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Adoption Therapists in L6T 5B9

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, RSW, MDiv
"Life can be unexpectedly difficult: an unwanted diagnosis, a sudden loss, a ruptured relationship, a child struggling. Through therapy discover... that there is a place to talk about the complexities of life... overwheming negative emotions can be dealt with...couples can grow closer together...your family can move from surviving to thriving."
"Are you feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Do you think that life has not been fair with you and you suffer from emotional pain/guilt? Are you looking for answers/solutions for your mental or physical illness? For 11 years I have been working with clients helping them with their unique life story. My therapy opens up the understanding of physical/mental disorder and integrates what has been rejected in your life. One client understood the circumstances that manifested a tumour and decided to continue her life without it. She better appreciated and stopped blaming her parents for her upbringing."
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Registered Psychotherapist, PhD, RP
"Are you coping with recurring issues or problems that leave you feeling frustrated and alone? Are you in a situation where nobody is thinking about you? If you're looking for support through counselling or therapy then I would like to help. I can assist you by offering support and guidance so that you can move quickly and effectively toward the success you're looking for. You can begin to focus attention and emphasis toward change and healing in your life. I offer a personalized approach for your needs helping you get the growth you're looking for."
Psychologist, PhD, CPsych, FPPR, FSMI, FICPP
"Open Mind , Open Heart approach for today's stressful lifestyle"
"Thank you for selecting my profile. I am located in Paris Ontario conveniently located for those in Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton, Kitchener and surrounding areas, I practice psychodynamic psychotherapy. We'll explore the connection between where you've been and where you are. We will talk, and yes, I will talk to you. You will start on the road to where you want to be. The changes you want to make are attainable."
Registered Psychotherapist, PhD, RP
"I am a registered psychotherapist providing individual, couple, and family therapy with regards to depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, self-esteem / confidence, grief, unexpected life changes / transitions, chronic pain, acquired brain injuries, and trauma. I also work with individuals who are thinking about or who have left abusive relationships as well as individuals who have chosen to use abuse in their relationships. I work with a clinical psychologist who oversees my work within our practice."
"The Family Enhancement Centre is a full service counselling & coaching centre. We work with children, youth, adults, couples and families dealing with a variety of issues including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, marital issues, school issues, grief / loss, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, suicidality, self harm, relationship issues, anger management, separation / divorce, blended families, victims of crime, etc.. With multiple registered therapists we personally match your needs with our therapist's skill set, approach and style and we guarantee a good therapeutic match or we will transfer you to another one of our therapists until it is."
"We offer confidential, high-quality support that meets the unique needs of each of our clients. We effectively treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, brain injury & addictions. We provide outstanding care for individuals, couples, & families. We effectively support parents struggling with their teenagers & in treating childhood anxiety issues. We are nationally known for our outstanding work in effectively addressing teenage & family conflict issues. As experts in the field of treating concussion and a range of other brain injuries, we effectively support people impacted by Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) injuries. We work with our clients & support them to secure the clinical results they need to optimally recover."