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Hampden, Medfield, Remington, Woodberry and Wyman Park
"After working for over 25 years with individuals across all stages of the life span, I have come to believe that we are all capable of healing. In keeping with this premise, I employ a collaborative therapeutic style marked by warmth, empathy and respect. My approach seeks to identify and alter patterns that impede the development of a harmonious self, while assisting individuals to discover their intrinsic strengths. I have a strong interest in Interpersonal Neurobiology. Interpersonal Neurobiology seeks to identify convergent findings across multiple domains of science in order to promote health in our minds, bodies and relationships."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 305-9483
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C
"Hello, and welcome. I bring a holistic approach to my therapy practice, including both Western principles and Eastern philosophies. At the root of my practice, I believe that suffering is a universal experience which, when approached with compassion, can provide us with opportunities for growth."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(443) 536-0380
Counselor, MS, LCPC, LCADC
"My passion is working with clients to find meaning & purpose in life. I can help you find your true path. I also treat depression, anxiety, adjustment problems, substance abuse, life transitions, family, couples / marriage, and spirituality. Clients will find that I am very easy to talk to, very easy-going, and very respectful of your concerns. I will work to engage you in a way that matches your personality and experience, putting you at ease with this process. I will join with you in this process to reach your goals and find the peace and fulfillment you deserve in life."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(443) 364-9871
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C, CT
"We all possess natural wisdom, goodness and sanity and already hold within us all that we need to heal ourselves and others. By engaging in mindfulness and loving kindness practices we can take an honest look at who we are and cultivate gentleness and compassion towards ourselves and others. With this as our foundation we can realize that times of difficulty are also opportunities for tremendous growth and discovery."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(443) 965-9138
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C
"I've been blessed to be able to work in this field for over the last 15 years, 8 as a psychotherapist. Over that time I've been able to work with a myriad amount of problems, ranging from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, ADHD in both adults and children, as well as work with families and couples in distress. I personally take great enjoyment in working with people with anxiety based difficulties, having had the greatest success with this population."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 469-7520
"For almost 40 years I have had the honor of playing a key role in helping people transform their lives. As an integral part of life's journey, we are all on some kind of path to find meaning and purpose. When we find our right path and honor it, we experience life as rich and fulfilling. It's when individuals come to an awareness that they are not on the right path and that their attempts to make things better have become part of the problem that they are more ready to consider working with a therapist or coach."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 489-1385
"I believe that the struggles and emotional pain that lead people to seek treatment are meaningful; that understanding the triggers and sources of those struggles is as important as relieving the symptoms themselves, because it offers the individual the opportunity to reflect upon the choices he or she has made and to consider alternatives."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 205-1551
"I believe that each of us already posseses the inner resources we need to reduce difficult emotions, overcome life challenges, improve relationships, and ultimately, maximize happiness. Grounded in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), I work with adolescents and adults to develop the insight and skills needed for emotional healing, desired change, and personal growth. DBT is a therapeutic approach demonstrated to be helpful in replacing unwanted thoughts and behaviors with healthy and adaptive alternatives. DBT individual and group therapy are offered in my Baltimore and Westminster locations."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(443) 756-0134
"I work with adults with depression, anxiety, trauma-related issues, addiction and other difficulties. Working in a collaborative, caring fashion, you and I, together, can help you experience relief and healing, identify and overcome coping patterns that no longer work, and develop new, more life-giving ways of dealing with yourself, relationships, and life."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 983-6684
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW-C
"I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 15 years experience in supporting people of all ages navigate both distressing and exciting life transitions. I believe that to achieve true wellness and find balance in life, it is necessary to attend to the body, mind, heart and spirit."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 690-4732
"I am a licensed psychologist with years of experience working with men and women of all ages: adolescents, adults, and seniors. I work with people struggling with major life challenges, such as substance abuse, trauma, behavior problems, and personal crises. I also work with people who need some help getting through a difficult time, or who are interested in better understanding themselves, and improving the quality of their lives and relationships. My approach is supportive and insight-oriented, while keeping a focus on the choices that you are making that may impact your situation."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 970-6708
"I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist. My practice centers around consultation and ongoing treatment of children and adolescents with complicated stories and complex psychiatric presentations. I utilize psycho-pharmacotherapy, parent-management training, and other evidence-based treatment approaches."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 840-7097
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C, PhD
"It can be difficult to contact a therapist and begin a process of exploration and change. But when you come to see me, I will strive to help you feel comfortable and welcome. You might be seeking therapy to help resolve a problem in your relationships or your work, to deal with a troubling change that has occurred, to discover how old, no longer useful patterns in your life can change, to enhance your capacity for creativity and imagination, or to come to a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 417-7806
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C
"I recently relocated to Baltimore to join Dr. Michael Labellarte at CPE Clinic. Utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing, I work with children, adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, drug addiction, and trauma. I graduated, from Simmons College, with a Masters in Social Work (MSW) in 2008 and I co-authored an article in the Journal of Adolescent Health, examining gender differences in juvenile violence using the Add Heath Study. (Blum, J. Ireland, M. Blum, R. Gender Difference in Juvenile Violence: A Report from Add Health. JAdolescHealth 32(3) 234-240, 2003.)"
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 927-5006
"Successful communication, love, and need fulfillment, whether in an intimate relationship, or in our individual lives, all contribute to our experience of joy and contentment. Collectively we will work to understand how habits of the present, and their relation to the past, may be impeding your happiness and growth. I invite you to contact me for a complementary consultation so that we may begin the process of enhancing your relationships, and creating greater contentment in your life....Regards, Mark"
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 983-6398
"I am a Clinical Psychologist specializing in work with children, adolescents and their families. I provide comprehensive psychological evaluations and consultations. I also provide therapy services to address emotional and behavioral concerns, such as those associated with ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 567-0893
"We all suffer, but most suffering is not necessary. We develop habits to cope with suffering, but then find we are stuck repeating patterns that no longer serve us. Creating a safe, stable, and trusting environment, we can non-judgementally perceive where we are stuck and have the courage to let go of unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We are then able to grow in new ways that allow for gentleness, peace, and joy."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 538-2597
"Dr. Codori, a clinical psychologist in Balimore, provides individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling or couple therapy, and group psychotherapy. Her areas of expertise include the treatment of mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder. Her treatment approach combines techniques drawn from the emotionally-focused and cognitive-behavioral methods, with treatment tailored to the individual. She is certified by ICEEFT in emotionally-focused couple therapy."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 205-1329
"As a fellow parent, I understand that there is no greater pleasure than to see your child happy and healthy. But excessive worrying, relentlessly demanding OCD rituals, the fear of vomiting, social anxiety, and self-harming behaviors like hair pulling and skin picking can rip away the joy of childhood and bring anguish to the family. I am a warm, compassionate, and very active cognitive-behavioral therapist with many years of success in helping children and teens recover from these challenges. I work as a team with parents, including them in at least part of every session."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 753-4421
Licensed Psychoanalyst, PhD
"Most of our psychological pain and misery, our inhibitions and limitations in achieving a satisfying life, are the result of primitive anxieties that we carry within ourselves since the very time we were, indeed, really helpless. The psychoanalytic encounter allows one to become wiser and assume more responsibility towards oneself and toward others one lives with, cares for or simply meets in everyday life. It is a method that concentrates on the "Here and Now" and tries to free the mind from old -- and, usually, no longer all that helpful -- ways that we use to defend ourselves from pain."
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(443) 393-2828