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"The psychotherapeutic relationship is a place for you to experience being accepted, and deeply understood. Good therapy helps foster healthier relationships, life fulfillment, and self-acceptance. I have been in practice as both a Psychologist and Marriage Family Therapist for 25 years, and have extensive clinical experience, using many modalities and treating diverse populations. I am also a trained hypnotherapist. One of my specialties is working with people who are highly sensitive, intuitive, and creative. If this describes you, then you know the unique challenges of being a sensitive person living in a high-stimulus world."
Tujunga, California 91042
(213) 260-4436
"My goal is to work in collaboration with my clients to help resolve issues from their past and/or present that may adversely impact their lives. My clients include adults, college students, adolescents, and also master's level and doctorate interns who are completing their therapy/supervision hours for licensing."
Office is near:
Tujunga, California 91042
(805) 283-6875