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Anxiety Therapists in M6G
Fears, Phobia

Vaidile Plestyte, Counselor  in Toronto
“So often we want to feel better about ourselves and to enjoy our life more, but are not sure how to get there or we feel stuck. Life events and life transitions can be overwhelming and stressful, and it helps to have someone who will listen, provide compassion and suport and suggest different coping strategies. The main focus in my practice is helping clients learn self-compassion and self-acceptance which I believe to be the foundation for change. My approach is gentle and supportive. I create a safe place for inner exploration, learning and healing.
Arturo Mundigo, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Toronto
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
“Do you feel stuck in your current situation? Are you ready to live differently but don't know how to begin? Maybe you need help making important life decisions? Or maybe you just need someone to listen. I offer a range of coaching, counselling and psychotherapy services including: brief consultation, couples' therapy, family therapy, long-term, ongoing clinical and therapeutic support. I have over 18 years of experience working with children, youth, adults, couples, families and groups.
Angiela Teo, Counselor  in Toronto
“It takes alot of awareness, courage and inner wisdom to seek help and healing. Often when we are troubled and distressed, we feel like our inner light is flickering and becoming dim. As darkness looms, we begin to feel more alone and misunderstood. Anxiety and depression creep in and our lives feel out of control. Therapy could be the way out, a path to restore that sense of balance and rekindle the light within. Whether you are seeking meaning in your life or dealing with specific life issues, I am confident that I can be of help to you.
David Moulton, Registered Psychotherapist  in Toronto
Verified by Psychology Today
Registered Psychotherapist, MEd, RP, CCC
“I work with adults who are feeling stressed and anxious: they may worry, panic or feel shy in social situations, may try to be perfect, may feel badly about themselves, or wish that they could express themselves more effectively, or to set clearer boundaries with others, or to be more assertive. I also work with people who are experiencing challenges in their relationships, with sexuality, sexual orientation, alternative relationships and alternative sexualities, and gender. Many people experience these challenges, but some may lose a sense of balance in their lives or the ability to enjoy life and relationships while trying to sort out their concerns.
Kurt Zubatiuk, Counselor  in Toronto
“We all need someone to talk to, to help us through difficult times. Whether we have overwhelming issues in the present, or traumas from our past, we need someone to help us make sense of them - and to stick with us through the hard emotions that come with them. As a relational psychotherapist I believe that to get through life, and live life to its fullest, we need to deeply talk with someone. We do not need judgement. We need understanding, compassion, and we need to know we matter.
Trevor Hart, Psychologist  in Toronto
“My main therapy model is cognitive-behaviour therapy, which means I help clients to change their ways of thinking and how they engage their lives, in order to help clients to achieve their personal life goals. I also work from a motivational interviewing/counselling framework for people who are seeking to make important life decisions or who need help with making change or improving their health behaviours. I work with patients with problems with anxiety, depression, relationships, problems making life decisions, sexual functioning problems, and coping with chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV, and chronic pain.
Katharine King - Psychotherapy For Individuals And Couples,   in Toronto
“As a relational psychotherapist I offer a warm, compassionate environment where we work together to better understand your emotional patterns and emotional needs. In couple therapy, I bring this same relational framework. Couple's therapy is a safe, neutral space where together you can become more aware of how you relate to each other, how you impact each other, and what the vulnerabilities in your relationship are. Together we learn about each of your life histories, triggers, and emotional patterns, and work to re-establish trust, healthy communication, and intimacy.
Patrick Beedling,   in Toronto
“I collaborate with clients to make positive life changes. No two people are exactly alike, and I adopt a flexible, person-centered treatment approach to meet the unique needs of each person I work with. You are the foremost expert when it comes to your life; but when life becomes difficult and overwhelming, it makes sense to seek help. My therapeutic background includes training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Existentialist, and Interpersonal techniques, and I continue to draw from these approaches to facilitate mental health and wellness in the lives of my clients.
Alan Davis, Counselor  in Toronto
“Everybody from a very early age develops a 'story'. The story becomes an accumulation of everything that we experience. Made up of thoughts, emotions and feelings. All stories are similar, how we learn to live with our experiences makes our story unique. We learn to identify, believing that we are our story, creating situations and patterns in our lives that often become problematic. Psychotherapy can be extremely beneficial if you are experiencing low self esteem, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, loneliness, anger, forgiveness, relationship difficulties, parenting challenges and family struggles.
(647) 977-5892
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Toronto, Ontario M6G 1K4
Jeremy Jacob, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Toronto
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, CCC
“I use a client centered approach in order to meet the specific and unique needs of the individuals I am working with. This forms the foundation of my clinical work and is enhanced by the use of cognitive, psycho-dynamic and strength based therapies. I am goal directed and believe that people have the ability to solve their own problems. Therapy is simply a means to realize the potential for change that exists in all of us.
(647) 668-8979
Office is near:
Toronto, Ontario M6G 1L6
Adam Segal, Counselor  in Toronto
“Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Is it hard to feel like you are 'good enough'? Do you feel like you're finding it difficult to cope? If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, sexuality issues, low self-esteem or relationships, therapy can be a vital tool in creating lasting positive change. A caring therapist can ease the burden of adjusting to life's transitions.Through our work together, we can help you overcome obstacles to greater self-esteem, more satisfying relationships, & a greater sense of peace & wellbeing.
(647) 977-5889
Office is near:
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2N1
Bradley Murray, Counselor  in Toronto
“I am a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice specializing in psychodynamic therapy and psychoanalysis. These are individualized approaches to therapy that draw on a person's innate potential for self-healing and growth. Despite having achieved certain satisfactions in life, with friends, in relationships, in work, or through special interests and hobbies, a person may begin therapy because they are experiencing symptoms such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem difficulties, physical symptoms with no clear physical cause, obsessions, or compulsions; they may also be struggling with loneliness, isolation, or difficulties with intimacy or trust.
(647) 239-1375
Office is near:
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2T7
Dawn N Binkowski, Counselor  in Toronto
“Sadness, depression, anxiety or anger can interfere with our enjoyment of life and keep us stuck. Our inability to tolerate these feelings can lead to addictive patterns or behaviours which threaten to take over our life. Sometimes we establish a pattern of unhealthy relationships and can't understand how we have ended up there, once again. My style is supportive, compassionate, warm and honest. I will provide you with helpful feedback about how you get in your own way and I will work with you to find a new path that fits for you.
(647) 977-5719
Office is near:
Toronto, Ontario M6G 1K3
Shauna Cake,   in Toronto
“Life is one long transition; most of us would agree, we sometimes wish it wasn't. I support people when they feel daunted by life. I help them integrate mindful awareness and support connection in their relationship with themselves and those they love.
(647) 992-2253
Office is near:
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2T9
Diana Powell,   in Toronto
“Do you find that Brene Brown's books and lectures on shame ring true for you? In my work, I focus on the impact shame has in our lives, as well as anxiety and depression. Talking to a therapist & having her listen without judgement or an agenda can be transformative. Please see for a detailed description of my approach. I study Buddhism and its integration with therapy; I use Buddhist mindfulness with interested clients. I listen deeply to feelings and what blocks them, and can help you discover hidden, distorted beliefs that create problems.
(416) 926-8776
Office is near:
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2W9
Relationship Coaching Toronto, Counselor  in Toronto
“For our first meeting there will be no charge - an opportunity to check out the chemistry. Is there a fit? I use an eclectic blend of modalities / tools and a respectful dose of intuition. Together we’ll tailor make the approach that meets your needs. I see exploring relationship (any) as a fast track to self knowledge and healing - a most fascinating journey. Welcome aboard! And courage is essential - but I can help you find it.
Erica Berman, Counselor  in Toronto
“I apply directive therapeutic strategies to help my clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals. I primarily assist individuals and couples struggling with pregnancy loss and infertility. I also help members of the LGBTQ community build families using Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Another segment of my client base are individuals seeking help for anxiety, depression and/or low-self-esteem. In addition, I use my background in fitness and wellness to guide my clients looking to lose weight or improve their overall health.
Gwen Schauerte, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Toronto
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MEd
“I offer a free consultation for us to meet and discuss forming a working relationship. We can talk about what you want to work on in therapy, and how I may help. You can expect careful listening, insightful questioning, compassion and intuition. Please know that it is normal and even common to feel some trepidation when discussing what is close to your heart. For over 20 years I have helped clients to improve relationships and lead happier lives. Psychotherapy is a journey taken together where insight, healing and transformation are possible.
Elaine Amsterdam, Counselor  in Toronto
“For over 20 years I have worked in the field of mental health. This includes more than 10 years of experience working with individuals in a private psychotherapy practice. Said simply, I believe the intention of psychotherapy is to help people feel better and be better equipped to live well. These objectives are determined by each client, as they consider their own context, influences, hopes and goals. I try to approach each person and each psychotherapy wth intellect, curiosity, creativity and respect.
Casaria A. Mills, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Toronto
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
“People seek change and choose to work with a therapist for a variety of reasons. It could be that you are struggling with depression, experiencing difficulties in your relationships or you are a highly sensitive person easily overcome by stress or anxiety. As an experienced and registered therapist, I provide counselling services to individuals experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties, substance abuse, low self-esteem, interpersonal conflict and difficulties related to trauma, sexual and domestic abuse and violence. I have been working with individuals and families for over nine years in a variety of settings including schools and mental heath agencies.

