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Anger Management Therapists in Toronto

Pastoral Counselor, RP, DMin
"I counseled clients at non-profit organizations and hospital Psychiatry Department (1996-2014) in Toronto. Some of my clients had stress, mental health issues (e.g. Depression, Eating Disorders), emotional-behavioral issues and/or problems with the criminal justice system (e.g. assault, mischief, DUI). The symptoms of stress often affect personal functioning in marriage, family relationships, work and/or social settings. My mission is to help individuals to reconcile with themselves, family and the society. Through counseling, I strive to guide individuals on the road to learning self-sustainable coping skills for managing one's life and relationships positively."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M4C 4H2
(416) 770-8184
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, HSC, CAMF, OSP
"Unable to access our own wisdom, we get stuck in unhealthy thinking patterns and don't know why we do what we do. Moreover, we may not be able to take necessary first steps. Change occurs when we understand what we have to let go of, why we've been holding on, and ultimately what we need to embrace. I will help you to grow your strengths and let go of what isn't useful. My formal education and ongoing curiosity are supplemented by a PhD in life. I understand people and the challenges of being human and I help people move forward."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M4C 3W4
(416) 690-3684
"If you are reading this you may have been told, in your workplace or by your loved one, that you need to 'see somebody' to rein in your anger or to handle pressure better. It can be done! I have worked with hundreds of clients, not all of them exactly thrilled to have to come and talk. And yet we've succeeded! We've discovered together many useful strategies to increase the mastery of life, every single time. TowardMastery&Peace is a program like no other. It offers gentle yet powerful strategies you are in control of, today and forever."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R3
(416) 706-5145
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, BSW, RSSW
"I am a gentle and bold therapist. I will listen carefully to your experiences. I will explore with you connections between your present thoughts, feelings, actions and past events. The aim is to help you understand more about yourself. The blue print for our actions, behaviors, feelings and self-concept was put in place at a very young age. We may look for patterns that worked well in their early context, but do not work anymore. A change may be needed. The insight you gain in a committed, active therapeutic relationship can be a powerful tool."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1V7
(647) 933-5350
"I have been working for 21 years. I specialize in working with neglect, chronic and acute abuse. I enjoy offering clients a chance to reach their full potential. I enjoy working with problems that seem unmanageable, but have seen change over and over again. I like to adjust all therapy work to suit each individual situation. I certified in sensorimotor psychotherapy. I now use neurofeedback treatments as an adjunct to therapy."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2M7
(647) 931-1415
"Working with the right therapist is the single most important factor in your journey to recovery. Knowledge, experience and rapport are important factors to consider when choosing a health professional, and I encourage you to interview your prospective therapist. Please call me for a free consultation and we can discuss your circumstances in a respectful and confidential way."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M4M 2S1
(647) 494-3304
"Mcdowall Counselling & Consulting Group is comprised of registered psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and consultants who are dedicated to providing professional helping services to individuals, couples, families and organizations in Toronto. Our associates are committed to assessing your current situation and collaborating with you to develop a plan that will best suit your unique needs. Our shared counselling goal is to help empower you to be actively involved in the process of change. Whether you talk to one of our psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors our intention is to assist you in feeling motivated to live your best life!"
