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"This practice focuses on partner relational problems, sexual intimacy, parenting, step-parenting, career, depression/anxiety, spiritual distress, addictions, anger management, grief/loss, and family/individual management of severe mental and medical diagnosis."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LSCSW
"Almost everyone at times needs some support or coaching on their life journey. As a seasoned therapist I'd be happy to sit down with you and compasionately listen to your story and lend some hope and support. I see crisis as an opportunity to face and overcome the dangers around and in us and open up to the radiance of Life."
Office is near:
Kansas City, Kansas 66103
(316) 835-0948
Counselor, LPC, LCPC, LCAC
"Enhancement of emotional health, wellness, and fitness is the focus of my practice; I team up with kids, adolescents, adults, couples and families to identify possible barriers to achievement, develop plans to facilitate positive achievement. I get motivated developing strategies to improve emotion/mood regulation, performance, life management, and adjustment; resolve past/present trauma, sex issues, and marital/family/parental conflict; develop life management plans to successfully manage life with ADHD, addictions, obsessions, any obstacle in the way of healthy living. I am licensed as a professional counselor in Missouri and Kansas and I am licensed as a clinical addictions counselor in Kansas."
Office is near:
Kansas City, Kansas 66101
(913) 686-6533
Counselor, EDS, LCPC, EMDRIA, Certifi
"I believe everyone alive deserves to have the best possible life. All of us suffer from the trial and tribulations of life, some of which we bring on ourselves, and some are consequences of others behaviors. All of us learn important lessons from life, and I believe that psychotherapy helps people to gain significant insight and awareness on the most important dimensions of their mental functioning. Many of us suffer alone in the depths of loneliness and despair. It is my mission to help and guide others with knowledge, and encouragement to confront their situations, and problems."
Office is near:
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
(913) 752-9679
Treatment Facility, LADC, SAP, CEAP
"Recovery is now more possible than ever. American Addiction Centers is a national behavioral healthcare provider focused on addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Our staff, which includes expert drug addiction specialists, seasoned physicians and caring therapists, is dedicated to providing our patients with the absolute best, proven methods of treatment and rehabilitation. Our facilities, located across the country, offer unmatched integrated programs and services that honor mind, body and soul. Effective addiction recovery incorporates comprehensive treatment focused on uncovering and addressing the roots of addiction. Whether it's in our initial clinical assessments, medically supervised detox, residential rehabilitation or aftercare, our team is present for and committed to each step of the recovery process for every individual. We welcome you to explore American Addiction Centers, where you can find hope today."
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"I love working with couples, families, individuals, adolescents, grade school children, and parents about their personal issues and emotional needs. I am a family therapist who believe most people can manage their own lives, except for those few times when life throws a curve ball, then we may have difficulty figuring how to handle that ball. We often find ourselves going in circles using old techniques and patterns that don't work . Let me help you step out of the repetitive loop by helping you identify the patterns and discover new ways to mange this particular ball."
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, RASACII, M-RSS, K-CPPS, K-MHFA
"Marla specializes in Family Interventions for eating disturbances and addictive behaviors. For 19+ years I have had the satisfaction of coaching, mentoring and re-integrating individuals back into the families while constructing personal powerhouses that transcend transformation. Our mission is to create the largest effort to date to re-build the self-esteem of families and the individuals who reside within the potential family powerhouse. We will work with families, and equally the individuals within the family unit, to enable the release of the forces that are keeping us stuck."
"My practice style is open, accepting, nonjudgmental, direct, and caring in a relaxed therapeutic environment. I have experience in medical and psychiatric social work."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LSCSW, LCSW, RPT
"I understand that managing the stressful aspects of life (especially relationships) can be difficult. Especially when you have previously been hurt in a relationship. The depression, low-self esteem, anxiety, sense of loss can remain for a long time. If you seek healing from the hurts and/or traumas that have happened, you can have it. I have over 10 years of experience helping to heal hurting hearts, minds, & emotions. Healing, wellness and wholeness are not things you have to search for by yourself. I can help."
"Mandy is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Kansas as well as a National Board Certified Counselor. She received her Master of Arts in Counseling from MidAmerica Nazarene University. Working from a person-centered perspective Mandy strives to validate an individual's significance with insight and compassion. She has a heart for children and youth and utilizes a non-directive approach that incorporates techniques of play therapy providing a safe, non-judgmental environment to work through struggles. She draws from experience in working with children dealing with trauma, reactive attachment disorders, anxiety, depression, body image and other childhood disorders."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW
"Every life has meaning. Everyone feels joy, everyone feels pain. At one time or another, most of us will need assistance developing the tools we need to make it through the ups and downs of life. Processing our feelings and life experiences helps us live our lives to the fullest."
