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Therapists in Santa Cruz

Elizabeth Esalen, Psychologist  in Santa Cruz
“As individuals, we see the world from the inside-out, through our own lens. When trouble hits, we can feel lost and unable to navigate as we once could. Therapy is a powerful way to experience yourself, your life, and the world from the outside-in. As a therapist, my goal is not to change you but enhance and strengthen the person you already are. The therapy I offer is tailored to who you are and what you need. I've been trained to provide all types of psychological care with adults, young adults, adolescents, college students, athletes, and women.
(831) 205-1893
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Debra Houston, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
“Life! It's perplexing and mysterious. Challenging and full of unexpected turns. Our fast-paced world presents us with demands that stress our coping abilities and make even the simplest of things seem overwhelming. But life can also be full of contentment and connection. When we acknowledge and explore what is upsetting, we have the potential to expand self-awareness and create a circle of compassion for ourselves and others. This leads to discovering our innate strength and resilience so that we are able to move forward, navigating choices that support the life we want to live.
(831) 920-6914
Santa Cruz, California 95062
Chris Davidson, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“My therapeutic style is personal, respectful and practical. I can help you create and notice positive changes in your life and relationships and adapt to changing conditions as necessary. I'll work with you to achieve tangible results towards your goals in therapy. We'll focus on what works to notice positive change as it happens. Although I treat people with a wide range of issues, some areas of particular focus in my practice are: helping individuals and relationships that are affected by Chronic Physical Illness and/or Pain, Depression and Anxiety.
(831) 824-4924
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Farrah Dalal, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
“I am best suited to meet clients whom are Women or children/teens/pre adults. I offer a unique style and ability to treat depression, anxiety, low self esteem, and grief. I have helped Women through major life transitions such as divorce, loss of a loved one, children leaving the home, loss of house or job and career changes. I have helped children with stress related to peers, school work, and family life. All my clients have found that my sessions provide enough guidance, self reflection and education that help them feel empowered and motivated very quickly and effectively.
(831) 237-7816
Santa Cruz, California 95061
Teren De Cossy, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“Sometimes life presents seemingly overwhelming challenges. Answers to these questions lie within us. I can help you find solutions drawn from your own innate wholeness, wisdom and intelligence. Working together we can make significant steps along this journey to greater well being and more satisfying relationships. Allow me to accompany, guide and support you along your way. I bring over 20 years of professional experience and training in addictions, couples work, LBGT issues and trauma recovery to our sessions. I offer humor, empathy, a highly engaged style and a deep respect for the courage, resources and depth of each person.
(831) 920-4423
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Rosalie Bruning, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“If you're needing some guidance or a new perspective, I'm here to help -- just call for a free initial telephone consultation. When you feel overwhelmed, swept by the currents, lost, or stuck, this can be an opportunity to get in touch with your values, clear away old debris, find direction, and regenerate your life. Together we can discover the resources within and around you to provide guidance in moving forward and creating the future you want. Using a strengths-based approach, I incorporate therapeutic techniques according to your individual needs and preferences.
(831) 856-5081
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Maggie Roxanne Wilson, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA
“Are you feeling stuck? Would you like to let go of habitual patterns that control your life? I can help you to begin taking steps to transform your life today? I see my job as one of holding a space of loving acceptance so that my clients' innate drive toward healing can manifest itself. As we grow up, we inevitably experience overwhelming, scary and painful things and in self-protection we shut down parts of ourselves. This can lead to negative ways of experiencing ourselves including depressive symptoms, anxiety, disconnection, feeling unfulfilled, relationship problems and more.
(831) 621-5293
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“In my years of practice I have had the honor and opportunity to work with many kinds of people dealing with many kinds of challenges. Clients tell me they appreciate my style as a therapist: that I am supportive and motivating, caring and insightful, interactive and an attentive listener. I help people recognize and build on their strengths as they move through the challenges that prevent them from achieving what they want in their lives. I am compassionate and empathetic, knowledgeable and respectful. I like variety in my practice and enjoy working with individuals, families and couples of all ages.
(831) 975-2698
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Zoe Raine-Mustain, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA, MFTI
“I believe in the capacity for people to make incredible change and growth in their lives. But it isn't easy! Regardless of the particular challenge you may be facing, with the right support, you can experience happiness and fulfillment in your life on a daily basis. I have worked in the helping profession for nine years, and have helped hundreds of people make changes they didn't even know were possible. I love to help my clients, and hope to have the opportunity to help you!
(831) 740-8305
Santa Cruz, California 95065
Alison Brooks, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
“We learn how to regard ourselves from the earliest relationships we have. From the nurturing of our nature or lack thereof, a template of how to treat ourselves and relate to others is set. The good news... this template is not set in permanence and is subject to change with focused intent! I am dedicated to helping you achieve these changes. Therapy is an art form which involves attending to a Client's specific emotional pains. The art of my practice is in knowing when to provide silence or words, when to challenge or encourage, when to include techniques, when to just be.
