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"Are you looking for a therapist who is professional, welcoming and resourceful? Do you want someone to meet you where you are and then travel with you from there? I have the experience to assist you in finding your strengths to overcome obstacles in your life. Are you just feeling that something needs to be better, do you have issues with relationships, family conflicts, addictions, trauma, PTSD, abuse, depression, dual diagnosis, bereavement or life transitions? I work with individuals, couples, families and groups. I have moved from therapy to professionally coaching people to help access their strengths, successes & happiness."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I have worked in the mental health field for over a decade in several different venues including residential treatment facilities, inpatient hospitals, outpatient counseling centers, and school districts. While I have treated folks of all ages, my primary focus has been working with children and adolescents."
"I specialize in psychosocial oncology in which I work with many patients and their families to treat the emotional, social, and spiritual distress which often accompanies cancer. Learn how to transform your life and release energy blocks in order to regain health & wellness. I believe in living a life of BALANCE in which we need to manage our time between family, career, and taking care of ourselves through a wellness model of exercise, eating a healthy diet, and of course having some fun, laughs, and relaxation. Please visit my website for more information."
Art Therapist, MS, CADC, LPC
"Seeking an active and creative therapeutic approach from traditional talk therapy? Experiential group is a powerful alternative which can be used in conjunction with traditional therapy. It uses guided drama and role-play, proven to be very effective in a group setting; known as psychodrama. This creative arts approach is facilitated by a LPC called the Director. During each session, participants recall and reenact specific scenes and experiences. The method allows for correction by working through the barriers to personal freedom. These scenes may include past situations, present day struggles, and preparations for future events."
"The GOAL: TO THRIVE!!! Making Connections, with family, friends, and most importantly, with yourself. Too often the results of depression, anxiety, addiction, or any difficult life circumstance can lead to a lack of motivation, and isolation, which can hinder us from enjoying life the way we were mean to. Therapy is a process of personal discovery. Identifying personal strengths and utilizing them to facilitate Motivation and Change to reach your personal goals."
Pastoral Counselor, PhD, CPC, CpastC
"Hi. I'm Ulanda Davis. I offer Professional Counseling, Pastoral Counseling and Professional Coaching. I have helped many people over the last 20 years in the TriState area to develop healthy relationships and spirituality. Having a therapist you can trust and relate to is very important to your success. We all experience issues at times that prompt us to make adjustments in our lives. I am genuinely sensitive to these needs and concerns without judgment. I'll work with you to fill your personal needs from a faith-based perspective. I will be a support throughout the journey to wholeness."
"I realize that counseling can be a very difficult step to take in your journey to healing and recovery. It is common for those new to therapy to feel both eager to get started and uncomfortable about beginning the process of therapy. I expect that you will find that if you forge ahead, your worries will soon lessen. Please know that I am here to support you as you embark on this new journey. I hope you will feel empowered to make positive changes in your life that will lead you to a greater sense of fulfillment."
Art Therapist, ATR-BC, LPC
"Congratulations on taking the first step in looking for a therapist. I am a Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor and certified as a first level hypnotist. I have over 15 years of professional experience working in hospital and community settings and am affiliated with Cedar Crest College's graduate art therapy program. The people who come to me seek growth and healing through art and other nontraditional methods. In my office we explore relationships, feelings and coping skills through art. People of all ages who are artists and non-artists can benefit from the creative process."
Counselor, MS, RM, CH, NCC, LPC
"I listen to your needs carefully and work professionally to help you to know how to cope better quickly; all with complete confidentiality. No cookie-cutter approach! We design your positive wellness path together. My office is professional & convenient. Talk therapy gets results, let me show you. The business takes cash, checks, & credit cards, if you have Insurance, my professional billing specialist does her utmost to get you reimbursed for services paid. Free phone consultation is always available at 610-216-4319 and & voicemail are always confidential."
"I believe that the best therapy outcomes are arrived with dialogue between client and therapist using integrative theories of psychotherapy and other methods of therapy that address client's needs as they occur. My clients appreciate that I listen to their concerns and compassionately guide them toward desired change. My philosophy is based on the knowledge that the individual has the skills and tools to achieve desired outcomes, and my role is to help the individual to access, practice and use those skills and tools."
"Struggling with your teen? At your wits end? Feel like you have tried everything and still nothing has changed? Is your teen smart and pretty, but somehow she doesn't see herself the same way? He's doing ok in school but, could be doing much better? Is she hanging out with kids who are bad influences and, not applying herself? Is your teen making poor choices and seems to lack confidence? I can help."
"I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Behavior Specialist. I have worked with children ages 2-18, on the Autism Spectrum for the past 10 years. I am an expert in working with children who have multiple diagnoses including Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD. I have worked with individuals with a wide range of functioning levels, including children who are completely non verbal to those who possess an extensive vocabulary. I use Applied Behavior Analysis and verbal behavior principles. I also help families to communicate with school officials and also, as an advocate in attendance at Individualized Education Plan meetings."
"Sometimes life can seem overwhelming. My goal is to listen, understand and assist you on your journey through life. Together we will decide your direction ... creating boundaries, building bridges, and experiencing all life has to offer, while laying to rest negative and harmful habits."
"I have practiced as a professional counselor since 1985, initially in Delaware and then in Pennsylvania. My experience has been with both adults and children in general practice. I have given presentations on the topics of parenting, suicide, stress management, ethics, community resources, and LGBTQI issues. I have facilitated support groups for adoptive parents and moderated activity groups for both children and the elderly. I have managed outpatient clinical mental health clinics for children."
"I specialize in the psycho-educational assessment of children and adolescents, and the diagnosis and educational intervention of learning disabilities, cognitive and memory impairments, information processing weakness, autistic spectrum disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, emotional disturbance, AD/HD, and impairments in executive functioning."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSSW, LCSW
"Phil has been in private practice settings for over 20 years. His work is primarily in couples therapy across the continuum of their relationship, but also sees families, individual adults and adolescents. He enjoys bringing humor to the setting and is active with clients in challenging their thinking and behavior."
"I take a very non-judgmental approach to therapy preferring to work alongside the client and conjointly focusing on the best treatment modalities to fit their needs. I move at the pace that is best for them, taking an eclectic approach to really tailor treatment to the specific individual. My ideal client is anyone pursuing the very best life that they can achieve."
"What has drawn me into this line of work is the awareness that we are much more than our thoughts, feelings and reactions. When we tap into this deeper, authentic part of ourselves, we tap into a wisdom that is unique to each one of us. I believe this is where the healing happens. I work primarily with individuals on issues of anxiety, depression, loss, transition, relationship, acceptance of self, trauma, religious issues, as well as formative and integrative spirituality."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Through individual, couples and family therapy, I provide compassionate and caring real life solutions for real life problems. With more than 30 years experience as a clinical social worker, I assist others through life transitions and times of crisis by bringing a fresh vision to each unique situation. I conduct person-centered, goal-oriented treatment for various mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and grief. I work with all age groups, from 10 years of age through the senior years, in examining behaviors and beliefs while learning healthier coping skills."
"Inner Resource Counseling is a group practice serving Bethlehem & the Lehigh Valley area. Our focus is on acting as therapeutic supports in assisting people in improving their lives by gaining personal insights about themselves and making healthier choices in problematic times, allowing for positive change to occur in life. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed as a result of current life stressors or have been living with long-standing issues, clinicians can work with you to develop skills and raise your level of functioning and satisfaction with the use of multiple techniques, based on your individual needs."