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Therapists in Redwood City

Michael Costeines, Psychologist  in Redwood City
“I am a clinical psychologist in Redwood City. I specialize in helping adults create more fulfilling lives through the power of awareness and insight. I provide deep support and empathy to my clients while also offering plenty of feedback and guidance. My clients appreciate my ability to quickly pinpoint what they are feeling and help them get to the heart of the matter.My approach deals pragmatically with immediate concerns while also building a the foundation for lifelong well-being and self-actualization. I welcome you to contact me to discuss the possibility of working together.
(650) 517-7848
Redwood City, California 94063
Doreen Landes, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT, ATR-BC
“My goal is to help you discover what keeps you from feeling satisfied with your life, your work, your relationships or your self and then resolve it. For each problem, we will uncover the root cause, evaluate solutions and implement positive changes. Whether you are feeling the difficulties of being a child, a spouse, a parent, an employee or struggling with your own internal conflicts, I will help you gain clarity, strength and confidence to improve the quality of your life.
(650) 364-4100
Redwood City, California 94061
Marantha de Araujo, Psychologist  in Redwood City
“As a psychotherapist, I believe that the traumas we incur over our lifetimes and in relationships with our families, lovers, friends, co-workers, and employers can be healed in part through the therapeutic relationship. Life is our journey and it shapes, is shaped by, and is interpreted by us. You may choose to invite me on a short leg of your journey, or on a longer stretch. The point is, you don't have to be alone on your path or let your triumphs or struggles go unwitnessed.
(650) 603-0976
Redwood City, California 94061
Kathryn Lodato, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“My main focus is helping people who are dealing with grief and loss, ranging from the death of a child or spouse to those coping with a difficult diagnosis or the loss of a job or a divorce. I also work with relationship issues and with life transition issues. Mood disorders, including depression and anxiety, are very often part of the journey of loss, grief, and transitions of all kind. We are complicated beings, and a loss will impact all parts of us -- our relationships, our moods, our sense of ourself.
(650) 817-7547 x130
Redwood City, California 94062
The Social Moment,   in Redwood City
“Improving your social "EQ" can assuredly help you move up the corporate ladder, improve your relationships, have a happier family life, and in general, improve your well being. We provide services to corporate businesses & individuals to enhance social skills success-learn how to transform your brain & become better at your soft skills with your team, managing a company, or simply enhancing your performance in speeches, interviews, and in your social life. It is also possible to enhance your team/boss relationships, friendships, & relationships with partner by acquiring new skillsets. Social success is achievable at any age.
(650) 830-5826
Redwood City, California 94062
Jan L Fisher, Psychologist  in Redwood City
“I work with individual adults and couples with issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, sexuality, social anxiety, and spirituality. Work with couples also focuses on conflict resolution, communication, and developing deep empathy. I also specialize in creative expression, authentic movement, mindfulness, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Clients I work with want to improve their inner and outer worlds, have happy and satisfying relationships with themselves and others, and learn more about themselves in order to feel more love, happiness, joy, and fulfillment in their lives. I accept and embrace individuals exactly as they are, while also challenging them to consider new perspectives and behaviors.
(650) 826-3595
Redwood City, California 94061
Nicholas H Ney, Psychologist  in Redwood City
“Do you dream about a better life for yourself? A time and a place where your healthy self lines up with your best intentions and allows you to manifest new behavior? Can you believe you deserve this better life, but inner forces, such as anxiety, vagueness and low self-esteem, rise up and thwart you from attaining it? I specialize in helping individuals and couples find the courage to look at these and other stuck points. Two key areas of personal suffering I have some expertise with are money concerns and chemical dependency. Here"s a brief word about each:
(650) 209-7505
Redwood City, California 94063
Sandy Lee Lillie, Psychologist  in Redwood City
“My clients feel accepted and not judged, but also know that I give feedback and perspective, not just support. I don't view my clients as "ill", "broken" or "dysfunctional", but rather as spiritual beings, challenged by life to grow in some way. I do 75 minute sessions, because I view counseling as a way to help you get on with your life - not as a way of life - and most of my clients move through the process fairly quickly. I have over 40 years of experience in general practice, with a particular specialty in relationship counseling - couples and families.
(650) 567-4467
Redwood City, California 94062
Nikki Klein, Individual and Couples Therapy,   in Redwood City
“Welcome. Are you looking for a therapist or life coach with a personalized approach to what's challenging you? Are you experiencing lack of fulfillment in your relationships,work or just in general? Support and compassion, along with real tools you can use right away in a safe, non-judgmental space are what I offer. I can assist you in recognizing patterns which keep you stuck and help you to practice new behaviors. I have a great deal of experience in working with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques which are efficient and effective in helping to change thoughts and behaviors.
(650) 924-2927
Redwood City, California 94061
Pat A Grabianowski, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
“I work mainly with adults and couples suffering from the effects of childhood emotional neglect, physical, and sexual abuse. I help individuals and couples separate from their Childhood wounds that prevent them from being successful in their present life and relationships. I use the tools of psycho-education; hypnotherapy; imagery; anger release therapy; chair work; personality testing; career testing; journaling; as well as group therapy to enable individuals and couples to accomplish their goals.