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Y2
(416) 485-5555 x1
"1 Day Anger Management Workshop/Course. CERTIFICATE AND LETTER PROVIDED SAME DAY.- Ideal for those Mandated by COURT or WORK or simply wanting to take it for Personal Development. 8 week Anger Management for Individuals - At one of our various locations. Ideally 8 sessions, once a week for eight weeks. 8 Week Anger Management for Couples - At one of our various locations, once a week for eight weeks. 10 Week Anger Management for Groups- At one of our various locations. Once a week for ten weeks"
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2E9
(866) 568-1446
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"Anger, Anxiety, Depression or Family Conflict, these are the challenges people often experience in their lives. If you are a person struggling with any of these or experiencing other mental health issues, please don't hesitate to call and check whether I am the right therapist to get support for your challenges. I am a Registered Social Worker with 20 years of experience; worked in domestic violence shelter, mental health and substance abuse services , family counselling and crisis response services within USA and Canada. I offer services in English, Bengali, Hindi/Punjabi, and Urdu. Services can be provided through telephone."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M6H 2Y9
(647) 219-2998
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, BSc, MSW, RSW
"Has sexual behaviour, anger, or drug/alcohol abuse caused problems in your life, or in the life of your loved one? Do you have thoughts or feelings in these areas that seem overwhelming to you, and you don't know where to turn? Are you having difficulty in your relationships, your job, or in other important areas of your life because of your thoughts or behaviours in these areas? Do you feel like you are a "sex addict?" Have you, or has your loved one, been charged with a criminal offence? I might be able to help..."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2T9
(647) 881-0976
"Sadness, depression, anxiety or anger can interfere with our enjoyment of life and keep us stuck. Our inability to tolerate these feelings can lead to addictive patterns or behaviours which threaten to take over our life. Sometimes we establish a pattern of unhealthy relationships and can't understand how we have ended up there, once again. My style is supportive, compassionate, warm and honest. I will provide you with helpful feedback about how you get in your own way and I will work with you to find a new path that fits for you."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1V7
(647) 977-5719
Registered Psychotherapist, MA, RP, CCC
"Helping individual adults with depression, anger, career, relationships, traumatic experiences, and other issues. Located in the PATH in Royal Health Care Centre at Adelaide & York. My work is always non-judgmental and confidential, so most people feel extremely comfortable talking to me. I genuinely enjoy seeing my clients succeed in achieving their psychotherapy, career, and life goals, and I always do my best to help them do so."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3P5
(647) 955-6079
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, RSW
"I offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. I work with clients to improve their resiliency and help to uncover their strengths I use different modalities to meet the individual's needs. I use a client- centred approach that gives the client the ability to drive the sessions' goals. I help clients connect the dots between patterns that were established in the childhood and its manifestations in adult life. This aids in understanding the connection between the two and an exploration of ways to alter them."
Anger Management
Office is near:
Toronto, Ontario M5A 2S5
(416) 876-2470
"In a safe, warm and non-judgmental manner, I can help couples improve their relationship, enhance communication, re-establish trust, and deal more positively with daily stresses such as finances, parenting styles and family conflict. I also do individual counselling for anxiety, depression, anger management and stress management. Together, we can work to make changes that will help you feel better and help you take the necessary steps towards a more fulfilling life. I am conveniently located at Bloor West Village. My counselling services are also covered by insurance companies."
Anger Management
Office is near:
Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Y2
(647) 977-5902
"Resourceful Ph. D. in personality psychology. Masters and M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Organizational Behaviour and psychometrics. Proficient counselor to students for further studies and planning. Gold Medalist in Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy (Psychology)."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario L5B 0C6
(647) 278-1921
Registered Psychotherapist, RP, PhD, OACCPP
"I am a Registered Psychotherapist with more than 10 years of experience in Russia and Canada. I provide help for people with low self-esteem, low mood and those who worry about life events and struggle with accepting themselves and are dealing with the challenges they face."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M4C 2M3
(416) 423-2484
"I offer effective, collaborative therapy for individuals, couples and adult families tailored to your personal needs, goals and financial situation. I am a senior clinical psychologist with more than 15 years experience helping people manage personal, family, health and work crises, as well as addictions. You are guaranteed that within three sessions you will feel noticeably better and have a clear plan to manage or solve your immediate difficulties. I offer an initial consultation session to get you started that is free if you decide not to continue further. For more information about my practice and our firm's services visit our website"
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E2
(416) 597-2614 x112
Counselor, MA, BSc, CHt
"If you have depression, anxiety, fears, constant worries, anger, grief, insomnia, relationship issues, low self-confidence, school-related challenges; my client-centered approach could help you to work on your issues in a constructive way to guide you in a healing journey towards greater happiness and calamity. My education and training includes graduate education at UCLA in c.counselling and school psychology, graduate education at UC Berkeley in Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma from American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training from Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre, Weight Management Counseling program from Yale School of Medicine, Harvard Graduate School of Education professional education"
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3K4
(416) 268-7439
"Have you been in a situation were you feel alone, shame, guilt, mistrust and abandon. Want to address life challenge and to create a positive change, working as a nursing assistance since 2002 with a varieties of issues.. Caring with extensive knowledge of advice, support to clients, ability to empathize with individuals while retaining an objective and realistic approach to Therapy and Treatment."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M9M 1A2
(647) 739-1227
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MEd, MSW, RSW
"Are you upset with yourself after acting on your anger? Are others afraid of you after you express your anger? Are you in a relationship and unable to make it work? Is being close to people you love difficult? Is your relationship one of high conflict? Is your childhood having a negative influence on your present life or relationship? Are your children having a difficult time because of the tensions in the family? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then I may be able to help you. I am a registered Social Worker."
Anger Management
Toronto, Ontario M4V 1C8
(416) 576-4203