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"Bilingual (Spanish, English)! Alejandra Castro (left) offers bilingual family and individual counseling. Dr Broz (right) is a Board Certified Mental Health Counselor, LIMHP. She is an expert in Hypnotherapy for weight loss and smoking cessation with success rates in the 80% range. Lose the weight you want to lose! Become a non-smoker! Couples and individual therapy for all issues offered as well. SKYPE counseling is available and is covered by most insurances. We can work with your health insurance company to assure coverage for almost any issue. Therapy animal certification available."
"At Prairie Winds Therapy Group LLC, our goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. We have three Licensed Therapists to support and guide you through any challenging situation or help you discover a new direction for your life. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. Contact Dayna Allen, Leisa Rowe, or Jan Rockwell today."
"I believe that each person who comes to my office is someone who has experienced pain, fear, and often trauma. As a result of these experiences, flawed solutions are often adopted. These flawed solutions manifest as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and/or addictions. During the therapy process, each person will be treated with respect and dignity to help them make the necessary changes to meet their therapy goals. Creating a safe confidential space for risk is essential in the therapy process."
"I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families in a relaxed setting. I have over five years of experience working with mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. I also have over ten years of experience with career counseling and working with individuals experiencing academic difficulties."
"I have a special interest and advanced training in treating trauma and its effects, including disorders of extreme stress. I practice integral therapy, treating the whole person in the realms of relationships, work, leisure, spirituality and personal meaning. I work to help clients heal deeply, both individually and within their families and the larger community. If you are looking for a highly trained, deeply compassionate therapist to help you transform your life, please contact me. Your past doesn't have to define you, you can heal, move forward with your life, and thrive."
"Family Resources of Greater Nebraska, P.C. is a group of clinicians who are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families and businesses reach their greatest potential. Our expertise, experience, training and teamwork make us a leading resource for behavioral health services in Central Nebraska. We specialize in building strong relationships, knowing that mental health is greatly influenced by the quality of our relationships. Whether working with individuals, couples or businesses, our training and caring influences the positive outcomes we experience with our clients."
"I enjoy working with persons who are open to discussing their lives and issues with the goal of improving their relationships and satisfaction with life."
"I believe that each person has the right to a rich and rewarding life. Let me help you regain your life and live healthy and happy once again. We will provide you with the necessary tools and teach life changing techniques in order for you to be empowered to reach your full potential. This is your time for success... contact us today and let us show you how."
"Therapy is a spiritual journey to me. I see my role as the therapist to be the mirror to the client, reflecting back to them what I hear them saying about their own knowing, essence, passion, pain, and potential. It is my role as the therapist to sit with the client in the midst of his/her journey and allow him/her the opportunity to get to know and see him/herself, which ultimately leads to a process of loving his/herself. This is part of the soul journey: learning to love ourselves which indeed is a rewarding experience."
"In a perfect world, you would have an unencumbered ability to define and become whomever you choose following your own path to a full, joyful, satisfying life. In an imperfect world, potential is often blocked by trauma, ignitions, lack of relational skills, fears, anxieties, the constraints and roles society, family and faith prescribes and any combination of pressures from within and without. My specialty is facilitating your personal growth and professional development through recognition of the issues that block your potential, creatively finding solutions so you can fully participate in a fuller more joyful life."
"I am a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner in private practice for 11 years. I work with Individuals, Couples, and Families in a comfortable setting. Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Co-dependency, Spiritual Growth issues, Couples and Parent-child relationships concerns. Medicaid and most insurance accepted."
"My work as a therapist is focused on helping my clients develop insight into the problems they are facing with their families and with their own lives, so that they can experience the hope and the possibility of change."
Counselor, MSEd, MA, LMHP, CPC
"My focus is to come along side those who are hurting. I see each person as a miracle in the making. Focusing on the four dimensions of life - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, I strive to help each client find balance. I desire to be a journey mate and problem solver. Using faith-based insight and a variety of effective counseling skills, I help my clients as they work to reach their full potential."
Office is near:
Grand Island, Nebraska 68801
(308) 210-3638
"Marv has been counseling in the Kearney area for 26 years specializing in the treatments of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, adolescent issues, marital counseling, grief , anger and parent child relations."
Office is near:
Grand Island, Nebraska 68801
(308) 217-4497
"I invite and engage to create an emotionally safe environment and to empower each person toward finding creative solutions. Through the years I have learned a wide range of therapies so as to create an integrative approach to individual problems. I am dually licensed which equips me to weave a treatment approach to Dual Diagnosis issues. I offer individual, couple, family and group modalities as well as referral services to ensure needs are adequately addressed."
Office is near:
Grand Island, Nebraska 68801
(402) 509-8539
"I am easy to talk to and actively involved in my client's healing process. More of a coach than a psychoanalyst, I ask you questions to help you find your own answers. I won't tell you what to do--but you figure out what you need to do through therapeutic interaction and assignments. I assist you in discovering your strengths and with developing new skills to help you to improve your life quality and feel better. I recognize time and money are in short supply these days. Therefore, I counsel with the most direct and effective methods available."
Office is near:
Grand Island, Nebraska 68801
(402) 403-4378
"I offer a healing place. A safe place. A place where I am willing to listen to you talk about your feelings, your fears, your pain, your insecurities, your anger, your outrage, your questions, your disillusionment, your faith, your place in the world. A place where you will not be judged, where you will be accepted with compassion for who you are now, who you were then, who you want to be. A place where you will receive deeply listening ears, kindness from the heart, connection, encouragement, guidance. A place where you can explore new ways of thinking, feeling, being,"
Office is near:
Grand Island, Nebraska 68802
(402) 999-4843