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Therapists in Columbia County

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"People come to counseling because they want to change how they feel, how things are going for them, or for members of their family. We talk about what you want to accomplish and identify activities that can help in the short and the long term."
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"I work actively with you to understand the layers built up around faulty belief systems which interfere with feeling empowered, enabling you to make healthy choices and create the life and relationships you desire. In a safe non-judgemental environment, with gentle humor, kindness, compassionate understanding, and unconditional support, you will uncover new ways of addressing challenges, internally and externally, thus dramatically improving your sense of overall well being. My goal is to help clients discover a deeper awareness of themselves, their lives, and how they create them. And as this becomes clearer, therapy becomes a supportive vehicle for making and enacting new life choices."
"We all go through times when life gets overwhelming and we need help in the recovery process. As a licensed professional counselor working in community mental health and private practice settings, I have had the privilege of serving children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families from diverse walks of life and cultural backgrounds. I specialize in depression, trauma recovery/PTSD, and LGBT issues, but have experience with a wide variety of presenting problems such as addictions, severe mental illness, anxiety, adjustment, self-esteem, abuse, codependency, self-harm, suicidal behavior, chronic pain, illness, couple and family issues, grief/loss, social skills, behavioral problems, divorce, and stress management."
"Hi, let me tell you a little about my counseling practice and myself. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. I have provided Individual, Family, Couples and Group therapy for 20+ years. Assisting others has always been my passion and I welcome the opportunity to help you resolve the difficulties facing you and find peace and joy in attaining your goals. Our practice, called Magnolia Associates of Augusta, includes several therapists and a helpful administrative staff. Our welcoming office is conveniently located in Augusta on Wheeler road, in The Atrium building adjacent to Doctors Hospital."
"My passion has always been to provide a safe, accepting environment to help people to heal and to develop meaningful, effective ways to cope with the many challenges that life may present. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and psychotherapist with over 26 years of experience in providing therapy for individuals and groups. Clients are drawn to my person-centered approach and my capacity for genuine acceptance and appreciation of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I am skilled in helping persons to heal from emotional pain and loss, cope with change, learn to effectively manage and reduce stress and to improve and strengthen relationships."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MS, MSW, LCSW, CAP
""I've worked all my life on the subject of awareness, whether it's awareness of the body, awareness of the mind, awareness of your emotions, awareness of your relationships, or awareness of your environment. I think the key to transforming your life is to be aware of who you are~Deepak Chopra." The key to changing oneself must first begin with a journey of self-exploration, and assisting others with this journey of personal introspection is my passion. My goal is to assist each individual with whom I work, achieve the highest level of authenticity and to enjoy life."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"COUNSELING FOR DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, RELATIONSHIPS, ADDICTION, TRAUMA: For individuals and couples--to treat the thoughts, emotions, and spirit, offering psychodynamic therapy, guided meditation, and other modalities to restore your emotional balance, achieve insight, healing and personal growth. Whether you're feeling confused or angry, have symptoms of addiction, stress, or trauma, or just don't feel like yourself, we can recover your emotional equilibrium. I offer a supportive, confidential setting and honor diversity. Focusing on your strengths, interests, and needs, we can work toward meaningful change."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSWR
"I have over 25 years working with children and adults dealing with mental health problems. and other problems of living and challenges that include but are not limited to behavior / oppositional problems, school problems, relationship and addiction problems, poor anger management, grief and loss, chronic pain and trauma. I am experienced in conducting comprehensive suicide risk assessments. I also offer supervised visits for non- custodial parents. I am experienced working with individuals with a diversity of issues and backgrounds. I offer individualized treatment plans that are tailored to the clients challenges and needs."
"If you rather your insurance company not know you are receiving therapy or counseling, then come see me! I offer therapy sessions for $60 - no hidden fees. My fee might even be cheaper than your copay! I work with children and adults of all ages with a variety of difficulties, including but not limited to, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, ADHD, life coaching, grief, and loss of your beloved pet. I work with individuals, families, couples, and groups. If you need help, call me, and together we can make your life better!"
