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Therapists in Flatiron - New York, NY 10001

Simone Hoermann, Psychologist  in New York
“Clients come to me when they have a hard time at work, school, or in a relationship, or when they are facing a challenge or life change, such as a breakup, a relationship crisis, changing jobs, moving, or starting college. Some people see me for problems that have been going on for a while, like chronic worry, lack of self-confidence, shyness, loneliness, or excessive perfectionism. Many people come to me because of problems in dealing with intense emotions, which at times can lead to relationship issues or self-defeating patterns.
(646) 480-1991
New York, New York 10001
Joe A Baez, Psychiatrist  in New York
“I am a board-certified bilingual psychiatrist with extensive expertise in pharmacology and diverse types of therapy. Presently I continue providing supervision to Psychiatry Residents from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I also provide consultation to other professionals, including non- profit organizations such as ACRIA and FEGS.
(646) 600-9084
New York, New York 10001
Dorothy Brand, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Therapy can help ... whether with a crisis, ongoing issues like anxiety or depression, or just a vague feeling that "I want more from life!" ... therapy provides a safe haven, and a skilled partner to help you find your way through life's struggles. Therapy can also be a great opportunity - a chance to get to know yourself in ways that few of us do in our day-to-day lives. Knowledge is a powerful tool, and understanding yourself more completely can give you the awareness needed to make better choices.
(646) 350-0413
New York, New York 10001
Nell Kathleen Gibbon, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“My first goal with patients is to make them feel safe, less shameful, and to build trust. I approach patients from a genuine, empathetic stance, and I convey that we are partners in the healing process. I listen, engage, and give insight. And with great care, I develop individualized treatment plans that are tailored to my patients needs, using psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theories. I maintain a private practice in both New York City and Westport, Connecticut.
(917) 725-2027
New York, New York 10001
Dalia Wallach,   in New York
“I work together with my clients to create the changes they seek using hypnosis and imagery work. These are natural, creative and powerful tools used to access change.
(646) 791-3461
New York, New York 10001
Shiphra Bakhchi, Psychologist  in New York
“Would you like to rid yourself of constant worry and anxiety? Do you seem to get trapped in your thoughts? Are you struggling with something personal, and are not sure where to turn? Working on yourself and your relationships is a natural part of life. We can collaborate in a warm and safe therapeutic environment to encourage change and promote self awareness. Together we can identify and work on goals while helping you to navigate difficult life issues.
(516) 252-0446
New York, New York 10001
Darcy Mentovai, LCSW - Talk To Darcy Psychotherapy, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
“Balance, positivity, and happiness. We look for these qualities in our lives; however, we may falter and have a hard time securing them. As a psychotherapist based in Manhattan, I understand the pressures and challenges that city life can bring. My focus is to help you find solutions to your core concerns, and to develop and connect with the best version of yourself. I genuinely want to empower my clients towards leading happier lives within an empathic, supportive, and encouraging framework.
(646) 759-4378 x243
New York, New York 10001
Jan C. Niemira, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“When your inner world feels out of balance, it's time to talk. Sometimes sadness or worry sends up a red flag and lets you know when you need support. Other times you might feel lonely or disconnected and not certain how to make things right. These are great opportunities to get to know yourself better. My therapeutic approach emphasizes 'true self experience' and aims to peel back the layers of compromise that come to feel so heavy, ill-fitting, or inauthentic over time. Feeling more alive and a renewed sense of discovery are the benefits of this deeply personal process.
(646) 583-3935
New York, New York 10001
Bill Carr, Psychologist  in New York
“I work with individual adults who want to make changes in their lives but have not yet been able to take the necessary steps. And I work with those who have had changes imposed on them who want ways to work through toward acceptance and peace. The process provides an opportunity to find new ways of being in the world toward greater joy and deeper fulfillment.
(646) 759-0417
New York, New York 10001
Amy Begel, Marriage & Family Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LCSW, LMFT
“Twenty-five years ago I was fortunate to continue my family therapy training with one of the most highly-regarded figures in the field, Dr. Salvador Minuchin. Since then, my experience as a family therapist has deepened my appreciation for the trials and triumphs of the human condition. I often work successfully with those who have tried other therapies, without improvement. I specialize in focusing on the personal/interpersonal dynamics of the present problem. My approach often produces relatively quick and successful treatment for couples in conflict, children with behavioral problems and people suffering from conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.
