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Any/Out-of-network Insurance Therapists in San Antonio, TX 78247
Eden, Fox Run and Longs Creek

Patricia Carrillo Barnes, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Antonio
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LPC, LMFT
“Life is a constant process of change. At times, the process can be difficult and painful. Other times, you can feel that you are at an impasse and don't know where to turn or what to do next. I can provide a private and safe place to talk. I am a spiritual person and I respect the spiritual orientation of my clieints. I utiilize brief, systemic (family or relationship), cognitive behavioral approaches. I strongly encourage you to see and believe in your goals, so that you can acheive them.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 255-2010
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Rick Wadsworth, Counselor  in San Antonio
“I am an eclectic therapist utilizing a combination of behavioral, cognitive and emotive approaches to assist my clients in change and experience happier lives. The aim of our work together is to assist you to find what works best for you, to assist you to discover and develop resources within yourself and your community. My experience (20+ years) is that most of us respond well to a combination of cognitive, behavioral and emotional work. In practice, I have found that the application of mindfulness to life is indispensable. I work with adults and adolescents in group, couples and individual.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 390-6227
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Delma Fuentes - Araujo, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Antonio
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LPC, LMFT
“Sometimes we realize that the burdens we carry feel so heavy that we need a place to help us talk and resolve our issues. It may be your marriage is having challenges, your relationship isn't what you thought it would be, your adolescent is becoming more and more difficult or you simply feel tired, depressed and anxious. I will assist you in a safe and secure environment recognize your strengths and weaknesses, work to resolve your burdens and find the skills that will benefit your situation.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 441-6206
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Jean D Souza, Counselor  in San Antonio
“If you need a safe, comfortable place to re-assess and re-tool, if you are thinking about giving up and calling a lawyer, if you have forgotten how to play and find pleasure together, or if you have lost the fun and closeness you used to have, counseling can help. If you want to come apart peacefully or are planning to share custody, if you want to avoid repeating same issues in your next relationship, I can also help with those issues. Counseling support, just a little time, attention and a few small changes can make a big difference.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 429-9047
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Tiffany Frias, Counselor  in San Antonio
“Let's be honest for a minute - you are currently reading this because there is something in your life that is causing you pain. That "something" may be a major life transition; such as a divorce, the growing pains of new parenthood, or a major career change. Maybe its some sort of repeating pattern you experience in relationships. It could be that you have a strong personal relationship with anger, and that anger is ruining your life. Depression, anxiety, and grief are other common pain points; perhaps you are struggling with one of these.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 774-6627
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Clifton N. Taylor, Counselor  in San Antonio
“Are your relationships suffering? Is your sexual behavior out of control? Are you spending way too much time on the internet? Are you concerned about your drinking or drug use? If the answer is yes, I can help you. My clinical experience focuses on addiction, trauma, childhood abuse issues, mood disorders, relationship issues, codependency, and unresolved grief and loss. Over the past five years, I have worked with individuals, couples and families in creating a safe, supportive, and collaborative therapeutic environment. Together, we can begin the journey to a healthier, happier you, with stronger relationships and positive, lasting change.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 418-1308
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Laurita Putegnat LPC, Counselor  in San Antonio
“Offices serving San Antonio and Boerne, Texas. If you are considering therapy, you are probably encountering difficulties in your life that you cannot resolve on your own. Asking for help is a formidable step to WELL-being. Therapy is a form of education where we teach the skills for self sufficiency. Gaining self knowledge and skills to manage and thrive in life can be our collaborative goal.I offer sensitive, affordable therapy in a safe and non judgemental setting.My sessions with clients are individualized and practical.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 255-2061
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Russel L Thompson, Psychologist  in San Antonio
“I am a psychologist in a group with several other psychologists. I have a PhD in psychology and have been a licensed psychologist for over 10 years. My colleagues and I provide neuropsychological and psychological assessment and psychotherapy. Neuropsychological assessments help people with memory, attention, and learning problems. Psychological assessments are available for pre-surgical evaluations for medical treatments including spinal cord stimulator for pain management, bariatric weight loss, and seizure control. You can learn more about me and my colleagues at
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 853-5898
Office is near:
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Mark B Harris, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Wetmore
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-S, LSOTP-S, CCFC, CMFSW
“I enjoy working with clients of all ages. I am often referred adolescents who are involved in the Juvenile Justice System. I am qualified to provide sexual education and guidance to all ages within the framework of their family, community, and religious beliefs. I give parents guidance in helping them to navigate through the courts and their children's schools while offering advice and additional resources. I provide psychotherapy for people struggling with family or personal issues. I am available daytime and early evening hours.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 255-2021
Office is near:
Wetmore, Texas 78247
Faith Kaufhold Ray, Counselor  in Wetmore
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MS, LPC, LMFT, LPC-S, MFT-S
“Life is much more complicated than most of us expected! As a Christian, I share the same dilemmas as you. We are all looking for answers in a world full of obstacles. Counseling should be practical, so I meet my clients exactly where they are in their lives, but armed with my Christian perspective and 30+ years of experience working with adults and children. Counseling with me is warm and practical, and because I have enjoyed raising three children of my own, counseling is often fun. After all, as we Christians understand, love is at the core of most solutions.