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Anxiety (Fears, Phobia) Therapists
If you're looking for help with anxiety in M6G or for a M6G anxiety Therapist these Therapists provide anxiety therapy and general anxiety treatment. They include anxiety Therapists, anxiety psychologists in M6G, anxiety psychotherapists and M6G anxiety counselors. They can help with anxiety disorders, social anxiety, anxiety attacks, shyness, social anxiety in M6G, anxiety depression and anxiety panic. They can help with M6G anxiety Therapist, anxiety counseling in M6G or counseling for anxiety and overcoming anxiety. Anxiety specialists who provide anxiety therapy in M6G may help you with anxiety Therapist in M6G.

If your anxiety can be better explained as a feeling of fear and you're looking for help with fear Therapist in M6G, these Therapists provide fear therapy and treatment for fear disorders, social fear and fear attacks in M6G. They provide fear treatment, fear counseling in M6G or counseling for fear and overcoming fear. They can help with fear of flying, fear of commitment, insecurity and coping with fear.

Anxiety is often expressed as phobia. For help with phobia in M6G or for a M6G phobia Therapist these Therapists provide phobia therapy, including exposure therapy, and phobia counseling. There are many defined phobias include agoraphobia, which are attacks of intense fear and anxiety often in places where it is hard to escape (also claustrophobia), social phobia and emetophobia (vomiting).

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in M6G have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in M6G you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in M6G and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in M6G or family therapy in M6G.