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LISW-CP
"My goal as a therapist is to work WITH you (not OVER you) to help you achieve a happier, more complete life. I treat my work as sacred. We are all so much more than our roles, gender, illness, body size, sexual orientation, looks, paycheck, trauma, abuse, life history or diagnosis.I know from personal experience that life can be brutal. We can not change WHAT happens to us. We can change WHAT we do about it.. I have complete faith in the change process. Why not call and see? Free first time Introductory 30 minute session."
"Have you been worrying a lot, feeling "on edge," unable to concentrate, or feeling overwhelmed by events in your life? We've all felt like this at times but when these feelings begin to interfere with work, relationships, and other activities in your life it may be time to seek counseling. My focus is to help you learn how to get better and stay better by learning strategies to address stress, depression, and other issues that impact ourselves and those closest to us. Addiction treatment is also available and sometimes the overriding issue in relationship problems."
"Are you stuck in a rut? Would you like to move past some areas in your life? If so, I am here for you. I have a Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision (Ed.D), and am a National Board Certified Counselor (NCC), and am also trained in the area of Life Coaching. I worked for more than 30 years in the Columbia County Schools system as a teacher, counselor and administrator, working with students, staff and parents. I have also been a business owner, so I understand the stress and rewards a business can bring to your life."
"Happiness - make it a priority. Are you seeking more happiness and satisfaction in your life? Are you struggling in your relationships or just simply feeling stuck? Now is the time to get the help you deserve and make the changes that you desire. I have been a psychotherapist since 1995 and I am passionate about helping individuals move forward in their lives. I have a great deal of experience working with couples, adolescents, tweens, young adults, and women. Areas of expertise include mood disorders, adoption psychology, life transitions, military life, parenting coaching and life enrichment"
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW, RSMT
"I am currently at capacity and unable to accept new clients at this time. I am, however, more than happy to put you on my waiting list should you be interested in working with me."
"Looking for a counselor or therapist is one of the first steps to making a change. As a counselor I want to create a space for you to explore the best way to make your life better."
"I am a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in psychological evaluation to identify learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism spectrum, emotional, and behavioral problems in children and adults. I am passionate about patient care, accurate assessment and diagnosis, and appropriate treatment selection. I am kind and humanistic with my patients, and will assist you as you work toward reducing distress and reclaiming peace and happiness in your life! My office is quiet and comfortable, located in the Augusta area."
"I accept as true that life is about making appropriate changes. If you are having difficulties while struggling with life changes in relationships, depression, anxiety, sadness, grief, past trauma, or have issues with a family member, I would like to assist you to sort things out and renew your perspective. My goal is to bring you back to focus on what is important in your life and to help you gain internal strength. Let's set up a time and illuminate the skills and tools you have within you to create a newer, brighter, and better you!"
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, NBCCH, ACSW
"Imagine yourself discovering or reclaiming the innate healing potential that resides within you." I am trained in traditional "talk" psychotherapy and "mindbody" therapy. I am a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist & stress reduction consultant with over 30 years of experience. I am also a nationally board certified clinical hypnotherapist. I am trained to work with a wide range of issues. People seek my help for emotional healing and regulation, eliminate negative habits, move through life transitions, improve focus, and conflict resolution skills or other combination of areas to strengthen. Individual treatment programs. Customized hypnotherapy, stress reduction & healing through illness recordings."
""Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's learning to dance in the rain." We all go through difficulties and disappointments that sometimes keep us from fully experiencing life the way we would like. I specialize in working with adults and adolescents (ages 13-19). I work with a variety of mental health and general life issues, including depression, anxiety, self-esteem, grief, adjustment, and stress management."
"I am a licensed clinical psychologist and provide psychological evaluations and individual and family therapy with children and adolescents (aged 5-19 years-old). I am trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). These are both evidenced based treatment for trauma."