Any/Out-of-network Insurance
(210) 255-2049
Office is near:
Wetmore, Texas 78247
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Kimberly Watts Hoggatt  in San Antonio
“I appreciate those clients who are questioning and seeking deeper meaning and answers to difficult questions. I take a person-centered and existential approach to counseling - aspiring to help clients find and discern the meaning and direction of their own lives and relationships. I come from a career development background, and I have also worked extensively with LGBTQ clients in both one-on-one and group settings. While I embrace Christianity as my personal faith base, I have studied other faiths, and I am able to adapt to various belief systems in my approach to counseling.
(210) 598-5013
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Lisa Pinkstaff  in San Antonio
“I am experienced in working with military (active duty and veterans). Being a spouse of an US Army Recon (CIB) veteran with PTSD, I have been able to identify and treat military and civilian trauma and anxiety. If your relationship is strained or even dangerous because of your partner's PTSD, I hope that you will seek help for yourself and your loved one. Sometimes it has been years, sometimes months. PTSD/trauma in any situation is painful. It is time to find relief. You don't have to continue living with fear and anxiety.
(210) 775-6337
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Stephanie Chavan  in San Antonio
“Trying to balance the many roles in life can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. You feel like there just are not enough hours in the day. There are days where you have in mind what you want to accomplish but everyone else's needs take priority. At the end of the day, you look around and you have not accomplished anything. Those days can leave you feeling like a failure, with a sense that things will never change, hopeless.
(210) 762-6147
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Roxanne Bogues, Counselor  in San Antonio
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MA, NCC, LPC, Intern
“Conflict or the end of a relationship can create feelings of sadness, frustration, confusion, or hopelessness. Negative patterns can be difficult to break and change is never easy. If you are ready to take the first step, I can help.
(210) 960-9646
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Annie Viers, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Antonio
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LPC-S, LMFT
“I help clients seek balance in their life by using a comprehensive approach to therapy. I am a firm believer that it takes dedication and commitment on behalf of the client AND the therapist to create change. Together, we develop a specialized plan that is designed for you so that you can maximize your investment of time and money. Between relationships, families and jobs, life can be complicated and confusing which can lead to depression and/or anxiety. With my help, you can attempt to find a new perspective in a warm, caring, and often light-hearted environment.
(210) 255-2030
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Celeste Inman, Counselor  in San Antonio
“Do you have some concerns about your child or adolescent? Are you unsure of where to start or how to better help them? Having a difficult time facing day to day tasks? I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and parents. I also work with individual adults. I want to help each client better understand their life, how to better handle their current challenges and reach their full potential. While providing a warm and nonjudgmental atmosphere, I work with the client so that he/she will be able to lead a more productive, happier life.
(210) 441-3241
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Adam Rahman, LPC Intern  in San Antonio
“When faced with adversity, I understand that the process of choosing a counselor can be overwhelming. I specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families become resilient to obstacles and life challenges. As a clinician, I emphasize on the healing power of a strong, trusting therapeutic alliance to help promote optimal mental wellness. I integrate the fundamentals of Choice theory and Reality therapy into developing tailor-made treatment plans for each individual and their specific struggle. Through out my practice, I have worked cooperatively with clients from diverse backgrounds who have experienced relationship issues and substance abuse & addiction.
(210) 490-4419
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Danielle Baksic  in San Antonio
“Life's adversities can be overwhelming, even the strongest of individuals can find themselves thrown off balance. When you feel helpless or confused, a non-judgmental ear is essential to help you process the difficulties you face. My goal is to provide you with that compassionate listening ear. During therapy, we will work collaboratively to develop attainable goals, identify self-defeating or negative coping tactics, and learn healthy coping skills. I encourage my clients to implement mindfulness, self-acceptance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills.
(210) 693-1727
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Lauren Settle  in San Antonio
“You've probably heard the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the book of Daniel -a tale of three men who stood up to King Nebuchadnezzar to declare God as their one and only Lord. After refusing to bow down to him, the king has the three men thrown into a furnace where an angel of the Lord miraculously intervenes to protect them. One detail of this story that always amazes me is the text that claims when the men came out of the furnace, there was no sign of harm upon them... they didn't even smell of smoke!
(210) 702-2265
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Emily Keller, Counselor  in San Antonio
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, PhD, LPCA, NC, LPC, Texas
“It's time to "feel together" again. Whether you tend to "bottle" your feelings or "throttle" them, I can help you learn to tune in to your emotions, understand them, and respond to them. With confidant response, people let go of reacting to feelings in ways that continue to push them further away from the people and dreams they care about. I offer emotional wellness services through individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, and workshops. I also offer play therapy to children 6 years and older.
(210) 209-8634
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San Antonio, Texas 78247

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