(650) 204-3563 x114
Redwood City, California 94062
Lori J. Collins, M.S., MFT, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
“Concerned or Conflicted? We are having problems communicating, and we keep going around and around in the same old arguements. Can you help? I've lost that loving feeling, can I get it back? I'm not sure what to do because our relationship is in a rut. My partner and I are so busy with the kids, work, and life that I/we forgot about our relationship and are unsure how to reconnect? I've felt so disconnected and lonely that I sought out an affair, and now want help sorting through the guilt and confusion.
(650) 826-3012
Redwood City, California 94063
Michael I. Winston, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“I work to help individuals and couples to heal life issues...I have an eclectic orientaion which draws upon years of working with Men and Women in a variety of individual and relationship situations. I support individual growth, integration, and healing through a variety of therapeutic approaches.
(650) 396-2838 x125
Redwood City, California 94063
Carol Clancy, Psychologist  in Redwood City
“There are times in everyone's life when anxiety and depression can feel overwhelming. You don't have to suffer, therapy can help. I have an eclectic orientation that is informed by mindfulness techniques, attachment theory and CBT to help clients work through and heal from bouts of depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and life transitions. I have found that these evidence-based techniques, when used in a collaborative, empathic working relationship can help restore a sense of wellness and empowerment, and improve your quality of life. I have been a therapist for over 20 years.
(650) 562-6030
Redwood City, California 94063
Carole Sykes, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, RN, LMFT
“I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice where I offer compassionate and professional assistance to individuals, couples, and adolescents informed by over 13 years of psychotherapy experience. My focus is working with traumatic lives, PTSD, personality difficulties, depression, lives that feel empty/lost and internally/externally unstable, and where things just "never seem to work out". I also am experienced in the more disruptive conditions of Bipolar disorder, psychotic and dissociative problems, self-harm, and secondary eating disorders.
(650) 209-7594
Redwood City, California 94063
Kali Hess, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
“When your life is painful and you have worries that overwhelm you, it helps to speak with someone who can help you experience your life and relationships from a new perspective. You and I will collaborate to bring about shifts in thoughts and feelings that can promote a more creative engagement with life, better connections with the people around you, and the ability to make better choices. I have over 20 years experience in treating the depression and anxiety that come from ways of being and thinking that have become damaging.
(650) 385-8880
Redwood City, California 94061
Terry P. Wilcox-Rittgers, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
“Greetings...I have been a licensed therapist since 1987 and specialize in working with men and couples. I have been facilitating men's groups since the early 90's in my Redwood City office. My work is grounded in my deep understanding of the human experience and how we want to better understand ourselves and each other. Many of us lack some of the skills to accomplish this. I see myself as an experienced, wise and compassionate guide helping others navigate and master emotional challenges. Let me join you for a time on your life's journey.
(650) 924-9382 x123
Redwood City, California 94062
Christopher T. Harrison, Psychologist  in Redwood City
“My training and experience have helped me to realize that, while I may have knowledge that is important to share, the most important things I have to offer are an open mind, an open heart, and two wide open ears. There are times when I will offer advice based on research, but more often I will listen to the research you have accumulated by living your life. I provide a path to integration that reawakens the natural vitality of the body, mind, and spirit.
(650) 262-3293
Redwood City, California 94063
“As a therapist and educator, I've been working with individuals, families and couples for over three decades. I received a Masters in Clinical Psychology from JFK University in March of 1998. My specialization with adolescents and family treatment, includes experience in agencies, group homes and a hospital IOP program. In my private practice, I also work with individuals, families and couples addressing a wide range of issues, including trauma, mood disorders and behavioral issues that affect core relationships.
(650) 521-9067 x150
Redwood City, California 94062
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD
“I welcome you to my practice having a wide range of professional experience working with couples and individuals. I love my work and enter into our therapeutic relationship with my heart, a deep sense of respect, compassion, my clinical skills and providing a safe place for you. The therapeutic work is optimal when you have a deep desire to heal and transform your life. I view crises and suffering as opportunities to awaken greater capacities, focusing on your strengths while processing your feelings. I will assist you in the healing of difficult emotional and relational experiences through in depth processing.
(650) 918-5757
Redwood City, California 94061
Holly Pedersen, PhD, MFT, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Redwood City
“My goal is to provide you with compassionate understanding and a clear plan for moving forward, whatever this means for you. It may mean recovering from depression, overcoming anxiety, healing your relationship after infidelity, finding the right partner, or decreasing family conflict. It could also mean helping you enjoy life more, regardless of what is happening around you. I have been providing therapy to individual adults, adolescents and children, as well as couples and families for over 18 years. I work with a diverse range of emotional, behavioral and relationship issues, utilizing the most effective research-based techniques and strategies.
(650) 469-8652
Redwood City, California 94061
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