(646) 583-2453
New York, New York 10001
Peter C Turco, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R
“Psychotherapy is about transition: moving from patterns, behaviors and even beliefs that limit a person's experience in the world. It's also about simultaneously addressing symptoms and developing effective and lasting means of combating them. Life stressors, especially during difficult economic times, challenge us to approach them in ways more effective than those in the past. We must ask to "reconsider" ourselves: our behaviors, responses and our ability to engage with others so as to expand our possibilities. The practice of psychotherapy is a creative, forward moving and lasting transition to an enhanced ALL areas life.
(646) 600-5063
New York, New York 10001
Ellen Varady, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R, CASAC
“Do you want to make changes in your life but need help getting past your fears and resistances? Together, in a safe and supportive environment, we will explore the emotional obstacles preventing you from moving forward, discover new resources and free you to make significant changes. I believe that talking through problems is important but equally important is taking action!
(917) 215-5826
New York, New York 10001
Sara R Malagold, Psychologist  in New York
“Currently accepting new clients. My specialty is the early detection of problems, which may appear as anxiety, depression or normal aging and to differentiate them from probable neurological or psychiatric ones, such as ADHD, Bipolar, Dementia, among others. I have more than 20 years of experience treating patients suffering from emotional, behavioral, cognitive or physical pain. Exploring the source of pain and clarifying the real problem, either anxiety, depression, uncontrollable behavior, or intellectual disabilities, is the main key to obtain an accurate diagnosis and an assertive treatment.
(646) 606-2455
New York, New York 10001
Hiro Yasuda, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
“Psychotherapy is a process that facilitates change, growth and renewal. There are many concerns that may bring us to therapy: a difficult relationship, a general feeling of dissatisfaction, a life transition, a traumatic experience, gender/sexual orientation issues, immigration, feelings of depression, anxiety or loss. All of these circumstances are worthy of attention.
(917) 284-6326
New York, New York 10001
Anna L. Eckhardt, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, OSW-C, CCLS
“I offer a skilled and compassionate ear with conversation rooted in helping you make measurable, active changes in the here and now. Understanding the beginning patterns of a feeling or behavior is where our work will start. Acknowledging how these patterns present themselves in your life and making room for what emotions surface from them is essential to moving through your experience. I make partnerships with my clients, offering a side-by-side alliance for the work that we discover needs to be done. I am genuinely curious about what you bring to our sessions and the changes you elicit.
(646) 681-5547
New York, New York 10001
Errol O Rodriguez, Psychologist  in New York
“Clients who seek my services are interested in making measurable quality of life changes. Emotional distress and conflcit can create significant obstacles to psychological and overall well-being. Whether a child, an adoelscent, adult, or family, conflict can lead to behavioral problems, abuse of alcohol or other substances, difficulty establishing and sustaining close relationships, and a loss of vision or purpose for one's life. Psychotherapy becomes the process from which a person uncovers conflict, explores barriers, identifies options, and pursues paths of change.
(917) 746-8650
New York, New York 10001
Chin Teoh, Psychologist  in New York
“I am a licensed clinical psychologist who is skilled at working with clients from diverse backgrounds. I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process. I believe in providing a warm and nonjudgmental environment for my clients so that they can feel safe and supported in exploring their issues. My goal is to assist my clients in gaining better understanding of themselves and foster a sense of self acceptance and personal growth.
(347) 767-3059
New York, New York 10001
Heather Gay, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“People come to therapy for a variety of reasons, including relationship and professional frustrations or issues related to depression and anxiety. The therapeutic process can focus on many themes at once, while we move towards helping you create a happier, more satisfying life. I take a relational approach in my work, utilizing the safe and trusting relationship we build together to reflect on life stressors that present themselves. While we will work collaboratively, your treatment will be driven by you and the areas you want to focus on.
(917) 746-7830
New York, New York 10001
Jennifer L Mounty, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R
“Feeling able to connect and communicate is the foundation of any relationship. The need to feel heard and understood is universal to all people. The relationship between the client and the therapist is a very unique one. I believe that the therapeutic process is a collaborative one in which the client and the therapist both take active roles. The therapist provides a safe, nonjudgmental and nurturing environment in which the client is able to better understand who they are, what has brought them to this point in their life, and where they would like to see themselves in the future.
(929) 258-7870
New York, New York 10001
May L Vega, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSWR
“I'm a Multicultural and Bilingual Psychotherapist with 15+ years of experience. I work with a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life. Each client I see has something that makes them unique, with distinct issues. During weekly therapy session we will work towards clarifying them and moving towards a resolution. Most people want to be listened to and understood. My practice gives people that opportunity and much more.
(646) 681-5283
New York, New York 10001
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