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Therapists in South Houston

Marriage & Family Therapist, LPC, LMFT, MEd
"I am a psychotherapist who has been in private practice for 30 years. Because of the longevity of my work, I have encountered a wide variety of people of all ages and problems. I believe in the dignity and value of each individual person and treat people with empathy, compassion, warmth, and kindness. I give sustained attention during a session and believe that people can solve their own problems with some objective structure and feedback. For my clients' convenience I maintain two offices. Weekend and evening appointments are available."
$90 - $130
Office is near:
South Houston, Texas 77587
(713) 667-5659
"Are you feeling anxious, fearful or like life is out of control? Do you wake up in the morning not wanting to face the day? Are you struggling in your relationship? Do you find yourself repeating the same unhealthful/damaging behaviors? Are you putting off pursuing your dreams? Do you feel bogged down as you try to make a change? If all the thing you've tried are not enough, this is the time to see help from a professional therapist. You need an expert who can help you based on extensive experience. I have more than 30 years experience."
Office is near:
South Houston, Texas 77587
(281) 616-7163
"Since you have found yourself here, it is likely that you or someone you know is struggling with life's inevitable challenges. Please know that you don't have to go it alone. Everyone needs help at some point, and there is good reason to believe that things can improve more easily and quickly with help than without help. I'm a licensed psychologist trained in a variety of evidence-based therapies, and I offer a straightforward, direct style that maintains the caring and collaborative atmosphere necessary to assist people in their search for a happier, more satisfying life."
Office is near:
South Houston, Texas 77587
(713) 999-3686
"River Oaks Intensive Outpatient Program is a program designed to meet the acute mental health needs of multicultural/ bilingual adults in an environment that is safe, containing, and culturally sensitive. We provide comprehensive mental health care with the aim of promoting and restoring patient autonomy, self-understanding, and behavioral change. / El Programa Ambulatorio Intensivo River Oaks es un programa diseñado para suplir las necesidades de salud mental agudas en los adultos hispanohablantes, bilingües y nativos por igual, en un ambiente que es seguro y culturalmente sensible. Proporcionamos la atención integral de la salud mental con el fin de promover y restaurar la autonomía del paciente, comprensión de sí mismo, y el cambio de comportamiento."
We serve:
South Houston, Texas 77587
(832) 742-6628