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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"I work with adolescents, adults and families struggling with a range of mental health and relationship concerns. Work with children and adolescents will include work with the family unit. My specialty areas include eating disorders, addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, couple and parenting issues.Besides the models of CBT, DBT, EFT and narrative therapy, my training includes Integrated Body focused Psychotherapy and Family Constellations.These models work with opening up the defensive blocks in our bodies and family systems that keep us from connecting with our authentic selves and the potential to make the most of our lives and relationships."
Psychologist, BA, MEd, RPsych
"It takes courage to seek help when life isn't going smoothly and our regular methods of coping are not solving the issues we encounter. Drawing upon a depth of life experience, a broad breadth of knowledge and a reverence for all faiths and cultures, Maria is well qualified to assist you through life's challenges and transitions. Maria engages clients in objective, safe and supportive conversations about the isolating issues we face. She is passionate and committed to the health and wholeness of individuals, couples and families and can integrate a Christian perspective to counselling."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"We all have a desire to feel accepted and understood and this is fundamental to my work with clients. I believe finding a therapist that is a good fit for you and/or a loved one is an essential first step in managing any challenge. During the last 15 years I have helped people from all walks of life manage a variety of challenges and I am confident that my skills can benefit you or someone you love. I am also a certified EMDR therapist assisting individuals experiencing psychological distress/trauma."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"Sometimes the challenges we face in our daily lives become too difficult to manage alone. We may need someone to talk to who can help us find solutions. Whether you are facing the challenges of raising children; struggling with intimate relationships; exploring issues of sexual orientation or gender identity; experiencing difficulties with life transitions (parenthood, blended families, grief & loss or caring for an aging family member) counselling can help. Research studies and personal testimony support how effective counselling can be. With 10+ years of clinical experience, I can help tailor a therapy program designed to meet your personal counselling needs."
"Welcome. Practicing in Calgary since 1987, I enjoy helping motivated individuals and couples in therapy. I combine clinical training with experience, personal authenticity, and sensitivity to diversity and socialization influences on how we handle what we are facing. I work from the belief that effective therapy is collaborative and empowering, with therapist and client working together to make positive changes towards the clients' goals. This may involve learning to self-soothe, anti-depressant behaviours, and homework between sessions. Good therapy builds on strengths and problem-solves vulnerabilities that are creating problems."
"Working as a clinical psychologist since 1998, I have helped many clients address depression, anxiety, emotional struggles, and trouble getting along with others. I greatly enjoy working with adults of all ages and life stages. I work psychodynamcally and interpersonally, providing individuals with respect, empathy, and acceptance. Further, I provide the encouragement and support that's necessary to make difficult but important life changes. Many of my clients have found that therapy has helped them to feel a new sense of freedom and enthusiasm, both within themselves and in their relationships with friends, family, and co-workers."
"Every child is unique and wants to do their best. This is a core belief of mine. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet and as parents, we too, want to do and be our best. Unfortunately we sometimes face challenges with our children that feel overwhelming and get in the way of who we want to be as parents. Since a child cannot exist outside of their family, my work with children encompasses working with parents to best support the child and family as a whole."
"CONVERSATIONS & PRACTICE FOR CHANGE: I believe we all have the inherent ability to live a meaningful, satisfying, and connected life. Most people at some point in time will become aware or begin to feel that they are somehow "off course", that "something needs to change" or that something new is needed. This realization is a valuable opportunity to "adjust course", to take stock and re-align ourselves. Sometimes very small shifts can make incredible differences; other times we are called to dare big. Whether you want big changes or small tweaks by reaching out to me trust that the change process has already started."
"Transition and change, whether internally or externally elicited, are inherent in life and provide opportunities for growth. Specializing in working with adolescents, adults, and immigrants, I provide therapy to people who are working toward making positive changes in their lives. I provide consultation to family members who have concerns for their loved ones. I offer treatment for a range of clinical issues including anxiety and mood disorders, emotional dysregulation, ADHD, school and work problems, family relationship, parent-teen problems, life transitions, loss/grief and stress. I offer psycho-educational assessments for children and youth, and psychological assessments for youth and adults."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, BA, Psy, MSW, RSW
"Eden McCaffrey is a therapist with extensive experience working with preschoolers, school-age children, teens and their families. With many years in the private and public sectors, Eden specializes in the areas of mind-body, medical psychology, abuse, mental health, and anxiety. Eden is formally trained in play, cognitive behavioural, trauma-focused, family systems, and expressive arts therapy modalities, and she utilizes these areas to customize her approach. Eden provides a range of affordable services that help people achieve a positive, upward change in order to reach their goals ... to ascend."
Psychologist, Prov, Psych, MA, Psych
"I am a Registered (Provisional) Psychologist and welcome a wide variety of clientele. From a view of acceptance I enjoy working with families, couples, women and children. I give you the tools that you can utilize on a daily basis to navigate that challenges that arise. I believe that the client is the expert, and it is my privilege to journey with them through passages in life."
"We are in the business of saving lives. We provide a safe, world-class, Women's only, addiction recovery program designed to treat the whole person by guiding women into health and wellness through the use of the 12 steps, self esteem, yoga, and meditation. 60 & 90 Day programs. Vancouver location."