Limited Licensed Psychologist, MA, LMLP
"If you are struggling with emotional pain, past hurts, depression, anxiety, grief, or other relationship concerns, there is hope. It is my desire to provide clients a safe, supportive environment to begin the healing process, both emotionally and spiritually."
"Could you use some help sorting out your life? Let me offer you a safe and confidential space to do that. I am thoughtful & kind, and I bring decades of experience to help you with your unique concerns or problems. I ask gentle questions to help you think about your life in different ways. I teach coping skills. Relationships and couples are my specialty, but I also see many individuals. I work with grief, and chronic pain or illness. I also specialize in work-related problems, professional women's issues, trauma, depression, anxiety and adult children of dysfunctional families."
"WHAT IF you & your family could worry less, get more restful sleep, handle stress easier & regain control over your life? Let our experienced clinicians & holistic healer help you & your family achieve an improved quality of well-being. EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. Teresa Reichart-Vernon, LSCSW; Dr. Hiten Soni, M.D.; Lori Crane, LSCSW; Ramie Haas, Certified Life Coach & Holistic Healer can help with your situation to regain a calmer, happier state of well being. SOME SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS available with Ramie Haas, CLC & Holistic Healer."
"I work with individuals, couples and families on such issues as relationship issues, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication enhancement, anger management, drug/alcohol abuse and addiction. Many clients present with depression, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, psychotic disorders, ADHD, childhood disorders such as conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, etc. I work with adults and couples on relationship/marital issues, domestic violence, etc. I work with clients who have experienced abuse, both sexual and physical. I assist parents with parent-child relational issues and behavior modification skill development. I also assist clients with anxiety disorders, grief/loss issues and struggles with adjusting to life circumstances."
Marriage & Family Therapist, LCMFT, LPC
"STRESSED? ANXIOUS? DEPRESSED? You need relief from this and I am here to help you get through what is affecting you. You have the ability to get through challenging situations. I can help you access your healing abilities by working with you on how to relieve your symptoms."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LSCSW
"Life can be difficult and from time to time we fall into a "funk". Whether that means you find yourself filled with anxiety and worry or your mood is down and sad, you know you are not functioning like your normal self. Perhaps you are struggling with a life transition that has set you off balance. Or a primary relationship causes frequent agitation or feelings of isolation."
Hosts group in:
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
(913) 732-1106
"I graduated from The Menninger Clinic and pursued studies in environmental medicine, nutrition, biochemistry, auricular medicine, homeopathy and bioenergy healing. My practice incorporates spiritual, energetic and meditative therapies as well as traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy, stress management, dreamwork, imagery, and behavior modification. I provide the necessary information to choose a path toward wellness, rather than suppressing symptoms with drugs. Your spiritual beliefs are honored to facilitate your movement towards healing. Each individual is an active co-creator in orchestrating a personal treatment plan and path to wholeness. Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, I can assist you in your transformation."
Office is near:
Kansas City, Kansas 66101
(785) 877-0905
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LCMFT
"Life struggles may sometimes prevent us from fully being our true selves, interfering with the hopes, dreams and wishes we have for our lives. When the weight of relationship stress, emotional discomfort, loss, life transitions, etc. leaves you feeling unbalanced or unfulfilled, you do not have to carry it alone. It is my sincerest desire to carry it with you offering a process of emotional healing, exploration and self-discovery. As we journey towards a restored sense of balance and harmony, I encourage you through your process until you feel secure, connected and can experience peace."
Office is near:
Kansas City, Kansas 66109
(913) 667-4773
"Quick assessment: Are you experiencing anxiety, stress, fatigue, self-criticism or relationship conflict? If this is you, for the next moment, I invite you to take a pause. Breathe. Hold space of awareness for gentle self-care. I support you, and would like to help make life better. With 22 years of Mindfulness-Cognitive training and experience I help individuals, couples and families reclaim happiness, health and inner calmness. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, grief, OCD, bipolar, substance use and food disorders. I provide tools and strategies that cultivate a greater sense of well-being."
Office is near:
Kansas City, Kansas 66101
(816) 839-9476