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"I've been a Psychiatric Nurse for over 30 years and an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse for 15 years. I love what I do helping others out with with their life struggles. I don't believe in just prescribing medications but trying other treatment approaches first. I believe that a mental disorder affects all family members and care providers. I also believe that while we have made great strides in mental health care, we have a long way to go. I am a native Vermonter who returned after living away for a number of years."
"I work with Young Children (age 4+), Adolescents, Adults, and Parents. I provide therapeutic interventions addressing issues including: anxiety, depression, ADHD, acting out behaviors, divorce/separation, grief, attachment issues, frustration tolerance issues, Trauma/PTSD, Parenting/Family conflict, relationship problems, school phobia, developmental problems, and adolescent issues. I offer play therapy for children, and psychodynamically informed talk therapy for teens and adults. I believe that parents are a crucial part of any therapy with a child and ask that parents are actively involved in the process."
"Creative Clinical Associates Inc. is a small family owned counseling center that works hard to provide a clinically superior experience for clients while using traditional as well as creative approaches to treatment. Lee has expanded his work with couples and often teams up with his wife, Susan to intervene in challenging situations. They have worked together successfully for 10 years and they work with clients flexibly and ethically without the lack of communication that is often associated with multiple providers. Lee also specializes in substance abuse problems, chronic pain management, couples therapy and adolescent acting out. He also enjoys working with men's issues; discussing their unique role in our world. His approach to clinical work is experiential and if possible he will include a cilents' interests into his/her therapy. Susan approaches her work from a Cognitive Behavioral point of view and she specializes in working with eating disorders and relationship difficulties."
"My psychodynamic counseling approach places value on understanding why people feel, act, and think in unique ways. Gaining insight into how each person's life history has shaped him or her is integral to psychological healing and growth. I work with clients to create a therapeutic relationship that supports understanding life and relationship patterns, identifying connections between significant events, and developing personal insight. Common issues that improve with treatment include relationship problems between intimate partners, family members, parent/child, etc.; unhealthy or distressing life patterns; depression; anxiety; history of trauma or abuse; and issues related to chronic illness/pain."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
"I received my masters degree in social work from New York University in 1987. I practice psychotherapy with a combined perspective of psychodynamic, insight-oriented and cognitive/behavioral techniques to work with adults, adolescents, couples, and families. I see psychotherapy as a means to explore the connections between past and present relationships, experiences, and emotional states, for the purpose of creating life changes. I focus upon the relationship between therapist and client as the catalyst for this self-awareness and growth, creating the foundation for addressing depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, life transitions, attachment issues, and parenting concerns."
"My work's passion lies in my belief that the body and mind are deeply connected; therefore, the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of each individual need to be balanced for growth and healing to occur. I integrate my psychotherapeutic and nutritional expertise to help cultivate balance in each client I work with."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"My approach is highly strengths-based and relational; driven by the belief that a strong, engaging, trusting therapeutic relationship is essential in supporting people to move towards their personal goals. Whether goals are met quickly or over a longer span of time, treatment is focused and goal-oriented. Particular attention is given to naming and enhancing each individual's inherent skills and self-care abilities. I work to build each person's confidence that they have the strengths necessary to reach whatever state they choose for their self."
Psychologist, PsyD, MA, MS, LADC
"Interactive and direct therapy style, in-person or ONLINE! I've seen many people benefit from psychotherapy. I'm an expert in addictive disorders (including sex and food addiction) and problems such as depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. I convey understanding and optimism which may enhance a sense of meaning, awareness, and hope. I offer secure Online Therapy using For online therapy, or e-therapy, payment can be made by Paypal or Square."
"Psychotherapy can help you achieve stronger, closer relationships, bring about improvements in your child's behavior, gain control over emotions, reduce or eliminate unwanted and distressing behaviors, restore lost motivation, or just recover the joy of life. It may also improve physical health by reducing chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and their consequences. Dealing promptly with psychological problems may prevent long-lasting emotional and behavioral disorders that can be harder to treat, particularly in children. I assist couples, families, children, and adults by identifying and controlling the stresses, past or present, that result in problems of behavior, emotion, & thought."
"Life presents challenges. Psychotherapy can help you conquer those trials by giving you the tools necessary to find success and fulfillment. I offer counseling to children, adolescents and adults in individual, couples, family, and group formats. By working collaboratively, we establish objectives and develop ways of reaching your goals. I will help you recognize options and resources you may not have noticed. It is my pleasure to provide you with the means to enhance your world, helping you achieve a life of meaning, success, and enjoyment."
