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Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Feeling empty, overwhelmed, or disconnected? My expertise is in providing unique treatment plans that meet the concerns of each of my clients. I have a down to earth, practical, and wholistic approach that draws from 30 years of training and experience with individuals, couples and families. I specialize in working with anxiety and panic attacks as well as stressors in the body, in relationships, or at work. I work with grief/loss, rebuilding trust in self and connection to life, and issues of low self-esteem and co-dependency. Effective communication techniques and self-empowerment are core to my practice."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99212
(509) 774-4288
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MS, LMFT, CDP
"My name is Jack Stell. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP). I am a Navy veteran - 12 years on four submarines. I am also a survivor of both post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). My personal experiences and recovery give me a unique perspective and a distinct advantage when working with clients who have had similar experiences. My life and the lives of most of my clients are living examples showing that the effects of trauma and TBI can be reduced and often eliminated."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 978-0146
"I believe sometimes all we need is for someone to listen to us without judging to help find answers. In my office, the client is completely involved in determining the course of therapy. You can expect an initial session to be of gathering personal history, health history, and family of origin history. We will work together to see if we can begin to identify the problem and what you might want to do about the problem. We try to establish how we will know when this has been accomplished, how often to meet, as well as any arrangements for payment."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 731-4914
"I am committed to the experience of social justice for all clients. I am skilled and experienced in the treatment of trauma (particularly related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and childhood sexual abuse), gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender issues, and bullying. I am equally adept at treating depression, anxiety, grief & loss, and adjustment issues."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 774-3965
"Dr. Kimberly Cole is the founder of Briar Rose Center and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is a Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Therapist. She has been in an independent practice in the Spokane-Seattle areas since January 2007. Her areas of expertise includes Complex Trauma (DID), PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Grief-Loss, Sexual Orientation, Self-Care, Effective Communication, Problem Solving, Substance Abuse, Consultation, and Stress Management. Dr. Cole focuses on empowerment and independence; enhancement of strengths rather than a focus on weaknesses; lack of emphasis on pathology and victim blaming; and the importance of psycho-education."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 978-0863
"I have spent 15 years helping people move from what I call "Surviving to Thriving". I can help you, your relationship, or your family move there also. This process; dealing with the fears, the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, the anger as we sometimes are forced into life changes we have no control over can, quite simply, overwhelm us. A deeply caring therapist, with the knowledge, experience, patience, and courage to help us along our life's path can be extraordinarily helpful."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 730-5997
"My experience includes working with individuals, couples and families in both private and home-based settings. I work with individuals to help them overcome and cope with grief/loss due to death, job loss or divorce. I help individuals process anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, eating and learning disorders, self harming behaviors, anger management, OCD, and ADD/ADHD."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 956-4118
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, CDP
"If you are struggling with substance use, relationship issues, consequences of choices or just need an outside perspective on a situation, I want to help you find your way toward a happier, healthier life! I believe that every person has the ability to improve their lives. I feel honored to be able to walk beside you as you discover the answer to your struggles."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 240-8715
"Ms. Van Wormer is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor; she is currently accepting new patients. Ms. Van Wormer provides psychotherapy to individuals, families, and couples in a safe and therapeutic environment. Her therapeutic approach is heavily influenced by Feminist Theory, the basic tenets of which are: egalitarian relationships, empowerment and independence, a focus on strengths over weaknesses, acceptance and validation, and absence of pathology."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 631-9523
"During counseling sessions, I work to recognize, respond to, and validate what you are feeling. By understanding that we do not have the ability to choose where we come from, but you and I through an integrated process, can choose together we go from here. My personal belief in a therapeutic approach is supportive, genuine, and non-judgmental, that includes educating clients from a strength-based, solution-focused and positive perspective, in turn motivates individuals to discover healthy ways of overcoming emotional, psychological, and environmental adversities."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 774-5140
"I provide counseling for individuals, children, adolescents, and families in a supportive and calm environment. Everyone goes through life's challenges, grief, trauma, and stress in different ways. At Family Essentials Counseling I use art, sand tray and play therapy techniques in addition to traditional verbal processing techniques to help adults and children express their feelings in the way they are most comfortable. This allows us to begin the process of healing and growth. I have experience working with abused and neglected children, families in crisis, victims of domestic violence, individual and family counseling, parenting education, and international social work."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 778-4138
"I am certified in Marriage and Family Therapy. My experience includes working with individuals, couples and families in both private and home-based settings. I work with individuals as they have struggled, overcome and coped with grief and loss, anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, relationship conflict and other distressing circumstances resulting in troubled mental health. I specialize in helping individuals, couples and families to create healthy, functional relationships and lives that flourish. I operate from a family systems base which focuses on treating the entire family, strengthening the family system, meeting individual needs and discovering hope for the future."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 228-8537
"I believe we all have the capacity to live fulfilling lives, but sometimes we become overwhelmed and don't know in which direction to move. I use a practical, solution focused approach to help you identify and achieve your goals."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 774-2169
"Something is getting in the way of resolution and growth in your life or the life of someone you care about. You need someone to hear your struggles and support you to reach beyond the difficulties you face. You want help that is personalized to meet your specific needs. You are looking for someone to aid in illuminating your struggles or re-framing issues so you can choose a better course of action or behavior. I have nearly 15 years experience working with more than 1,000 individuals and families. Let's get you moving toward your brighter future!"
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 426-3845
"I work for Brain Healing, LLC in Spokane, Washington and my background includes working with individuals struggling with trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, and readjustment issues. We provide EMDR, Neurofeedback Therapy, and talk therapy (CBT/CPT/DBT) in order to meet the specific needs of each individual. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have!"
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 774-5287
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW, CDP, SAP
"Good therapy recognizes that we are greater than the problem believing people grow, heal, and transform. Change occurs when we experience grace through awareness of self, challenging old beliefs, learning new skills, and letting go of pain. My task and privilege is to assist you in the process. So to that end I will work with you in a collaborative way in a human to human connection to provide the foundation for change. I take a holistic approach viewing the body, mind, and spirit as interrelated."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 774-2568
"It's been said, "The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it's the same problem you had to deal with last year." -- John Foster Dulles -- Change is a difficult process. Wanting to change on one hand, knowing we need to change, but also desperately holding on to old thought processes and behaviors on the other hand. I view my role as a counselor as an agent of change, helping clients find the courage to overcome their fears and the knowledge and skills to be able to sustain the changes."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99212
(509) 563-7033
"I treat children, adolescents and adults. I provide counseling to individuals, couples and families. My most common method of treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy. I provide assistance to those struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, sadness or grief, adjustment issues, relationship issues, problem-solving skills, and life skills. I also specialize in parent/child attachment and bonding. Please contact me at 509.385.0292 or by the number listed below. You can also reach me by email at"
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
(509) 731-4916
"I am a Liscensed Mental Health Counselor with 23 years experience working with individuals, couples and families.I approach therapy from a whole person perspective to encourage mind, body, and spiritual health. My theraputic orientations are Cognitive-Behavioral, Psycho-Educational, and Solution Focussed."
Spokane Valley, Washington 99212
(509) 730-5909
Counselor, MA, LMFTA, LMHCA
"Have you recently experienced a traumatic event? Are you struggling with a tough transition? Does it seem like you and your partner are in constant battle? Is life - with its pressures, deadlines, and disappointments - overwhelming? You're not alone: I'd like to help."
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Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
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