(831) 221-5847
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Cherie Alexander, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Has life taken an unexpected turn? Are you faced with difficult life changes? You may feel unprepared for the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing, and you may find that your ability to cope is greatly challenged. You may have decisions to make in the midst of it all and feel confused, overwhelmed, and alone. I would be honored to support you through this difficult time and to help you make sense of your thoughts and feelings; access your inner wisdom; find clarity; and feel better. I provide a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate presence for deep understanding and healing.
(831) 272-0590
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Donna Cavallaro, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“My approach to therapy is to provide a warm and supportive environment so we can work together to explore your needs and personal goals. I have 10 years' experience working with adults, adolescents and elders.
(831) 531-2753
Santa Cruz, California 95060, Psychologist  in Santa Cruz
“ was created to help weight loss surgery patients fulfill a pre-surgical psychological assessment needed to get approved for surgery. We know patients want to lose weight and their decision to pursue weight loss surgery should have an easier process. Insurance companies require psychological clearance for approval for weight loss surgery. It doesn't need to be a difficult process. Making it easier helps patients prepare patients mentally for the challenges ahead and potential barriers. Patients love our flexible hours and convenient scheduling that include nights and weekends. Success with Weight Loss Surgery starts in the mind.
(855) 957-3825
Santa Cruz, California 95060
“Do you have an issue that you need to discuss in a safe secure environment free of ridicule, embarrassment or harsh judgment? It may be a terrible secret that interferes with your enjoyment of life. Or maybe you can't quite define what it is that is bothering you and creating anxiety. Has your enjoyment of life escaped you? Are you in a life transition; divorce, death of loved one, job loss or empty nest syndrome? Are you estranged from your child or spouse? My approach is collaborative, together we can consider various remedies to address your particular situation.
(831) 406-1995
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Lara Lenington, Psychologist  in Santa Cruz
“The heart of my work is compassion and curiosity. It is my goal to instill these into my clients. I believe each person is innately health seeking. Each of us can find our way off this healthy path for very important and powerful reasons. We work together to understand these reasons with deep compassion. With curiosity we look to discover ways to get back on the path to the healthiest self. I discovered over the past decade that compassion allows us to move on and that with curiosity new choices emerge which can allow for deep, profound and lasting change.
(831) 272-4982
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Barbara Monett, LCSW, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Santa Cruz
“I am an Addiction and Codependency treatment specialist who has worked in the field for over 20 years. I have seen many people's lives change dramatically when they are given the education, tools, support, and direction they require face these problems and embrace recovery. I work with adults from age 18 and up. These sorts of issues often underlie problems in a multitude of areas including finances, health, school or career, and, of course, relationships of all kinds.
(831) 252-6000
Santa Cruz, California 95062
Michelle F. Krezanoski, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MA
“I offer my clients a unique opportunity to be true to themselves. I particularly enjoy working with individuals who are new to therapy and curious what it can do for them. I work with folks fumbling on the thresholds of major life transitions, those who have reached a breaking point, and those who are simply seeking something new.
(831) 293-7241
Santa Cruz, California 95062
Selene Kumin Vega, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Santa Cruz
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT
“Our highest potential as human beings is to embrace the interdependence of all beings and to value full development of potentialities and consciousness. This involves an ongoing process of healing the wounds in our psyches, fully inhabiting our bodies, and increasing our consciousness while developing a healthy relationship with those parts of us that are unconscious, and deepening our relationships with other humans as well as with all the other inhabitants of the planet we share. Each of us has our own individual potential to grow towards, and our work together can support you in this process.
(831) 219-4881
Santa Cruz, California 95061
Elizabeth Mueller (Supvr Nathan S. Weinstein Lmft), Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in Santa Cruz
“Life provides a great selection of difficulties and there are times when reaching out for therapeutic help is necessary. I provide counseling services for individuals, couples, children, adolescents, families, and groups in a Private Practice setting. I believe that finding a therapist who fits you is essential and being able to be comfortable and safe in the therapy room is a corner stone of a good therapeutic relationship and a successful experience.
(831) 246-8278
Santa Cruz, California 95065
Joyce Kutcher, Counselor  in Santa Cruz
“Have you been feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, down, trapped? Maybe you have been feeling anxious or worried? In life, a person will encounter many experiences that may be difficult to understand and navigate. When situations like this occur, it may feel like a hurdle or an obstacle that you can't seem to get past. It may leave you feeling defeated, down, anxious, depleted, fatigued. It is common for an individual to try to respond to these situations as he or she knows how but the situation might not seem to change. This is when therapy may be helpful
(831) 709-4933
Santa Cruz, California 95060
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