"Many find themselves at a point where outside support is necessary to navigate life's challenges. Clients seek therapy for a variety of reasons. Some may come to therapy to deal with a specific struggle, such as depression or anxiety, while others initiate therapy during a difficult life transition. Even positive transitions, such as entering a new relationship or starting a new job, can be stressful. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process in which we address these challenges in a safe environment by processing events from the past, exploring current patterns of thinking and behavior, and creating plans for change in the future."
"I am a Licensed Psychologist Master with over thirty years experience in working with adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect. Depression, anxiety, or just a sense of life feeling less than what it could be, may be signs of childhood abuse or neglect. I help people navigate the sometimes choppy waters from their past in order to be fully living in the present. I am trained by Pia Melody in Post Induction Therapy for addressing the effects of codependence: low self esteem, impaired boundaries, knowing who you are , and difficulties with self care. Trauma creates addictions creates relational problems."
""My approach is sensitive and honest". I often feel privileged to be a counselor and I appreciate the difficulty most of us have asking for help even when we need it the most. I believe that we develop problem behaviors often times because we lack balance in some area of our lives. Most of us have what we need inside of us to transcend our experiences, however, a good therapist can assist us in getting where we want to be more quickly and safely. My formal background is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but I use a variety of clinical methods in my work."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, LCSW
"I have been working in a clinical capacity to include individual,group and family therapy, providing assessments and crisis intervention since my early 20's. I have served in administrative/supervisory capacity as well as in clinical roles. My approach is eclectic and I have been influenced by Existential,Experiential and Humanistic theorists. I find the concept of fostering growth and change exciting and rewarding. I am as energized by the process today as when I began 30 years ago."
"I enjoy working with issues that arise in relationships such as conflict and communication problems, parenting issues, and difficulty managing stress and transitions. I do a lot of work with families and couples, as well as individuals. I teach communication skills as well as co-parenting and general parenting skills, and I have done a lot of work transitioning families to post-divorce stability. I am also a former elementary and adult ed teacher and have a good grasp on educational issues with learners of all ages."
Office is near:
Morrisville, Vermont 05661
(802) 546-0004 x1
"My counseling approach is both practical and realistic, provided in a relaxed atmosphere. I work with adults, children, and families interested and willing to make necessary changes in their lives. I've also incorporated pets into my practice, as research has proven the use of pets in counseling reduces stress and elevates mood. Areas of treatment include depression, anxiety, PTSD, behavioral issues, identity concerns, relationship difficulties, crisis consultation, etc. I believe family, work, and education are important aspects of wellness and therefore offer flexible evening and weekend appointments."
Office is near:
Morrisville, Vermont 05661
(802) 772-0404
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCMHC, MA
"I work with you on the stressful thoughts that cause anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, low self esteem. By identifying and questioning these thoughts, it allows you to see options for living peacefully, joyfully, with kindness to yourself. This work is informed by The Work of Byron Katie,"
Office is near:
Morrisville, Vermont 05661
(802) 239-1805
"We are a husband-and-wife team focused on couples counseling. Our down-to-earth style usually helps couples quickly feel comfortable. Our approach is simple, direct and interactive. Our theoretical approach and style tends to be accessible, direct, and practical. We focus on the present day changes our clients' want in their relationships ;" and we orient our discussions towards these desired changes. We give plenty of feedback, suggestions, and ideas for homework."
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Stowe, Vermont 05672
(802) 518-0962
"As a mature professional, with many years of practice and supervising others in diverse settings, I deeply understand the myriad types of dilemmas that can strike us as we continue to carry on our lives. Because emotional difficulties that befall us are not as visible as physical ones does not mean they are any less painful. I'm aware that we often need help in overcoming or at least in having them not interfere with our functioning and ability to find contentment in our lives."
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Stowe, Vermont 05672
(802) 221-4812
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"When stuck or are stressed by relationships, job, emotions, or behaviors, I provide support, mediation and a fresh perspective to help you navigate your situation and see the way forward with confidence and clarity. With over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, I realize my strength comes from helping people clarify early on the 'problem' and work to help imagine the solution. To that end, I employ cognitive behavioral techniques and draw heavily on solutions-focused brief therapy values. My goal is to get you feeling better again as soon as possible and engaged in your life."
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Wolcott, Vermont 05680
(802) 458-0038