself. EMDR is an option to release traumatic memories or fears that have not yet been fully processed.
(206) 535-1672
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Anam Cara Counseling, PLLC, Pastoral Counselor  in Shoreline
“After 40 years in the service of others, I recognize that maintaining resilience and vitality are essential to continued professional and personal effectiveness. My counseling practice focuses on those who work in the caring professions - especially the fields of counseling, education, emergency services, healthcare [nurses, nurse-practitioners, physicians], ministry as well as police and fire rescue. Together, we explore the balance between other-care and self-care to prevent or treat 'burnout' or 'compassion fatigue' to preserve authenticity, integrity and vocational calling.
(206) 673-5618
Shoreline, Washington 98133
“Virginia Grafton Becker, Psy.D graduated with a doctorate in clinical psychology form the University of Denver in 1987. She completed a year as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington/Harborview Reproductive and Sexual Medicine Clinic. She co-authored a chapter on female orgasmic dysfunction. For 10 years she consulted in a urology office, treating psychogenic sexual dysfunction. She has served on the Snohomish County Juvenile Sex Offender Project.Dr. Becker is a Diplomate, Certified Sex Therapist, by AASECT.
(253) 470-4189
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Elizabeth Bee, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Shoreline
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFTA
“Life is not easy. Unexpected problems arise that you are unprepared to deal with. Whether your child is struggling in school, depressed, angry, or perhaps the whole family is in crisis. I have many years experience with children and families in a variety of settings (preschools, schools, and community mental health agencies). Together we can sort out the challenges and uncover the talents that will help your family function better. It can be hard to take that first step and try therapy, but it is time. Things can be better and I am ready to work with you if you are ready to try.
(206) 489-3499
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Jan Santora-Farrar, Counselor  in Shoreline
“I offer psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, couples and groups regarding life issues such as work, aging, health, body, personal relationships, finances and experiencing the Self. My integrative approach can reduce anxiety and depression; move blocked cellular energy; facilitate healing loss and grief; and transform relationship. For instance, coping skills are formed early to survive in family-of-origin and the culture. As we age, these coping skills become less adaptive, causing pain. Successful transition through life involves examination of our ways of coping to keep what works and release what does not, replacing with skills which enhance life.
(206) 569-4835
Shoreline, Washington 98177
Jacqueline Conquest, Counselor  in Shoreline
“If you are open to exploring and accessing your inner wisdom, knowing and releasing or understanding what is preventing you from your sense of well being then I can assist you in your process of enfoldment & self empowerment. You have your own inner wisdom to access. If you are feeling stuck, depressed, stressed, anxious, or struggle with low-self esteem, addictions, negative destructive thinking or relationships, unhappy with your sense of self, life, profession or whatever my intention is to help you discover your empowerment and freedom to be your true self.
(206) 462-5935
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Sharon Aboosaidi Moezzi, Counselor  in Shoreline
“Consulting can offer a better understanding of the behaviors, beliefs and emotions that fuel our daily interactions with families and other people. Therapy is a process. My job is to facilitate you through possible change options. It is my goal to work with you closely during therapy to aid in clarifying your goals for treatment, explore patterns and choices of communication, relationships life style and foster development of beneficial coping strategies with commitment on both parts during therapy. The main goal is to explore patterns of behavior thoughts and actions to foster positive change and personal growth.
(206) 745-3402
Shoreline, Washington 98133
Karen E. Clark, Psychologist  in Shoreline
“Welcome. In my practice I see individual adults as well as children and families. The essential elements of therapy are compassion and deep understanding. As your therapist, my intention is to meet you where you are and go with you on your journey. My hope is that you will feel safe to express all of what you're feeling, that we can explore these feelings with compassion, and discover what can be understood. I will use my knowledge, training, and all that I've learned from my patients to help you negotiate the crossroads and crisis points in your life.
(206) 673-2197
Shoreline, Washington 98155
Therapists: 1 to 5

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Alzheimer's Therapists
A progressive neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimers Disease slowly destroys an individual's memory, judgment, cognition and eventually ability to function. It represents an enormous burden on victims of the disease and their family alike.

Alzheimer's is characterized by memory loss, language deterioration, impaired ability to mentally manipulate visual information, poor judgment, confusion, restlessness, and mood swings.

Alzheimer's usually begins after age 65, but its onset may occur as early as age 40, appearing first as memory decline and, over several years, destroying cognition, personality, and ability to function. Confusion and restlessness may also occur. The early symptoms of AD, which include forgetfulness and loss of concentration, can be missed easily because they resemble signs of natural aging.

If you're looking for help for a friend or mother or father with alzheimer's in Shoreline or for a Shoreline alzheimer's Therapist, these professionals provide alzheimer's help, alzheimer's therapy, alzheimer's counseling and alzheimer's treatment. They include alzheimer's Therapists, alzheimer's psychologists and alzheimer's counselors. Therapists can help with testing for alzheimer's or diagnosis of alzheimers in Shoreline. They work with alzheimer behaviors in Shoreline and follow alzheimer's research. Therapists can provide support for family members and carers of alzheimer's patients in Shoreline or direct you to local alzheimer's resources.

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